pg with 2nd :)

mye daughter was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1lb 15 oz, she turned 2 on the 14th of july and now weighs in at 23lbs :) she is doing wonderful and caught up to everyone else her...

Started by Candice on 08/09/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

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Natural births, or C-sections?

My son Jeffrey was born 10 lbs. 13 oz. and I had him naturally. My doctor obviosly did'nt think he was that big. How did you all have your babies, and did you have complications?


1 Year and still waking frequently

So my baby slept perfectly through the night from 4 weeks until about 4 months old. Then, she abruptly stopped sleeping through the night and began waking every hour. It was a...

Started by Andrea on 08/10/2010 in Sleeping Problems

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Clogged Ducts

I was wondering what a clogged duct looks like and if it is painful? On one of my nipples it looks like i have a zit that is beyond ready to pop... (major white spot) It's kinda...


"Non-stick" and absorbent nursing pads

I have cotton nursing pads. I have to use two! AND my nipples stick to them. Ouch! And cotton fuzz goes in my baby's mouth. Any suggestions? I was thinking wool...


Teething remedies

My little guy is about 8 1/2 months and he decided it was time (on vacation!) to start popping like 4 teeth at once! I can deal with the lack of sleep for a little bit, but it...

Started by Celeste on 08/12/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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choosing a doctor

My husband recently got a job in a different state and we will be moving in a couple of weeks. I'm 20 weeks along and loved my doctor but now I find myself needing to find...

Started by Lacey on 08/12/2010 in First Time Mums

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I have twin boys and they are 21 months right now. I noticed my 2nd baby is a little bit bow-legged while the other one looks normal. I can't help but always compare them...

Started by Gell on 08/15/2010 in Twins

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Keeping it all together.

We're having issues. It's hard juggling a baby, college, and work and still finding time to work on our relationship. My boyfriend and I weren't together very long before we had...


Switching for a few days

Okay so i ran out of Similac Soy milk and my son is 11 months old. I have a can of Similac Advance unopened and i was wondering if i could give him that one until i got the soy...

Started by Daisy on 08/17/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Red bull!!!

I wanna know if drinking a red bull now and then when i'm expecting is really bad for the baby or is it not so good like sodas but not that that bad?..... Idk let me know what...

Started by Victoria on 08/25/2010 in Expecting

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Self weaning off bottle...?

Hey everyone, I know all babies are different so there will be no hard and fast rules but my 10 1/2 month old seems to be self weaning off his bottle...? At what age would this...


Strict With Kids

I am 26 years old with a 16 month old baby. I was raised in a strict Pentecostal household, which meant no pants, no shorts, no earings, no make up, no shaving, no cutting hair,...