How do you get a newborn to sleep?

So how do you get these things to sleep? She was doing great and sleeping 4 hours streches a night then the past two nights she's been waking after 3 hours. She's eating well, a...



Ok, our babies are all about the same age. Do yours have molars? If so, was it difficult/easy for them while they were coming in? Did it cause them to run even a slight fever?...

Started by Shelley on 09/03/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Toddler Constipation

My 17 month old son is on a great diet, hot cereal, fruits, veggies, meat, dairies. However, every so often (at least 2 times a week) he is so constipated that he screams his...



We got a walker from a family member and I was just wondering if anybody has used one before and if it helps kids walk?


My daughter has the stomach virus...

Hey everybody. My 6 year old Jaden Beth has the stomach virus. My poor baby! She hasn't been able to eat and she is very "unbalanced" when she gets up. Just wondered if anyone...

Started by Wendy on 01/15/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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when to go to the pediatrician?

My 9 month old had a cold and a cough. The cough is a little concerning, as it is very wet (when he breathes, he makes a gurgling noise). He coughed a lot last night and has...


naptime dilemma

How can I get my 5 mo old on a regular nap schedule? She does these little naps here and there and then 2 hr long naps and this doesn't give me time to get anything done during...



So, my daughter is 10 months and hasn't cut any teeth yet. It seems like she's been teething forever and she tries to teeth on everything. I'm not sure whether I should be...

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What's your funniest child moment?

Would love to hear what funny things your baby/child has done. Funniest moment of my daughter would be trying to dress herself, not sure why she thought undies go on your head...


Tips On Sleeping Through The Night ??

My daughter is 8 months old and has only slept through the night 6 times since she was born. Lately she has had alot of colds and runny noses, she is also teething but that...

Started by Kimberley on 12/23/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Don't want to wean, but may not get a vote.

Well, I posted a message a few weeks ago about thinking that either my baby had started weaning herself or my milk production dropping (or both). I now think that it may be...


Sleep Training -Twins share a room

I have 6 month old twins. Seperate cribs, same room. They are waking 3-4 times a night. Each. Anybody had any luck with controlled crying/ferberizing? P.S I have a 20 month old...

Started by Michelle on 03/05/2010 in Twins

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