My 3-year-old won't wear underwear!

I'm in potty training agony right now. My 3-year-old boy will not advance in his potty training. He is an only child and revels in the spotlight of being the "baby." But he will...

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I have a newly absessed tooth (I've never had one before) and the infection is spreading through my ear down to my neck.(At least I think that's what's happening, a lump just...

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Teething Sux!!!

I know that it sucks so much more for my little guy than it does for me but I'm having a hard time with his fits. He's so crabby. I just wish they'd come thru already! It was...


Sibling jealousy

Ok so heres the go- i have 3 kids under 5. And my youngest who is 1 does not like me cuddling his brother and sister. Any ideas?

Started by Ashleigh Jade on 02/18/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Sleeping in her own bed.

My daughter is 19 months old. She goes to bed without much fuss in her own toddler bed every night. The problem is that she still wakes up in the middle of the night and wants...


4th degree tear

I am going on almost 3 months since having my baby boy,i suffered stage 4 tearing and was just looking for other stories on how long it took for things to get better and how you...


Entry #2

Well today is Monday and it decided to snow like crazy, it was almost melted and then we get hit again. It was nice while it lasted, bella and I were able to go out walking...


Do I need a double stroller?

My son will be 25 months old when my second son is born. The pram that I have at the moment is like new still and not sure if it will be a waste of money buying a double or not.

Started by Megan on 02/21/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Healthy Sleep Habits

Has anyone read this book and/or used any of the ideas in it? A couple of friends have suggested it and says it worked really well for their children. We have been trying to...


Help please:(

I'm 19 and I'm looking for a job and I don't know how they will take it if I am pregnant. If I tell them would they turn me down or would i lose the chance of getting a job?...


Answering the hard questions

My son is only two months old but, I am already stressing about how to answer the questions about his father and his family. How am I going to explain that his father was in...

Started by Hannah on 03/06/2011 in Single Moms

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2 year old son scared of big boy bed

hello everyone .. i have a 2 year old son and we have been trying to put him in his big boy bed and he was ok with it .. i read something in a book saying that when you...


how to get my son to sleep in his own bed??

My son joshua is 3 years old he wont sleep in his own bed he says their monster in his closet and he is afraid of his bed i need my bed back and suggestions

Started by Krista on 03/08/2011 in Toddlers

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My Child is very mean!!!!!! advice?????

my son christian is 3 years old and he is the middle child. my father in law lives with us also. christian is very mean. he hits, kicks, bites, throws horrible tantrums, runs in...