just joined group

I have two kids - my daughter is allergic to milk eggs and peanuts and my son is allergic to only milk. Is there a place on here that maybe we could have a recipe swap? It...


Having Adenoids removed

Has anyone had experience with their child's adenoids removed? My 17 month old is having surgery on Monday and I was wondering the recovery process. I just want to know what to...


Weekly Weigh-in 5/22/09

Well another week down. I lost 1.6 pounds since my last weigh-in and am now at 197. I missed last week so that is a 2 week loss. Now that school is out, I need to find time...


sweet things...

what are some sweet and considerate things your husband does for you//ok..like right now...i worked until 10pm and was starving because i didnt eat anything the whole time i was...


Leaving LO overnight at grandma's........ :(

Hi, i was wondering how many of you have left your little one over night at someone else's house? If so, what did you do to make it easier and a better transition? My friend has...

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Breastfeeding, no period, feeling pregnant?

I have been breastfeeding my first child for 7 months now. I plan to continue to breastfeed. I have Not had a period since his birth. About 3 weeks ago (beginning of...

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Why go Gluten Free?

What is gluten, and why is it a problem? Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains such as barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and sometimes oats (because wheat and oat fields...


1 Corinthians

In my Bible study right now we are studying 1 Corinthians. I have noticed that there was some dispute on here also discussing some verses from this book, so I wanted to share...

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We're NEW!

Hi everyone! I'm the proud owner of Roxanne.....my almost 18 month old daughter! I am very concious of what she eats and from day one I've tried to give the best chance in...


egg allergy

My son, who is 1 year and half (will be 2 on May 9) has a mild allergy to eggs… we found out a few weeks ago. My question is does any one know of any good finger foods that I...


help please!!!!!!

im new to exclusive bfing w my 4th child and she is 6w4d old! She is very very gassy/fussy @ night! Im not really drinking milk but can anyone give me an example of healthy...


9 month old still isn't sitting up.

Greetings. My 9 month old daughter, nicknamed Miami (think 2 Fast 2 Furious when Tyrese says "doin it real Miami" that's the reason behind the nickname) isn't sitting up on her...

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first time mom

Hello everyone! I'm a first time mom and just gave birth to twin girls a month and a half ago. My problem is that, I don't know how to manage my time for household chores and...

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constipation go away!

My daughter is 18 months old (14 months corrected) and has 6 teeth. She is still on stage 3 foods and we are slowly trying to introduce table food which she is not very...


Potty training?!

My daughter refuses to learn to go potty. She comes up with every excuse. Help, please. I've tried the "potty party", the "prize thing" "the sit there till you go thing....