9-10 month old schedule

here is my 9 1/2 month old's schedule... i find it works for me but varies a lot from most babies' i've compared his to... mostly b/c i give him a bottle b4 his naps... but i...


6 month old maybe not ready for solids yet?

My baby has been experimenting with small amounts of solid food since his 6-month birthday (about 1 week ago). We started with banana, and then sweet potato. He's happy...

Started by Lori on 04/30/2009 in Baby Led Weaning

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Hello everyone...

Hi...I'm almost 25, unmarried but not single. I was up until recently a mother of two young boys. One 20 months and the other 4 months. I also have custody of my 14 year old...



I've been boxing a lot as a form of exercise and i love it. i love what its doing to my body and I love the energy i get from it. I also do some weights regularly. despite all...

Started by Gail on 05/02/2009 in Working Out Moms

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How much Cereal?

We have been trying to give our daugther rice cereal since she was 4 months old. The day she turned 5 months, she decided that she loves to eat cereal. We have been giving her...


jogging stroller

Hello young moms! : ) I am 21 and had my first baby (girl) November 2008, so I am a new mom! As far as strollers go, I have a snap and go and an umbrella stroller for when...



My son was born at 38 weeks. He is 4 1/2 months old now. I forget sometimes that he is a preemie because he does not look like one. He was born 6 weeks early weighing 6 lb. 5oz....

Started by Patricia on 05/06/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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Mobile Phone Question

Hi, Does anyone know if it bad/dangerous to give a baby/child a mobile phone with the battery taken out. My daughter is obsessed with phones - (it's started already!!!). I was...


Breaking my daughter from her Pacifire?

My daughter is 19 months old and she still takes a pacifire. I only let her have it at night time, and naps and from time to time she wants to bring that and her blankie out of...


Toddler Bed help.

We are moving my 18 month old daughter to a toddler bed this weekend. She tries to climb out of her crib when we put her down for a nap or to sleep for the night, any...



I am new to this Forum. My name is Ashley and I'm from Hawaii. I am a bio mom of 2 and a step mom of 1. My step son lives with us full-time and I just had a baby in Nov. I am...


Big Boy

My son is 3 1/2 months and weighs about 17 pounds people always assume hes about 5 or 6 months is this too much weight or is this normal ?


getting myself to bed early!

Anyone else struggling with getting to bed at a decent hour after the baby has gone down? My daughter goes down at 9pm and then I stay up to watch tv with my husband for at...


Bad sleepig habits

So my son is 2 and has never had a bedtime basically due to me. I have now put him to bed at 9:30 but the earlier I put him to bed the more he wakes up in the middle of the...

Started by Traci on 05/20/2009 in March 2007 Babies

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weening pain!

any body have tips on how to help with the pain? i haven't nursed in four days and my breasts are rock solid and hurt terribly! help please!

Started by Kathleen on 05/22/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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