Hey ladies I'm new mum on this site and wondering if u cud give me be advice plz as I av two lovely boys 15mth and 5 year which I love so much but the problem is my 5ysae rules...

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i need some advice please!

My sister was married for about 12yrs to a man that was verbally abusive,stalking behavior. She finally divorced him about 2yrs ago. During their separation, she still put up...


Today's Kids Shows

My 7 year old daughter loves watching shows like Suite Life on Deck & Jessie. What bothers me is that her favorite character always seems to be whoever has the worst...

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please help!

My son has meltdowns when hes disaplined. Every time he`s held responsible for his behavior he has a meltdown. He cant get over it and he over focuses.


my ten year old step son

My ten year old step son has behavioral issues. I am wondering if these are normal and how do I deal with them. I have been pulling my hair out and taking things personally. He...


Pottey Training War

My son is 2 and intentionally is taking his diaper off and peeing on the floor or during time out... we were so closed to being potty trained this summer when he ran around...

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stress mom

I have a 14 year old daughter that Is not biological mines I have custody of her since birth...she has a disorder but anyway she is at the point she disrespect her older...


My son

My son Blake is 5 and in Kindergarten. We recently had his first parent teacher confrence. His teacher told me he does not do what he is supposed to when unsupervised, has...

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My oldest son is having a hard time playing nice with his younger siblings. I know this is a common problem but I am so tired of pulling apart fights over toys and keeping my...


Finding respite caregivers

Hi All! My 10 yo daughter has a collection of psychiatric diagnoses (bipolar, OCD, anxiety) as well as an auditory processing disorder (and potentially as yet undiagnosed...


Son easily frustrated

Hi Ladies! My son will be 4 years old in April and he gets frustrated VERY easily. So, he gets very angry and he cries a lot. He yells at his little sister (2) when she...

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any ideas how to stop the cheekiness of a 6 year old? he is driving me crazy and cant spend anymore time in timeout! i am running out of things to ban him from he hates me at...

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