not able to pump using breast pump

My baby is almost 3months... I am giving him formula milk twice a day and rest of the time I feed him.. now I am returning to work so tried using medela single electric pump ,...

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Potty help!!

Hi there, I'm hoping to get some help here. My 2 1/2 year old is refusing to go potty. I feel like I've tried everything. Stickers, sticker charts, candy, cupcakes, books,...


Thrush... Please help

I have no idea what to do anymore. My daughter was born Jan 8 and we have struggled with breastfeeding since the beginning. We realized she was pittance ult. So got that revised...


Ho to Deal A Husband ho Always Lie

After a being with my husband for just 2 years...I discovered that every story that he told me before were all lies...and until now whenever he's telling a story about his past...

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Expecting and Excited!

My name is Kayla and I am expecting a little boy on the 15th of June. I am so excited yet nervous. I am 19 years old, have a job, and have an apartment and get lots of support...


2 kids at 21.

Is anyone else having a hard time? Sometimes I'm so stressed out idk what to do with myself. I LOVE my children. But I need some me time as well. My partner works all the time....

Started by Katie on 05/27/2014 in Moms Under 30

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2nd hand toys

I bought a baby leap frog that worked. After I cleaned it with a disinfectant spray with bleach It no longer works! Anything I can do to fix it?


visitation rights

My mother kicked me and my 2 year old son out of the house so we are now staying at shelter soi told her she wont ever be able to see her grand child again and she said she can...


Stopping Breastfeeding Cold Turkey

I've been solely breastfeeding my son for the past two years, and I've been trying to wean him off for the past five months. This has proven to be very unsuccessful. I've been...


Boys playing with dolls

My son is going into the first grade and likes to play with "girl toys". Cousins and others tease him about it. He is an only child. I don't know what to do..


how old were you when you got pregnant ?

How old were you when you first got pregnant ?did you plan your pregnancy ? I want to wait a few more years til I'm about 23-24 before I try for kids but sometimes have the...

Started by Casey on 07/21/2014 in Moms Under 30

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Custody in Maryland

My 22 month old son's father (unmarried, cohabiting) left us 100 days ago and is already planning to marry. I have no information on their home to know it is a safe, smoke free...