Must haves

I cant stop buying what are the must haves for a newborn this is my first baby i also want to breast feed badly. Hope it goes well with baby presley


A twin hiding?? HELP!

At my first ultrasound the tech thought it looked like twins but I was only 7 weeks. So I went back at 9 weeks and had another US and there was only one baby. But I'm measuring...

Started by Kate on 08/22/2013 in Twins

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Thank u women for being honest

I am 37 weeks prego almost 38 and I want to have the baby on the 38 or 39th week. Not because Im tired of being prego but even worse I dont want it to be the same sign as my...


My 4 Month Old Has Started Teething!! Help!

My 4 month old baby boy has started teething and it seems like the ONLY thing he has any interest chewing on are his hands. Both of his hands are red and rough. I feel so bad...

Started by Audrey on 09/02/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Help me!

So I'm 21 & just recently found out that I'm pregnant. I have the most wonderful, loving boyfriend.. He is so excited. Problem is.. He has an ex-wife and 3 other children...



My husband and I did IVF. We learned early on (around 6 weeks) that they were identical twins. They said this was because of the shared placenta and the thinness of the sacks...


What do you think?

I'm a new mother of a 5 week old baby and he is just so gorgeous, we have had problems of him not putting on weight very fast, losing it and now he is slowly becoming a cute...


3 1/2 month old only wants to suck and chew.

When I try to feed her she just mostly screams. She still nurses, but no where near as much. To me it feels like hardly eats! She sucks on her fists and toys constantly. She's...


8 weeks 1 day cramps blood clots

I had mild cramps and some spotting, this is my first pregnancy so it freaked me out and I went to the emergency room very late last night. They did blood work and an ultra...

Started by Katie on 11/20/2013 in Expecting

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pda surgery/scar??

My baby is a 26 weeker she weighd 1pound 9 ounces. She took medicine to close her pda bt it was unsuccessful now they are opting for sugery. Has anyone been thru this? How did...

Started by Saquinta on 11/25/2013 in Moms Of Preemies

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25 weeker early signs of teething?

My daughter was born 25 weeks premature, weighing 1 pound and 15 ounces. She is now 3 months almost 4 or 1 month adjusted weighing 7 1/2 pounds. She has reflux and has to take...


post belly fat

Hi Friends, Its 6 months now, that I have delivered my 2nd baby and my tummy still looks like m 5 months preg..... just wanted to know if it will go :( as all tell me it will...


frustrated new mommy

Do any of you moms out there get, well, mad/frustrated at your baby? When my little one fights going to sleep I seem to get soooo frustrated and angry that I just can't deal...



my 6 month old baby has cold problem i consulted the doctor.he gave a medicine.but still he is suffering all with runny nose .some time his palm and foot is hot, cool and very...