Husband just left for work...

Hes been laid off since November. I hate it. How do you moms deal while theyre gone. I know it gets easier but Im so used to him being home everday now, I got spoiled... Any...


Mother of twins

I have twins, a girl and boy. they have recently discovered how to open doors and love to climb on evrything.


How do i get my 14month old to drink milk

My 14month old will not drink milk or formula except breastmilk & directly from the breast (not expressed) I need HELP, i feel like i'm going insane. i have tryed flavoring the...


are you getting enough?

My midwife once told me that babies in the womb are like parasites. They steal all the nutrients from every part of your body if they have to, so we all need to be as healthy as...


Need help, should i start a relationship? or not?

well, i have this guy in my life, who isnt my sons dad, but he is my sons dads bestfriend.... i really like him and i dont know what to do. Should i try to be with him and see...

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hello, I am Evelyn and i have 3 adorable children,the youngest, carlos is22 mths,he was born on my mom's birthday.12th July,2007,he is very active talking,singing,etc,i started...

Started by Evelyn on 05/27/2009 in July 2007 Babies

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C-Section Trauma

Did anyone else have a c-section gone terribly wrong? Mine did and my son was born not breathing- lacked oxygen for 5 minutes and had to be resusitated, suffered a fractured...

Started by Cassie on 05/28/2009 in C-sections

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Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Kelly. I am the mother of 3 children (12, 8 & 2). My daughter was born in April 01 and is something else! She is a wonderful, amazing girl and I love her to...


I'm new and need some support....

....aside from my husband. I study via the Open University in UK - distance learning - BA Degree in Business. I choose distance learning because we travel quite a lot around...

Started by Claudia on 05/29/2009 in Student Moms

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Sleeping for a 6 month old

I need some adivce.. mY 6 month old is usually a great sleeper at night usually sleeps like 11-12 hours.. he still is sleeping next to me in the pack and play.. the only thing...


to far apart?

My son will be turning 6 in July. He is currently my only child.. and i had him when i was 17 however i would really like to have have 1 0r 2 more kids... prefer the next to be...


preemie twins

i have 1 yr old preemie twin daughters. they are both identical and while i was pregnant for them they went through twin to twin transfusion. every week i would be in the...

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Allergic Reaction - Rash

My son seems to be having an allergic reaction to something. We're not sure what, but the best we can come up with is laundry detergent (we used a different detergent for one...

Started by Esther on 06/08/2009 in Toddler Moms

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