birth-control?? any suggestions

Anyone have a birth-control they swear by? I need to change mine and cant decied on what one to do. :D could use some help

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Refusing to breastfeed. :(

Help!!! My 11 month old son hasn't wanted to breastfeed the last 12 hours. I believe he is getting ready to cut his two top teeth, he will latch on and then pull off and cry. I...


doesnt hold his own bottle

my baby boy is nearly 7 months old his a very good baby its just that he doesn't hold his own bottle yet his not even interested in holding it when he was a 4 weeks old he used...

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mirana falling out

i been useing the mirana as my form of birth control for the past 9 months and today it fell out. now im really scared my daughter is nine months old and im not ready for...


transition to toddler bed

My son will be exactly 1 1/2 on the 14th. Just wondering how many moms from the December 2007 group have their kids in toddler beds. He doesn't try to climb out of his crib, but...


A Bitter sweet Ending

Just wanted to share my journey. I found out i was pregnate at 17 and even though im young i feel like a thirty year old. I have the same goals as any mother would have and...

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Sexualisation of young girls

Too Sexy Too Soon? A dance troop in the US is being criticised for sexualising little girls. It is a video clip of five little girls dressed up in very adult clothing dancing...

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Physical affection

I was reading an article about raising boys, and one of the points was that moms and dads alike show less physical affection to their little boys/toddlers than their little...


Please Help!

This is a long story, I'll try to make it as short as possible. My husband has been in the army for almost six years. He has been having ankle pain for two years and just...


What would you think would be said....?

......at your funeral? This may be a weird topic for a conversation but its something I have thought about many times. I sing at many funerals and while listening to the service...

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