Help with whiney 3 yr old

I'm a single mom of a 3 yr old little boy. He is a VERY whiney kid, he whines and cry over ANYTHING, literally anything, i'm trying so hard not to yell at him all the time when...

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My 4 year old is i think has add or adhd, her dad has it and another family member has it, but the doctor refuses to look at her cuz of the age thing but it runs in the family.....


My 14 months old baby

she doesn't like other people to hold her she cries a lot, especially people that don't like with us. I get worried sometimes and wonder if she will grow out of it, because now...



my three yr old doesnt listen to me she yells back at me and says things i never thought she knew how do i get her to behave and listen if anyone has any gd advice pls help me...


At a loss with the potty.

So my little one has been or was completely potty trained. I am talking night times.. all day.. not one accident.. We recently had a big move (from Cali to Ohio) and she is in...

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Ex Bf treating one child better than the other?

My ex bf who isnt the father of my kids treats my daughter better than my son. He has been around since my son was 2 and was there when i had my daughter.. weird i know. we...

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tantrums I NEED HELP BAD!!!!

well when it comes to this subject i need a little help to my son for some reason when he throws a fit he will start running threw the house for a while mimicing him started to...

Started by Holly on 09/18/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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To vent or not to Vent?

We all know that venting, letting off some steam and then moving on, helps us right? Venting anger is supposed to be cathartic. Punching a pillow, yelling at no one in...


New weight lost diet

I was doing a diet that was working really good. I lost about 25 pound in the 1st month which I haven't gained back. However, I started to work and found it pretty hard to...


Biting when frusturated

Hi, My nearlly 10month old goes to bite whoever is getting up her or annoying her or what not.. then she tenses up! The tensing cant hurt her its just the biting that is...


Beef allergy?!?

I suspect my 19mth old is allergic to beef. He had skin prick done in April & is positive to wheat, egg & potato. This isn't a skin reaction tho. He seemingly gets bad tummy...


We gave public school a shot....

Ok so we are about 4 weeks or so into the school year. We decide (I went kicking and screaming) to put our 9 year old into a public school. He has been home schooled for 3...


eating habits

I have a 2 year old daughter who is a VERY picky eater. She will only eat pizza chicken nuggets mac n chz and so on. She refuses to eat her vegetables and only like grapes...

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