Help with Toddler Sleeping Issues?

My girl is Aiyana, born Dec 23/08. She's a fairly big girl: 27.5lb, 32". Aiyana still nurses (bedtime, at night, wake-up) and co-sleeps with me. She usually goes down to bed...


Our kids wieght ... Our JOB.

Our job as parents influences our kids immensely as they grow and become independent, the way the talk, their manners and especially their weight! I personally do not see as...

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torn apart

hi my name is autumn and i am dealing with the worst custody better my mother has taken my daughter from i got endometrois but they told me i had cancer and they did not know i...


"through the night"?

How many hours do people/experts mean when they say babies can sleep through the night, at this age? Is a 4am nursing unnecessary (with a 5:30 dinner, 7:30 bedtime)?



when is the ight time to get rid of the bottle. Any stratagies would be appreciated.


Decreasing appetite in 6 1/2 month old

has had decreased appetite for about a month. Was taking the following. 5-6am 5-6oz 9-10am 6-7 and 1 tbsp cereal 12-1pm 6-7 and fruit and veg 4-5 pm 5-6 and cereal and...

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10 month old not sleeping

My 10 month old baby girl. Has her milk feeding schedule mixed up, she won't touch a bottle during the day but has 2 To 3 bottles at night time? How can I make this stop?



Hi.... my baby is nearing 4.5 months. She is currently on formula. The doc advised that we could now start her on cerelac (2-3 tsp per day) and see if she takes to it. Any...


I need helpful advice on Weight loss, PLEASE HELP!!

Well since summer is right around the corner i really really want to loose weight. Here is my weight history - Pre pregnancy i was 130, the day i had my c-section i was 195,...

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Hi there to you all

I am new here with 3 girls aging from 4 -nearly 5mths. A lot of things have been going on for me lately and ive been feeling myself boiling over time. Not being able to cope and...


AS with Aortic Regurgitation

My son was diagnosed with AS at birth. He has been very lucky to have had no problems with it at all, even surprised the doctor. However a year ago his doctor noticed he had...