Worried mother

My 16 mos old is not eating well. He only want to eat oatmeal in the morning and that will be it all day. What am I suppose to do?


Runny poop on formula?

I just started Rocco on formula about a week ago. I still BF him in the morning and before bed. In between he eats stage 3 baby food, fruit, and some table food if it's soft...

Started by Chandra on 04/29/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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a buddy need!!

hi i am 23 and have a 11 month old. i live in a little town where there is no gum and i really dont have alot of friends now that i have a baby. i really want to lose 20...


9 months and not eating.....

My son turned 9 months on April 30. The only source of nutrition is breast milk. I started introducing solids and formula when he was 6 months... though he started on solids, he...

Started by Medha on 04/30/2010 in July 2009

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I woke up this evening to my 5yo son having difficulty breathing. His Dad is with him at the hospital right now (two sleeping siblings at home). I just heard from my husband...


new community

I started a new community called Product Testing Mommies.. It's where moms can come and share their honest opinion about products they have tried. There is no limit as to what...

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I just started giving my 6 month old sweet potatos and I'm wondering what is a good example of a feeding scheldule... I want to make sure that he's not getting hungry. Right now...


i am due in 2 days

who else is due in the next week. if this baby doesn't come out soon i am scheduled to be induced on wed, may 12th. i am due may 10th. we'll see. i've spent weeks with...


baptism and non catholic godparents

Hey there! So, My husband and I are Catholic but we don't know very many catholic friends. Our dear friends who we have chosen to be our daughter's godparents are Christian but...


im so tired

Ok now im just getting tired of being tired jayden my son is 6 1/2 weeks and he is still sleeping alot during the day and up alot during the night how do i get him...


Happy Ceremony Ideas

I lost my Annabella on April 3rd. I was 38 weeks along. My fiancé and I have finally set a date and decided that we would get married on April 3rd next year. We wanted to...


naughty behaviour?

okies so the past week my child hads become so naughty he goes in the fridge pulls tht all out goes in the freezer trys to escape out there doors ( have to lock them now) if i...


Fetching things!

My 12 month-old surprised me this morning when I asked her to fetch her shoes (which we only bought a week ago). They are positioned in her bedroom, behind a chair on an...

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my little guy will be 9 months may 29, and i was/am worried that he isnt eating enough, i try and feed him alot cause he will only eat a couple of bites at a time... usually...

Started by Avery on 05/16/2010 in August 2009 Babies

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