No Motivation

When I was working during my pregnancy I kept thinking how nice it would be to have a year off with my baby and all this great stuff I could do. Now it's almost time to go back...

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Thrush - HELP!

I have been battling what I think is Thrush since my son was born. He's now 11 weeks old, and has never had any outward signs of it. However, my nipples/breasts have been VERY...

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Diaper is not as wet in the morning

Hello Moms, I have a 15 week old exclusively breastfed baby. Normally baby girl wakes with a very HEAVY diaper in the morning. The last two days she has been waking with...

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Breastfeeding & Return to Work

My baby is 11 weeks old & I am set to return to work on Thursday. I am all set up at work that I can pump to keep my milk up for my baby. My question is I have been...


Cheaper than cheap!

I need meals that are really cheap. I can't afford to feed my family of 7 due to layoffs. I have to use the local food pantry to help. I am sinking!!!! I need meals that my...


I need help with night time scheduling!!!!!!

Ok, my daughter starts school on the 31st of this month. Problem is some nights she doesn't go to sleep until midnight! I don't know what to do or how to take control and get...

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Father's Day (any suggestions?)

So since FD is coming up I am racking my brain trying to come up with a creative way to celebrate. I'm on a small budget due to my husband saying he doesn't want anything. He...

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My 22 mth old son still not talking :(

Hi all, I have 3 beautiful children that have all grown and developed at the "normal" stages until my youngest Noah (22mths)... who has started to make me abit worried. He is...

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Nipple Yeast infections! How to cure it?

About a month ago my son got thrush and I got a nipple yeast infection. The doctor gave him Nystatin and told me to put anti-fungal cream on my nipples. I have gone to pumping...


Does it ever get easier?

My son was born on April .29, 2009 and was alive for 19 hours and 40 min then he went to heaven well I was holding him in my arms. He would be 18 months old now. I am 28 weeks...


Pick me up

This kinda stems off of the What is something that makes you smile thread, as well as my own immediate need for help and advice. As proud of him as i am, as logical as i know...

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I want to hear your stories!

I love my husband. This is one of the many things my husband does that make me feel so blessed! One week ago I gave birth to twins boys, today my husband told me I should pump...



My infant is 21 wks and ive been on mat leave for 25 wks and got a call from my horrid now ex boss letting me go on the phone!!!!! They pkged me off which is greaf but now i am...

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My 18-year-old Son

Here's just one of the issues going on in my home. My son is asleep on the couch right now and his missed school because he is exhausted. He is a senior. He attends school...