sick w/ a cold

What meds can you take for a common cold when nursing?

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It's seems that my baby boy isn't full with liqued formula he's only 1 month and 5 days weighing at 9pounds and 12 oz. He's always hungry and don't seem full at all and getting...


New Addition, Sophia Gabriella

Sophia Gabriella joined us on March 2, 2010 at 7:42 am by way of C section. She weighed 8lbs 13oz at birth, and is 19.5 inches. She is perfect, with a full head of dark brown...

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OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I'm a ecpecting my 3rd bub a boy an just wanted to know any tricks to get yourself into labour ealrier than waiting till 40 weeks. I'm just stressed tired have 2 other...

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d vitamin and milk in the sippy cup?

Hi moms, i started to give to my baby formula in the sippy cup during the day and at night i am giving her a bottle. She doesn't like to drink milk from the sippy cup but I am...

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Depression maybe?

I dont know what I am going thru... I had my last babies (twin boys) 13 months ago and my body is used to being pregnant again after about 6 months but I am fixed now and so I...

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Always bottle NEVER paci

My almost 3 month old never has a paci in his mouth for more than 1 minute.. we have bought all kinds and nothing.. he spits up becuz he is over fed and I don't understand why...


Toothles 10 month old :)

My little girl will be 10 months on June 21st and still does not have any teeth. She has completely stopped eating her jar baby veggies. And only wants "adult" food. I have...


need avice

I am 30 weeks pregnant and with no warning havnt stoped vomiting. also have had severe heartburn with pregnancy. any advice is welcome. an what is a proper weigt for my son at...


Adoption thoughts

My family cared for foster babies almost my whole childhood, and we adopted my brother when his adoptive family backed out due to his epilepsy. So I'm quite familiar with...

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Dont know what to do!!!

my baby is 5 months and he doesnt sit up at all buthe tries to stand up all the time..what can ido to try to get him to sit up instead of stand up??



My son has spastic Quad CP he is 14 months old. He has some head control, does not roll, or sit up. He has a special needs gait trainer that he takes tiny steps in. He is also...



ok so my baby boy is 2 months 1 week old. he was 5 weeks preemie. hes a pick me up baby....how do i get him out of that so that i can do housework etc without him needing to be...

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