Hello, I am new here and have a son who was born August 4, 2008. I just wanted to say hello and I am looking forward to getting to know more moms of August babies! =)...

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advice pls

hiya my sons 1 year old tomora and hes stil not eating proper food like we do he just spits it out and only wants to eat powdered food in boxes apart from jam sandwhiches and...

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can you get a tattoo while still breast feeding?

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First I was a mommy...who scared monsters out of my girls room...hugged them when there was a thunder storm..loved to snuggle with them..this is a mommy. Then i was a mom..the...


New mom

Hi there, My name is Teresa. I have a beautiful baby girl named Bella Marie. We are looking for other moms who would like to have playdates and also mom's night!!


i'm new!

I just lost my sweet baby girl, Marlee Rose, September 4, 2008. I am having the wosrt time dealing with it and i feel very lost and tortured by guilt. can anyone help me? I...


Boy or girl

Hello! I am new to this site so forgive me if im not understanding what is going on. If you have been to my facebook page you would see that i am taking a poll on the guess of...

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My daughter doesent like the 8 month old foods i think they are a little chunkey for her but I want her to exsperiance new foods what should I do



Hi Im Teresa 29 yrs old Jayden was born 3rd Dec 2008, 3680g 51cm long by emergency caeser as he was posterior and wouldnt engage. Jayden is now 7 weeks old today and 4.7kg...


Hi everyone!

I am a mother of 2 daughters. My first she is about to be 2 on Feb 17th. She is a blessing and what a help to her mom and dad. Especially with a newborn baby. Just wanted to pop...


i am 36 weeks pregnant

i live with my partner who works full time at the mo we only have his wage coming in of £250 per week sometime it less than this due to his hours being cut by the time we have...

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Hello, there!

Just stopping by to introduce myself to the group! I am a 30 yr old SAHM with 3 little kids: 3 yr old boy, 22 month old girl and 2 month old girl. Right now my March 2007 baby...

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Due May 15th

This is my second child, slightly worried bout giving birth to this one!! ahhh I had a c section with my 1st cian so didnt even go into labour as he was 4wks early (i got really...

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I have two children. My first is my son, Joey, who is 4 almost 5 and I have a baby girl, Kaitlyn, who is just about 10 months. I have been with my husband for 11 years,...

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Beautiful quote on breastfeeding

I thought I would share this: "In some cultures it is considered a child's birthright to be nursed until the age of two. It is believed all your sins are forgiven when you...

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Flu shot

How many of you got the flu shot at 6 months old? How long are your visits to the doctors office too? I am there for an hour and a half each time.

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vomiting up clear liquid

hi there, my 4 month old is vomiting up clear liquid a lot in the last few days, it doesnt seem to bother him, should i be concerned?


Nap Time??

Hi everyone! I am so excited to get involved with Circle of Moms! My baby, Hailey, will ONLY take her naps in a vibrating, bouncy chair or wrapped in a sling. I want to try...