fighting sleep

hi i have twins and they both fight ther sleep big time,they cry and niggle cause they are tired but wont go 2sleep night or nap time.they are in a routine but its starting to...

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pumping at school

I have been back to school for about three weeks and have been pumping three times a day. I pump at specials, lunch and after school. This takes up a lot of time. When I am home...



My daughter Emma has been an excellent sleeper. She has always taken a 2-3 hr nap and she has been good about sleeping through the night...except on a rare occasion. The last...


Salmonella poisoning

My son (1 yr) was just diagnosed with salmonella poisoning. He's been having diarrhea, vomiting, and high fever once up to 103 but Tylenol isn't helping it goes away and comes...


Help with a gassy infant?

What has worked for you when dealing with a gassy infant? After spending 3 hours trying to rock her to sleep last night I am done and need help

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Okay so my son is 10months old and he only eats to fall a sleep!! So he does take a sippy cup and a bottle too but im that starting tomorrow it will be straight sippy cup he...

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Ice Cream Issue!

I have been spending time outside because the weather is great, our neighbors daughter (3) comes and plays with my son. It has been bothering me that she may not have an...


My daughter had constipation all the time !!

My 20 month old has constipation all the time , every 2 days . I have tried everything i can think of . Here is a list of what i usually do . 1) Give a warmer bath then usual...

Started by Katrina Anne on 10/17/2010 in Toddlers

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How to discipline a 19 month old son

Okay, recently my little guy has been screaming really loud when he is upset about something. I try to figure out what may be bothering him, so i try food, rest, playing with...

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WIC question

Someone told me you can get your pediatrician to write a prescription for a pump and WIC will pay for it. Is that true? I am on WIC right now for milk, cheese ect. They never...