Not able to take birth control?

I can’t take any form of birth control, even the ones that release the smallest amount. They all make me constantly bleed & I’m anemic which the constant bleeding makes it...


Random Chat 53

Lets have a good day today. What do you say?????

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Do you apply or make your children apply sunscreen? How often do they wear it? Is it important for children to wear sunscreen? Explain.


Can't get pregnant!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive our second child for 4 months now, and nothing is happenening. It has been very heartbreaking! I came into this very naively- I was...


why can't I get pregnant?!

My first child was born in Sept of 2009 and she's about to turn one. We decided to start trying to have number two in June and its just NOT working...Our first pregnancy wasn't...


Tips on getting pregnant again

I would really like to hear of some tips on getting pregnant. We have been trying for over a year now and nothing is happening. My son is turning 3 in December and I didnt want...


Secondary Infertility

I was looking to see if any mothers have had trouble concieving their second child. My husband and I have been trying for 20 months with no luck. Anyone else going through...


having trouble conceiving more children!!!!

Please pray for me that i have regular periods. I havn't been ovulating like i should be after i had my son it took a year for himm with some miscarriages along the way. I want...

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Trying for a second child

My husband is out-of-town about 2 weeks out of the month, but at random times. We have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months now, but of course only have half of wach month...


Ovulation Test

Has anyone tried OVULATION tests and became pregnant that month? If not how long did it take you?


Miscarriage and trying again

I had a miscarriage at the beginning of August. I was 9 weeks along when it happened. The doctor said that once my normal cycle came back we could try again. It did come back...


Trying TTC....

I'm getting so frustrated I've been trying TTC since November 09 with no luck. I'm 24 and I have a 3yr old and I've been trying on my fertile days but still nothing. I thought...