How can I help my 3 y/o not be bored at daycare??

My 3 year old toddler is in daycare, and they are "graded" daily by a smiley or sad face for each activity they do during the day. Every day, my daughter gets one sad face,...

Started by Veronica on 06/05/2012 in Toddler Moms

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help 19month old issues ?

Hi all new to site, Can any one please give me tip or advise please, my son turned 19months this month. he only started to walk at 17months, he still wont eat solid foods he...

Started by Laura on 06/13/2012 in Toddler Moms

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kids making off with things...

My daughter has an assortment of take'n'toss straw cups that she adores. However, they have ALL disappeared. The last two, must have gone on a journey to the fifth dimension or...


hubby is a schemer

i met my hubby 10 years ago,i was 19 at the time,we have 3 kids together,but after 2 years of happiness in marriage came the abuse,cheating,late nights and i have been hoping...

Started by Chichi on 10/01/2013 in Moms Under 30

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10 year old who won't listen

We ask our daughter of 10 to do something its its always a delay with her. She will eventually do it but takes her time doing it. When we ask her a second time after waiting for...


Fear of strangers

Is it normal for my 3 year old to have a dislike for strangers? If they are friendly they can win him over. If they are average maybe after 20 minutes he will be ok to say bye...

Started by Silvia on 06/12/2014 in Toddler Moms

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Has anyone terminated rights to the other parent?

I am new here, and I have 2 wonderful children 7 & 3 (and 3 months). They both have the same father, whom I was with up until I found out I was pregnant with the youngest....

Started by Jean on 03/11/2015 in Single Moms

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Placental haemorraging

Hi, My son was born by emergency c-section after an induction failed and my placenta ripped away from the uterus lining. After blood transfusions and a rushed ceaseran we have...


Single mom with her boyfriend in jail

I've only just turned 20 and my son is about to turn 1, but a lot has happened within the last 2 years. Just a short summary, I got pregnant right after I got out of high...