Looking for a successful career - any suggestions??

Hi everyone I'm a single mum to my 1 yr and 9 months old daughter. I work a fulltime job right now and my daughter goes to daycare which runs the hrs of 730-5pm. My job does...

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Hey everyone..my name is Stephanie...i recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on October 9, 2009 who we named DeAndre Lashawn! i'm 19 years old n this is my first child i...


starting university next year

hi i am starting university next year and i am having to put my son who will then be one into child care. i am a bit concerned about balancing time with my son and studdy as he...

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Hello group :) I am a single mother of 3 children. I am also a 2nd grade school teacher :)


Naptime Weaning

I admit, I have been nursing my daughter to sleep both at nap times and at bedtimes. I don't feel bad about it, she has done very well. She didn't nap at all before I started...


Gross motor skills at this age!

What are some of the gross motor milestones being reached by babies born this month? My son has very good fine motor skills but I think is behind in his gross motor. He can sit...


Doubts about daycare centers

My daughter Natalia is 6 months old and due to a matter of work I will have to put her in daycare. It is advisable at this age?. Honestly I'm a little afraid that she wouldnt...

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my 5 year old acts wayyy to grown

i have no idea how to control certain things that my 5 year old daughter seems to pic up from outside the home whats the best way to tell her that its unacceptable when someone...

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Fussy eater

For two years now my five year old has stopped eating alot of foods, he now eats mainly, Hot Chips, biscuits, chocolate, strawberry milkshakes. I can not get him to eat meat or...

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Is it normal for my 3 yr old to be so difficult

my son is very difficult to deal with, he is having a hard time adjusting to daycare because he doesn't want to do what the teacher tells him, he is the same way at home and...

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Female balding (Alopecia)

Do any moms or your children have alopcia?? Hair loss, balding spots? I have Alopecia areata universalis. Total hair loss, everywhere. My story is short. Lost 2 pathes when...