14 weeks along

Hey there. My name is Sabra. I am 23 years old and engaged to my wonderful fiance Ryan. We have an almost 2 year old daughter Rhianna and a baby on the way. With Rhianna, I had...


Anyone a member of Imagym in Sandy Springs?

I was thinking of doing the free trial class to see if my 10 month old would enjoy this place. Has anyone been there or is anyone currently a member? Just wondering if it's...

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Did you know this ????

Heinz is proud to be the only national baby food sponsor of the Children's Miracle Network. You can help us support this worthy program by simply saving your Heinz baby food...



i was just looking at another girls photo of her beautiful belly and it reminded me of when I was preganant with my baby and I had my belly casted. My hubby and I stripped down...

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Here is another curious question I have for my book, What ecpectations did you have as a teen mother before your child was born, And did it turn out the way you thought it...


Feeling a little overwhelmed...

I'm almost 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child (don't know the sex yet), and have a 15 month old daughter. In the midst of packing to move into a new townhouse at the end of...



Please, if you're a parent, take a moment and sign up to connect with other parents who are just trying to keep some sanity in their daily lives. No spam - no BS - and she has...


Teen Parents..

Is there anyone out there with a teenager as a parent ? I have a 17yr old son who has a 5 month old little girl... He seems not to understand that he has to take full...


is this normal

my baby kasey is now 6 months and ever since the child has been born i dont want to have sex with my partner, i really cant pinpoint why its just when we start i just turn over...



Just joined the group! Thanks for having me! I am a SAHM to three... Clayton (my June 05 baby) is 4, Anna Cate is 21 months, and Cael is 8 months. I have been married to Jason...

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almost time!!

hey guys.. when are we all due? im due on the 28th.. 16 days to go and definently counting! =P i already have a son, Lucas who will be 3 in november, do any of u guys have kids...



I read that babies should start being weened from their before bedtime bottle around 7/8 months. My son has been fighting/playing with his last bottle since he got teeth, but...


Tips for a plane ride?

I'll be flying with my baby here in a couple of weeks, and I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make it a happy flight.


HELP refusing to feed

My almost 1 year old has refused now 2 of her only feedings. She only nurses at night and in the morning and has refused both. I am now getting engorged and dont know what to...

Started by Melissa on 12/03/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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nanna problems!! please help!!

my mother in law is driving me mad!! before my 2nd son came along she had so much time for my 1st son (not my partners biological child but has been there since he was a baby...