Husband is a CO In Texas

Hi everyone I'm new to the group and my name is Brandi. My Husband Daniel is a CO for Beto Unit located in tennessee colony. I've heard that out of the 4 units they have Beto...


Teething help please

My son is a January baby. He has started teething. He got his first 2 on the bottom and 1 on top. The other top one has not come in. In fact there is a black bump that almost...


nervous some one please help me calm down

omg i am so nervous ! i found out i am 4 weeks pregnant yesterday and my next apt will be on the 26th of august and thats when im getting my first sonno. I am nervous that maybe...

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Hi, I am 29yr old mom to be.. with my frist child...well almost 29 so I guess Im an old mom to be starting out! im from Maine and excited about my new baby but still very...

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Introducing myself

Hello, my name is Marie. I have a 2 month old son, Nicolas. I recently got out of the Marine Corps, I am a stay at home mom now. I'm in California, just looking to make new...

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Second Time Around

I am 52 years-old and my husband is 63 years-old. Our children are 36 and soon to be 30. We recently adopted two little girls. They are sisters. Zoe is 4 years-old and Frankie...

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Hi, Im Natalie,Im 22 years old and have two little girls,Isabella 18months and Sienna 6months. Ive been trying to find a community with some mums from New Zealand and this...



My son is 14 months old and he won't feed himself. I can't even get him to eat a lot of solid food. He likes Cheerios and mushed up stuff, nothing with a lot of chunks. I am...

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Braelyn's mommy!

Hi my name is Valerie. I am 26 years old, and as you all know our babies are 6 months old. What a precious age. I have a little girl named Braelyn, and she has been such a joy...


What qualifications

I'm thinking about going into early years child develpment, to do something more with under 5's than working in a preschool etc, but don't have a clue where to start, I'm...



Hi Everyone, My name is Sarah and I have a 7 week old daughter Amelie Grace born June 24th. Hoping to meet others having similar highs and lows that I am currently...

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Hey Everybody!

Hey everyone. My name is Erika and I am a fellow mom. I adore my girls Dakota(5) and Aidan(2). I have a baby on the way due in March..Hopefully a boy. I don't think my husband...

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pudding? help!

I have a 7 and a half month old son, and i'm stuck for pudding ideas for him! He loves his pureed fruit, or his fromage frais / yoghurts, but i'd like to give him a little more...



My 3 year old refuses to give up her dummy. She walks around with 2 one for her mouth and one to rub on her nose. She says she is just a baby and she is not big yet ..... ANY...

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Hi everyone! My name is Jonni and im a scrapbookaholic!! Lol. I am married to a wonderful man who encourages my hobby, i have a 4 year old son and another boy due December 26th....

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