my son is actin up

hi,since my daughter was born a year ago,my 5 year old son keeps actin up,at times its almost impossible to control him,like he will be six n a few wks,should he not be gone...



I woke up last night at 4 am scared to death. I dreamed that my 10 year old had killed herself and Im not sure what I should think about it. I've been thinking about it all day...



I am being induced Monday afternoon. Technically I am being put on a medication which will help my cervix thin out because I am on 50% and barely 1cam. Then Tuesday around noon...


How do you keep your cool?

How do you manage to keep you cool with a "baby daddy"? Mine likes to be around when its conveinent to him but when I ask for help or get a little snipp after not hearing from...

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Ok, so by accident we are all S names so far... Totally NOT on purpose. But, everyone is telling me we have to stick with the S theme... and I can't seem to find names that we...

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Names... Help!!

Ok, so by accident we are all S names so far... Totally NOT on purpose. But, everyone is telling me we have to stick with the S theme... and I can't seem to find names that we...


where is everyone located

moms live in Ohio? and if so where at ?? none of my friends have children and it would be nice to find some moms./ friends that actually understand and just maybe we can meet...


Poll for Widowed Moms

I just posted a "poll" for all of us. Take a minute and fill it out. I think it would be interesting to see what is really happening with us.

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Not potty training yet...

Hello, I am a single mother of 2 now. My youngest is 2 1/2 yrs. almost 3 now. He is a wonderful little boy, who likes to run, jump, and climb... but not to use the potty...

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Poop issues in potty training

My son started potty training about a month ago and he's doing awesome. He stays dry during naps and overnight and tells me everytime he has to go, but he is having huge issues...


Pray request: My family needs your prays

Hi my name is Candice. I am a mother of 6. 2 are my step kids ages 9 and 10. Then my 4 babies ages 8 3 2 and 2 months. I am asking that you all can pray for my 2 month old...

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Worried about getting pregnant again.

My husband and I are talking about having another child. Our first one will be 1 1/2 soon and we are thinking of trying when he's close to 2. I had a very hard birth with him...

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Mom 46

I am a mother of three grown sons who are all in the military! I love and miss them so much and wish I had more time with them. Their dad and I are divorced after 20 years of...


I just don't know

My son brayden just turned 6 months old he's been in and out of the hospital cause they say that he breathes too fast and sometimes has labored breathing(retracting) but he's a...

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i started weaning my 13 month old a few days ago and i have been feeling a little sad and irritable and i have been having terrible headaches and i just dont want to do anything...

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