Hello everyone, Until the 4th of june I was a stay at home mom. I had to return back to work and because of that I had to put my nine month old daughter in daycare. I visited...

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My 2 year old doesn't understand.

My youngest just turned 2, on June 5th, but she just doesn't understand like her older sister, when she was this age. I don't want to compare them, but my oldest understood so...

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my 20 month old is in a sleeping routine frm 6pm til around 4am his been in this routine for 3 months after we used the cio method this routine wrks totally for us. but last...


Going back to work.

I have a 7 month old I have decided I want to go back to work. I get bored sitting at home and start to go crazy and get frustrated easily after a few days of it, so I think I...


Any Tips?

ok so heres the deal, So, i baby is 1 1/2 still breastfeeding for naps and night time. but now im starting to well u can say dry out. and its been getting harder and harder to...

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Which cloth diaper to use?

We have recently been debating on cloth or disposible diapers and have decided to give cloth diapers a try. Which brand is the best brand to go with that isn't too expensive?


Serious lack of sleep.

My 13month son is breastfeeding through the night and will only go to sleep with me through that method. Did I mention that we also cosleep, I figured that when he stops...

Started by Sonia on 07/28/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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My son is scared

I would say for the past two weeks off and on my seven year old son has been having nightmares. Also when it comes time to go to bed he gets a "stomachache" and can't sleep. I...


potty time how is it done I need help?

It's been a while since i potty train my 9 year old. my baby is 2 potty time is the worse time he won't stay on the potty. he waits till i put back on his pull up then he goes....


Not myself!!

First off let me start by saying that I don't have/ever have an issue with stress, I don't have PPD or have a mental illness of any kind. I also know that this will pass, but I...


scary preterm labor

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and just got home Monday after spending 2 weeks in the hospital. I had been diagnosed with Irritable Uterus a few days before I had to go in. I...


Sometimes I really hate motherhood....

I must be the worst mother in the world. I feel like my children deserve a better mother. I just have no patience anymore. Tonight I just kept screaming at my daughter who is...

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4yr old too lazy to use bathroom

My 4yr old daughter is too lazy to use the bathroom. When she is at preschool she stays dry but when she is at home she will wet her pants and only a little bit then she will do...