Hi there

Just wanted to introduce myself. I had my baby boy on February 10th, but I was actually due on March 7th. I also have a little girl who is about to turn 6. I am exctied to be...


TTC #3

Anyone out there who gave birth in January 2009 TTC again already? just wondered if I'm the only one!



I miscarried early on Saturday moring and since then my MIL who has been very kind and supportive has told me twice that I should be taking my prenatal vitamins still, especally...



This is Kirra-Jane she was born at 33weeks weighing 2225g.

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New To This. . .

Hey guys. I'm new to this and would love to get in on the chats and make new friends! Pleas ebe kind....don't really know what Im doing...LOL I married and I have a beautiful...


hi all

hi everyone just a quick question - whats the average age a baby would start teething?? my daughter is almost 10 months old and still nothing. Is this something i should be...



Im new to this so I thought Id introduce myslef. Im 23 and a SAHM to two beautiful girls Madison 2 1/2 and Peyton 3 months. Its always an adventure here at our house! Hope to...



my name is Eliza Heinlein. I am a 28 year old mother of 4 amazing kids. Just found this and figured I would see what it's all about. To all the mothers...I hope you all have a...

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Potty Training

My 3 year old has been potty trained since Christmas thiss past year, and all of a sudden is having many accidents a day. I have even gone back to putting her in diapers at...

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what to do with old ones?

I have about 25 cloth diapers that saw 4 years of my babies' bums and are now all but disintegrating!!!! I bought new ones for my son but have kept the old ones around wondering...


Help with transitioning............

Attention moms!!!! Any suggestions.......I've tried EVERY sippy cup on the market, (literally) and Brady isn't getting how to drink from them. (Never took a bottle) I am about...

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what to wear ?

hey guys nothing to do with babies ,,, im going to the pink concert soon and i have no idea what to wear im so excited to go cuz she is so awesome i have all her albums and...

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Hello to everyone

I'm from Indiana. I am a wife of 13yrs & mother to 4 great kids boy 14yrs, & 3 girls 12, 11 & 1yrs old. A step mother to a 20 yr old daughter who has a almost 7month old baby...

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How long should I continue to pump?

My son has refused to breastfeed since he was 3 months only breastfeeding at night I have been pumping and giving him the bottle during the day. He is now 6.5 months and is...

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Hi to all the mums and dads who have welcomed a new baby in january this year. Marty and i had a little girl on the 29th with a very healthy weight of 8 pounds 1 with a nice...


Failure to thrive question

We have been presented with fostering 7m old "organic" failure to thrive triplets. The BIG catch is they are in aNICU an hour away. I am not familure with the term "organic"...

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