19 weeks and I am so blessed....

I just found out that I am having a beautiful girl O.M.G. she is what I always wanted and prayed 4 I cannot wait to meet, love ,kiss, spoiler her I am in real love for the first...

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please read...

i have just started writing a blog about my experiences as a young mum with 2 kids, would love to know what you think... http://damnmykids.blogspot.com/

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potty training your 19 month old

my daughter is 19 months old and i am trying to potty train her she was excited at first but not so much anymore need some tips to get her excited about potty training or am i...


6 week growth spurt

Anyone else's babies getting to a growth spurt? Fierna is nursing about every hour these days! Lol last nighti barely slept because she was eating all night.....I hope she puts...

Started by Merry on 06/23/2011 in May 2011 Babies

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Sleeping in a Recliner?

I am to the point (5 months) where i can only sleep in a recliner. My bed is no longer an option for sleeping. Anyways i try sleeping on my side with the Boppy pillow but i...

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My son is 1yr and 2 weeks old. He has never slept ALL night, maybe once or twice. He would wake up for a drink, he does not like covering up so when I get a chance to cover him...

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New Parents????

I am so sick of everytime something happpens to baby it always my fault? Husband comes home and her diaper may be wet when he picks her up. he acts like I never shange her. We...

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teething or growth spurt

So this isn't a question. I'm just needing to comment on my day/week. My 7 month old had a VERY rough night of sleep last night. Was up about 6 times. Typically she's up one...

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trying to concieve while breastfeeding

is it ok for me to try for one more even though i am breastfeeding. me and my husband are back to having so much fun in the bedroom and we both want another kid. i dont know if...


How Can I Introduce the Bottle?

Hello. I am a 28 yr old SAHM (for the time being) and I have a 6 1/2 month old baby girl who is exclusively breastfed. I am attempting to introduce the bottle to her (with...

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No Kids Under 6 Please

All the noise, noise, NOISE! After 16 years, restaurant owner Mike Vuick has finally had it with all the crying and whining. And that was just from his customers. So he...

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Boy names

hey im just after some input on the name we like n if nebody has ne more suggestions thatd be awesome :) here are the names we like Noah Alex Jack Harry Oliver George...

Started by Elisha on 07/26/2011 in December 2011

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pregancy number 2

I don't really remember what it was like when i was pregnant with my daughter (whose now almost 2), at 5-7weeks. Is it normal to be starving this early in the pregnancy and then...

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How can I help my son feel better?

My son just got his 2 month vaccines yesterday and now he has a fever and his poop is slimey looking. He's breast fed so it's always runny of course but now it kinda looks like...


Cradle cap on a two year old?

Eric has been itching his head alot, I parted his hair and saw he has what looks like cradle cap! I wash his hair with johnsons shampoo, why did he get this? How do I fix it?...


Summer Cold in 9th month

So i am almost 9 months and i have a cold, it is the most horrible thing that has happen to me because i never get sick. I eyes are runny, my nose, chest, and head hurts and my...

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Weaning Woes

My daughter is 14 months old and I have picked up the signals that we are ready to start weaning. I'm not worried about the afternoon feeding but it's the bedtime one, and the...

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