Help!! Thumbsucking!!

My baby will be 6 months old in 2 weeks. I decided to wean her off the pacifier 10 days ago because she was constantly losing it, getting frustrated, and not getting quality...


1 year old losing weight

Ok help me out here. My now one year old has lost weight and it concerning being he has been at the bottom and now his weight to length is not good. He won't drink from a...

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Spinal pain from Epidural

There are a lot of questions about back pain from the epidurals. Well I had my daughter in 08 without any problems from the epidural. For some reason when i had my son in FEB of...

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how to get child support

i am 16 year old with a 1 year old daugter my friend said i can get my daugter dad for child support but my mom dont want to bec he would go to jaul my question is if he gose to...

Started by Rowan on 04/27/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Staying fit?

I worked with both of my kids. It was a very upbeat job, so I had great exersize. Running up and down ladders and bending up and down etc. So I was able to stay fit... I quit...


lying 8 year old

This might be kinda long. So my sister had her third baby in february, he's a little over 3 months now. Her two other kids are a son 8, and a daughter, 5 almost 6. Her son...


What do you think of older dads?

I've heard the risk of autism is greater with older dads.......I mean I've read about it. But nowadays a lot of couples have a huge age gap. The father is much older than the...

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