why wont my 9 month old sleep??

I have a nine month old little girl who wasnt a bad sleeper until recently, she has never slept through the night but used to sleep for 4 hours between waking and now she is...


breastfeeding and the pill

I'm currently breastfeeding my 6 month old and on the mini-pill. I'm about to switch to regular birth control pills because he's eating solids now and not nursing as often so...


Weaning advice for a first timer. :)

How do you start? How long did it take you? Did you go straight to cow's milk or something else? I'm anticipating some serious challenges because my son won't take a bottle...

Started by Heather on 06/24/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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hurting body image *cringe*

so, ive never really been the type of person to put much stock in how i look. and i know that probably every mood inconsistency i have can be chalked up to hormones. but i...


nap time

Hi, I just joined and I have a question about getting my daughter to take a nap. Bailey is 2, my only child right now but I watch my 6 mo. old nephew and a 7 mo. old. I try...


When it comes to the daddy.....

I have had a rough month of adjusting to/figuring out my baby's routine.....his quirks, what he likes, what he doesn't (as far as positions to be held in/soothed in) and so...


Transition to milk

I just started transitioning my 13 month old to milk this past week. He has been on Soy formula because he had some fussiness issues early on and we thought he might be lactose...

Started by Kim on 05/29/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Potty training

My son does great when it comes to peeing in the potty but when he has to poop he refuses to go on the potty. If he doesnt have a diaper on he will just go and hide to poop. He...

Started by Rebecca on 09/02/2009 in Toddler Moms

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3 month growth spurt

My son wants to eat all day and night. He is waking up every 2 hours which is unusual for him. I'm afraid we are going backwards. Even if this is a growth spurt, how isn't he...

Started by Andrea on 12/14/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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am I being selfish?

Hi! After a lot of thinking, I decided to post my inner battle, for 2 reasons, I needed to get it out of my chest (in another way other than praying), and I feel that this way...

Started by Ruth on 05/12/2010 in Christian Mommies

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solids at 1?

Ok my daughter is 1 in 2weeks my question is is she ment to be on 3 solid meals a day once she turns 1? As she usally only has 1-2 meals a day usally lunch but if she is awake...

Started by Shontelle on 03/16/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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