bambino mio

hi has anyone used bambino mio? i'm thinking about getting sxome for when my 3rd baby arrives as i really wanna start CDing boots chemist have a birth to potty kit for about...


Bambino Mios

Just wondering if anyone else has ever used Bambino Mio nappies/diapers. Dont think ive ever heard anyone mentioning them on here before.


Any South African cloth-nappy users?

Hi! I am unsure of what brand cloth nappy to go for? I am unable to get any of the American brands as they are very expensive in our currency. Anyone had success in this area? I...


Any Cloth Nappy Mama's?

I am a cloth nappy addict and just love how much money they save my. The modern kinds are so easy to use and not so much extra work... Would love to chat with other moms who...


Cloth Nappies

Hi, My daughter is 8mths old & I really want to start using cloth nappies but there are so many different options to choose from. I have been looking at All-In-One, pocket or...

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Newbie ♥

Hi everyone! I'm a mama in the UK (are most people on here from the US?) and cloth-diapering pretty much all the time, though we do use biodegradable disposables probably for...


UK girls help me out!

My cousin lives in the UK and he and his wife are expecting a baby boy in August this year. They are looking the cloth diapering and need a bit of info. Ive talked to them about...


It seems huge!?!

Hi, have been using washable nappies since my son was about a month old, he is now 3 months and we have just moved to the next size up as they were starting to get a bit tight...


Disposable vs. Reusable

Lately, though I'm only thirteen weeks in, I've been looking into baby needs and I have seen many women review reusable diapers with great responses, saying they save money....

Started by Victoria on 07/20/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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I love my cloth diapers!!!

I just switched to cloth. I wanted to try first, so i bought 4. I used 4 everyday and when I used the forth I'd use the disposable. I washed them everyday for a month and a...