When it comes to the daddy.....

I have had a rough month of adjusting to/figuring out my baby's routine.....his quirks, what he likes, what he doesn't (as far as positions to be held in/soothed in) and so...


am I being selfish?

Hi! After a lot of thinking, I decided to post my inner battle, for 2 reasons, I needed to get it out of my chest (in another way other than praying), and I feel that this way...

Started by Ruth on 05/12/2010 in Christian Moms

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teaching words

what is normal in language development? and what are some helpful hints on how to get your child interested in trying new words? my one year old seemed to really learn the words...

Started by Leah on 02/26/2009 in Moms Under 30

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staying at home

I would love some advice from any sahms or previous sahms. I just have so much trouble balancing my time, cleaning, cooking, organizing, playing w/my kids, resting. I am at...

Started by M. Rose on 04/06/2011 in Christian Moms

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Breastfeeding longer than one year...

Those of you who have or who still are breastfeeding after one year, do you give your baby cows milk at all? My son will be 1 at the end of the month. I have a very hard...


Night terrors

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in dealing with night terrors. My 6 year old daughter has started having nightmares where she seems as though she is awake while...

Started by Dawn on 01/09/2009 in School-Age Kids

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i have an electric pump and I try to pump but my let down reflex does not come unless my 5 month old is nursing on the other side and all i ever get is 1 1/2 to 2 ounces..HELP!!!!

Started by Rachel on 03/10/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Temper tantrums?

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing temper tantrums with their October babies? My little man has been a bit of a bear lately. If he gets mad, he will throw himself...


16 month old with Hayfever

I think my 16 month old son has hayfever. My sister and I both have it, as well as a couple people in his father's family. He's had a runny nose for the past couple days, as...

Started by Kayla on 07/02/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Dental care ?

My daughter has 4 teeth ( yay ! ) and since she has been born she always falls asleep after her last feed for the night. I have tried to rinse her mouth out with water but she...


Stressing about daycare

HELP!!!!! My 3 1/2yr old started daycare 4wks ago. Before this he went to an in-home sitter and loved it. The first daycare he went to he hated. He would not play or eat....

Started by Mandy on 06/17/2010 in Children Of 2006

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solids at 1?

Ok my daughter is 1 in 2weeks my question is is she ment to be on 3 solid meals a day once she turns 1? As she usally only has 1-2 meals a day usally lunch but if she is awake...

Started by Shontelle on 03/16/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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