my daughter isabella will be 4 months on the 22nd and yesterday we went for a walk it was nice out she slept most of the time when we got home she woke up i fed her at 3 her...


Just joined

I am Leslie, 26 yrs old, from NW Oregon (Willamina) and mom to Makayla (6/26/01), Madison (8/11/03), Aiden (8/12/08) and expecting (10/10/09). I am new to circle of mom and...

Started by Leslie on 04/10/2009 in Oregon Mommies!

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Outdoor activities

Does anyone know of a fun place thats appropriate for a 12 month old? My son isnt quite walking yet and isnt really big enough for the park playgrounds but Im a stay at home...

Started by Josie on 04/15/2009 in Eugene, Oregon

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5 month old with very bad reflux

my son is 5months old and has been taking prevacid since 3 months old, and it doesnt seem to be working. before that he was on zantac, and he still throws up every time he eats....


Sleeping Habits

How do you put your baby to sleep? For the first 7 months I have to lull her in my arms to sleep, breaking my back and arms in the process. But amazingly, now that she's...


how long were you dialted ?

hello this is my 2 pregnancy. my first son was a month early and i was on bedrest for 6 weeks with this baby because i was dilated at 1 with 80% effaced since 29 weeks! at 35...



and completely miserable. i am 41 weeks today and am losing my mind waiting for this baby. i am cranky and depressed and just plain fed up. i can't sleep at night and am busy...

Started by Sonia on 04/21/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Hello All My baby boy Javon woh is 4month now at times does this funny breathing thig like as if he's been crying alot but thats not where its coming from i asked the dr is...



so i am about 2 months away from weaning my little girl and was wondering if anyone has any tips ? things that worked for them ? cause i am really excited about it, but also a...

Started by Natalie on 04/24/2009 in UK Mummies

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My first born

I had my first baby on March 27th 2007. Sadly my little girl died on 1st January 2009, she had an asthma attack! It's hit me hard and really can't let go, lifes not going to be...

Started by Kasey-Leigh on 04/24/2009 in March 2007 Babies

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Moving on...

I was due April 29, so I joined a due in April 2009 group. Well, April has come and gone, and I'm still pregnant. Looks like I'm getting a May baby. I'm 3 days past my due...

Started by Kelly on 05/02/2009 in May 2009 Baby

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Going back to work

My little girl is like super glue to me dont know what to do if i go back to work

Started by Tanya on 05/02/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Introducing myself

Hey everyone, Im new here at this area. I have a wonderful daughter who is 5 1/2 months old. She is such a joy to me and my husband. She is growing up so quick!! Im so proud to...



hi my name is meganne and i had a baby girl on the 5th may 2007. i had to have an emergency C section after i had been induced. not nice. there was a fair bit of stress going...

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really big baby she 3 and gonna be 4 on june 29th this year and she around 3 1\2 feet tall curly locks and real black hair and big brown eyes very cute thats my little baby

Started by Kimberly on 05/09/2009 in June 2005 Babies

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Hello everyone, I am new to this group! Does anyone else have problems with their babies having runny poop and their daycare thinking that it is diarrhea? On my 6th day back...


Hi there

Hi my name is Amber. My son Brandon was born May 2, 2007. He is my miracle baby, it took me a lot to get him here. He is my whole world, I couldn't imagine life with out him....

Started by Amber on 05/11/2009 in May 2007 Babies

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