New preemie mom here :)

HI I am Missi I am 29, married to Chris and we have 3 remarkable girls who were all born to soon. Sabrina will be 5yrs old in 10 days. She was born at 34.5wks, she was 6lb 8oz...

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Feeling that you're done your job...

Hey all, so my girl just turned 13 months old and she is drinking 3.25% cows milk and only breast feeds maybe once or twice during the day and then at night.. Is there anything...

Started by Kristin on 10/09/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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How do I get my daughter out of my bed?

My daughter is almost two and a half and she still sleeps in my bed. Part of the problem is getting her to want to stay in her bed but the other half is convincing my husband...

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I'm trying to decide on what toys to buy my son. He is just starting to show interest. I have the rattles and little carseat danglers but I'm looking for ones he can play with...

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Need help getting my three year old to sleep!

I have a three year old and a two year old who share a room. It takes me at least an hour to get my three year old to sleep and it always ends up with crying, yelling, and...

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Question about stomach sleeping!

My son is about to turn four months old and he sleeps in his own crib, in his own room, and every morning i go in there to get him he has turned himself onto his tummy and slept...

Started by Krista on 10/15/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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Milk how many times a day?

Kaitlyn is 9+ months and is exclusively breastfed. I'm wondering if I am feeding her too many times a day. She's on a regular schedule of aprox. 7a, 11a, 3p, 6p, & 8:30p, so 5...



Aiden had his 12 month check up. The doctor said he is a little under weight since he was 9lbs 2ozs and at 12 months is only 19lbs 12ozs. He also mentioned that he was very tall...


No desire to walk

Hi, My baby girl is 13 months and up until a couple of weeks ago she was really into learning how to walk. Now she does not seem to have any interest at all, she does not want...


Birth control HELP!!!!!!

hello i just wanted to know about different women with birth control and the pros and cons i am having such a hard time and i was lookin for advice i tried the iud but it hurt...

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What are best home remedies for whooping cough?

My baby has been suffering for whooping for almost two weeks now. We have taken him to his pedia, but the medicines that he have taken for 7 days straight still has no effects....

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UTI....any advise would help

Does anyone have any advise on avoiding UTI?. Of course wipe front to back, change frequently, and lay flat when "going"...... anyone have any other ideas or tips. I...

Started by Sarah on 10/25/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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placenta previa

I was just told my ultrasound is showing I have placeta previa has anyone else had this condition and what did they do to help b/c the research I am doing is freaking me out!


I need advice!!

My daughter will not sleep in her bed. My hubby and I are exhausted she kicks and hits and rolls all over the bed. She is well rested but were not and with hopefully baby #2 on...

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Does not like tummy time !!!!

My baby does not like tummy time at all. She will be fine for about 1 min then goes into a screaming frenzy. How long am I suppose to let her cry before I pick here up???...

Started by Lisa on 10/30/2009 in May 2009 Babies

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