Excessive mood swings

Daughter turns 2 in couple weeks and last couple weeks she has had really bad mood swings. She will be crying and inconsolible one minute in the bathroom just sitting on the...


Food and the Kids

Okay I guess we hijacked the other thread long enough let us give this the proper place. Much annoyance here at being told how much food per day my 14 month old should be...


do you remember??

hey ladies, i was sat thinking yesterday its so hard to remember what my life was like b4 my daughter came along she is 20month old now!! i love her more than anything but i...


New to baumholder!!!

hello everyone! my name is maggie and i just moved to baumholder germany with my daughter delilah. my husband has been in the army for alittle under a year so i have alot to...

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I only have clinicals left to obtain my nursing degree, and then to pass the NCLEX to get my license. That is two more years. Lately there has been some talk about the nursing...

Started by Christine on 06/30/2010 in Student Moms

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how to break from pacifiers?

my son is 13 months old and im trying to break him of a pacifier before it ruins his teeth! i need suggestions! 90% of the time he has to have it to get to sleep and he is...

Started by Kasey on 07/01/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Just wondering if any one is in the same boat I am. Both my parents have passed away and my husbands parents live half way across the country (so needless to say we don't do...

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date night

I've been thinking about doing date nights with my husband because I see that we are drifting apart, I tend to pay more attention to the baby than him so we've been having...


Ovulations kits, do they work?

Hi moms! We're going to start trying again for our second child (my son is 11 months) and without going into crazy details. My periods are not normal. With my son, the days I...


can anyone help me

my baby has noonan syndrome. he has no other defects, as the health professionals call it, its just features. is there any one out there that can tell me what to expect??...


Help with taking away the Nuk!!

My daughter is 19 months old and still has her Nuk. She calls it her "plug!" :) I don't give it to her during the day unless we are in the car for a long trip (her dad lives 3...


Son won't eat, help!!!

This is the thing, my son is 2 and from the day he was born he ate great at 4 months he started to eat baby food I would make at home he has always been a great eater, but from...

Started by Cristina on 07/12/2010 in May 2008 Babies

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Teaching my daughter the Russian Culture.

I am American but my Husband Edwin was born and raised in Russia. I really want my daughter to learn the Russian Culture and Language. I want her to know not only my America...

Started by Sherry on 07/12/2010 in Russian Mommies

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10 month old mauling me!!!

all my son seems to do anymore is climb on me, slam his head around, bite, kick, pinch and generally maul me while playing and nursing. I want to breastfeed until he's 18...


Is this normal????

Pretty much my whole life I've had a studder/slurring to my speech. My mom would have to tell me all the time to stop and think about what I have to say before I say it. Which...


moving into a toddler bed

I know all children are different, but I was wonde4ring what the average age for moving out of a crib into a toddler bed was?

Started by Anna on 07/14/2010 in Toddler Moms

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need help!!!!!! kinda long sory

ok well every since i got married to my husband of one year now and his mom and her boyfriend pretty much payed and catered our wedding and my family pretty much decided to be...