My two year old put Vaseline in her hair! Help??

She found the Vaseline and put a massive amount in her hair. I have washed it three times and even used regular shampoo instead of baby shampoo. Any ideas?

Started by Emily on 09/16/2013 in Toddlers

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I am seriously considering adoption. My husband and I have been unsuccessful (with one miscarriage) for 4 years in trying to have a child. We are still in the "discussing"...


Cheating husband

How do you deal a cheating husband. Sorry baby It wont happen again three months down the line back to square one


I'm bothered

He's my boyfriend not my husband : we have parted ways : does he have any legal rights on our child.

Started by Fola on 10/06/2013 in Expecting

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chromosome 18

so my amnio fluid is a bit high but the dr thinks it will go down but he said baby has white patches in her cerebral so he sent me to a specialist because i could have...


how to get rid of daiper rash

My 4 month old little girl has had a diaper rash for 2 weeks now ..on of my aunt recomended layering himalaya daiper rash cream on it and constantly having at least one layer on...


Ex and his family pressuring me.

To get the background for what's going on I'll say this... When I was 14 weeks pregnant my(now ex) left me, never told his fam or friends that I was pregnant. I ended up telling...



My son 8months nd his he so stuffy nd keep choking in his sleep idk wha i should do his doc said no meds

Started by Amber on 11/20/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Trying to get pregnant

I stopped having my depo injection around 9 months ago as me and my partner wanted to start trying for a baby but so far i've had no luck what so ever :( I know people can take...


Need other mom friends.

I am 18 and married. I have a 10 month old little boy, and another on the way. I need some mom friends, I've lost most my friends due to having my kids.

Started by Brittaney on 11/22/2013 in Teen Moms

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Eating habbit

My baby girl is now 14 month 3 week old she is not eating well m worried about her what can I do

Started by Gulshad on 11/30/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Forced to wean

I am a working mother of a 2 and 1/2 year old little girl. I have been breastfeeding her up until a few days ago. I developed severe mastitis and had bleeding nipples. My...


i need help!!

Im a single mom of a one year old and i am currently pregnant. my kids dad abandoned us and i am stressing really bad. i am 20 yrs old lookibg for a job,childcare, and in need...