Fight nice time is it over?

We have some very close friends. Our 14 year old sons are best friends. Mine is trained in martial arts and has mild high fuctioning autism. The other child is very bright,...


Just need to vent.

I really hate to admit this but this whole thing trying to figure out what is wrong with my son has ruined any desire i had to have anymore children. My hubby mentions that he...


Weaning: Want vs woes

My second son is 13 months. I BF'd my 1st son to 18 months, and weaned him because I was 3 months along with my second son. I confess I wanted my boobies to myself for a little...

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How would you feel?

Long story short, my brother and I have a strained relationship. It's almost like we aren't brother and sister anymore. He treats me like an acquaintance. Anyways, normally...


18 yearold

my granddaughter just turned 18 and graduated high school. all the wonderful dreams she had are vanishing, first she said she wanted to go to school to be a paramedic then go...


Really Bad Terrible 2's

So my daughter is 2 1/2 years old and boy does she drive me insane. She is very smart and picks up on everything. One day i was at my Grandparents and she was in the other room...

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What happened to my good boy?

My son is 3 we are currently in the process of having him evaluated at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital for autism. He has always been a good boy until I delivered my second son 6...


Out of control child..

How to deal with my household? My 11 year old has ADHD and autism(mild) on medication. My 8 year old has ADHD, anxiety disorder, PDD and ODD. And finally my husband is ADHD...


71% of US managers value EI over IQ.

http://www.hrreporter.com/ArticleView?articleid=11042&headline=71-per-cent-of-employers-value-emotional-intelligence-over-iq More than one-third (34) per cent of hiring...

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Church nursery/sunday school

Does anyone have problems leaving their little ones at the church nursery/sunday school? -and then returning home? If so any suggestions? My daughter's 2 -almost 2 1/2 years...