Gestational Diabetes

Hi all, i've just been told i have gestational diabetes and am wondering what it means for me and baby? I am having a scan on thursday to see how baby is growing.


breastfeeding pills? to take or not to take??

There is an excellant breastfeeding pill prescribed by Doctors, I have taken it befor while working and nursing and it worked great. Now the ? up for debate is my son is 13...

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Breastfeeding after gallbladder removal

My baby girl is 3 months old she is finally nursing well and now my gallbladder is full of stones and has to be removed...i was wondering if anyone had this happen to them and...

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Silly question...

Ok, I have a fear of vomitting lol as silly as that sounds. I HATE it! If someone has the flu with vomitting I stay far away. And now, since I've had my daughter I'm even more...

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gym scared

so, I am starting my new adventure at the gym and I am scared to death!! I weigh 260lbs and after meeting with a fitness advisor she has informed me I should be going 3 to 4...

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Screaming at night

My baby is 7 weeks old, and has a "colicky time" at night. It isn't very long, and if my husband and I can get her to sleep before it starts we can sometimes avoid it...


Breastfeeding while Pregnant?

I have heard such mixed reviews on breastfeeding while pregnant and i was wondering if there is anoyone who knows of a reliable sight to visit that can explains the pros and...

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Learning Up To Par...

I know we all always ask "what can your babies say?" or something along those lines. But my question is a little more than that. You see, I have twin 13 month old boys and...

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How do you react when they hurt?

I LOVE breastfeeding my almost 7-month-old baby boy, but every once in a while he'll clamp down on my nipple really hard towards the end of a feeding. Is there anything we can...

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my daughter is almost 8 months old and i am tryin 2i ntroduce her 2 bottles or sippy cup 2 take her milk i do love feeding her just i cannot leave her longer 2 hours i have...


Dr. says I have to night wean my 16month old

Well I have lupus and my doctor really wants me to get 7hrs of uninterupted sleep every night if possible. My daughter nurses 1-4 times per night for a few minutes each time....

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Since Charlotte is coming up to weaning age, we've had a few dismal attempts to get her started! Pear, baby rice, fromage frais, farley's rusks (my fave!) but bless her she...


Gestational Diabetes

Hi! My name is Crystal and I am expecting my third baby in October and have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have never had any issues in my prior pregnancies...


picky eater...please help!

My baby is just about 8 months old, breastfed and some solids...he just popped his second tooth (bottom ones) and in the last week he has been so cranky and not eating... he...

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14 month old cries all the time...

My husband and I both work. I work 4 days 8 hr shifts and my husband works 5 days unknow amout of hours. we have noticed that in the last few months we feel that everyone else...

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