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I need ideas for working moms and fast dinners for weeknights. Any help out there?

Started by Diane on 04/03/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/03/2009 by Anne


I need easy appetizers for my .....

Hello ladies. I am Hosting a show at my childrens school. and i needed help on appetizers. I can always go to the ladies house and do perfect appetizers but when i get to the...

Started by Diane on 11/15/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 11/18/2010 by Brooke


Lunch and dinner ideas...

Hi, my daughter is 9 months old and she has been on finger foods for 2 months or so. I was buying the Gerber meals for her to eat for dinner and giving her toast, cheese, and...

Started by Tabby on 10/22/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 10/29/2010 by Itsa


Picky eaters

Kids dont like onions and things of that sort and it seems like i cook the same meals all the time any suggestions to spice up chicken, hamburg and pork chops without the stuff...

Started by Sylenna on 04/08/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 09/16/2011 by Dana


Is there a tasty formula?

My son is 9 months and has a gag reflex so he isn't eating regular food. He is solely breastfed (and baby food &cereal). My doc recommended to supplement with formula so he...

Started by Sarah on 05/31/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 05/31/2009 by Charlotte


Healthy Ideas for picky eater

I need some delicious ideas for healthy dinners for picky eaters!! We love Chicken, Pasta and Beef. I love to cook, but do not know many recipes. So let's hear them! Thanks ladies!

Started by Meagan on 06/22/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 08/10/2010 by Trinna


Soup recipes

Does anyone have some good soup recipes to share?

Started by Amy on 01/18/2011 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 01/30/2011 by Nini



hi there everyone, i have spent a bit of time on the net looking for new recipes for my 7 months old bubba, shes not really fussy but i feel like shes having the same stuff all...

Started by Lisa on 02/23/2009 in July 2008 Babies

Last update on 03/03/2009 by Lise


Baby Allergic to Rice Cereal

My 5 month old had a scary allergic reaction the first time he ate rice cereal. Has anyone else experienced this? What is the alternative to rice cereal?

Started by Christina on 11/30/2008 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 01/22/2009 by Emily


I'm not sure what to do anymore :S

My 10 1/2 month old daughter has had constipation on and off since she was about 2 months old. So far I can't give her cheese, banana's, any kind of cereal, toast or too much of...



anyone have any suggestions to get a 3 year old to eat more of a variety of foods? lately, all she wants to eat is rice, noodles and grilled cheese. she thows a tantrum if she...

Started by Michaun on 01/07/2009 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 09/02/2010 by Karie


Tight budget recipes

Money is tight right now. Does anyone have cheap recipes that can feed 6 people? My kids love flavor and it is something I would hope not to sacrifice. I really would...

Started by Jeniffer on 04/18/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 04/23/2010 by Chris


Please Post your Favorite Healthy Recipe

I'm striving to lose weight and look great...but it's been a bit of a battle. I'm totally on the bandwagon now, though, and I'm looking for as many good-for-you, but...

Started by Christa on 03/18/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 03/19/2009 by Bonnie


slowcooker meals

I'm looking for good slow cooker recipes besides chili and and beef stew anyone have any?

Started by Barbra on 09/10/2009 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 09/12/2009 by Alissa



My son doesn't eat vegetables. I have to hide them inside foods. For instance I cook the butternut squash in the oven sccop it out then mix it into a bowl of spaghetti. If...

Started by Kyona on 04/29/2010 in Recipe Swap

Last update on 05/02/2010 by Jenna


How much is your 22 month eating?

My son doesnt eat too much, and when he does i got to fight with him to eat it. When he wake in the morning he will have a few scoops of cereal, and then refuse to go on...same...

Started by Angela on 05/22/2011 in July 2009

Last update on 06/08/2011 by Jessica

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