ultrasound scans determining gender. ??????

i have one daughter allready and i have just had a 19 week scan and have been told i am expecting a baby boy. i am thrilled by this and want to start buying things but i am a...



Hi I'm Kerry and have just been invited to join you guys. My baby boy is Sonny and he was born 3 weeks early on 12th October at 9.30am weighing 6lb 8oz (I think he wanted to...


new to group

hello everyone.. my name is rebecca.. i have a daughter whos 14months and im 6months preg. having a boy!! yeppie..



hi im a first time mum and my daughter is 15 months old and is always cryin and screamin i have postnatal depression and find it really hard to deal with and im so stressed i...

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My Family

Hi! My name is Gen and I am a mom of a 3 yr old little boy and an 8 month old baby girl. I wanted and needed to be home with my kids. But at the same time my husband & I needed...

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She was born September 4th 2008

Wow they sure grow fast, almost too fast! She was 7 lbs. 1 oz. at birth and now weighs about 16 lbs!! I am 21 years old, and I love being a mommy! It is nice to have someone...


crooked teetth

hey just wondering if anyones babies teeth are looking like they are coming in crooked? My sons bottom right tooth looks like it's coming in almost side ways should I b worried?


New Mom

Hello everyone! I just joined this circle of moms community. It is really neat and helpful. I just had my first child Savannah in August and she is so adorable. I love being a...


Any words of advice for a FTM with GD?

I am a first time mom with Gestational Diabeties and I was just wondering if any one else had GD and if you have had any issues with breastfeeding... Thanks!


facebook bans breast feeding

http://babyrazzi.com/baby/2008/12/21/facebook-bans-breastfeeding-photos/ Is this for real?? Have any of you heard anything about facebook banning breastfeeding..I posted a...


We did it!!!

I just wanted to say that my baby girl finally went poopy on the potty today!!!! I realize that getting this excited over my daughter going on the potty makes me a bit of a...

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catipillar hot dogs

Need a package of hot dogs. Place a cut down the center long ways without cutting into two pcs. Then perpendicularly cut several lines without cutting all the way through, from...


Mums in Auckland, NZ

Hi I would like to talk to any mums who live in Auckland. I am a stay at home mum for a while and am interested in getting in touch with any other mums in Auckland to talk to...

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Hello All! My name is Danielle. My 9month and 4 week old daughters name is Sienna (Born March 16 th 2008)!! Things are well our way She started crawling a few weeks ago and...

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Hello, I'm new here,

Wish I didn't have to join this group but here I am. I have had two stillbirths, Aidan in March 2005 and Gabriel in Oct 2007. Nice to meet you all, hope we can all be of support...



I'm new in the circle of moms, and hope to find lots of fun moms who I can connect with and get to know in this cyber world!!! I have 2 boys, 21 months and 3 months, super busy,...



Hello, I am new here and have a son who was born August 4, 2008. I just wanted to say hello and I am looking forward to getting to know more moms of August babies! =)...

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advice pls

hiya my sons 1 year old tomora and hes stil not eating proper food like we do he just spits it out and only wants to eat powdered food in boxes apart from jam sandwhiches and...

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