How do I teach my 15-month-old to stop hitting, pinching, and biting? She especially likes to hit people in the face.

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Getting an 81/2 yr old to listen

My daughter is 8 1/2 and I feel we are constantly repeating ourselves and the only time she listens is when we raise our voices. Any suggestions? I really don't like to have...

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My son is almost 17 months old and has started to hit. He's also bitten my husband twice now when being told no. He's very strong willed but we have tried to give lots of...

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my 9 month old has somewhat of an anger problem. when she cant have her way she has the tendency to hit and grunt. we dont live in a violent household nor do we promote...

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Why does she not want food and only a bottle?

My daughter is 10 months. She was eating solid food 3 times a day plus 2 snacks...but now all she wants is her bottle. She even carries it around with her..with nothing in it....

Started by Megan on 01/09/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Please Help..... Aggression Issues

I have 2 boys Gabe (is 4) and Colton (is 2). Lately Gabe had been really aggressive to Colton (biting, scratching, hitting, pushing down) At first I took it as "boys will be...

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My5 month old twins were sleeping at night about 7 hours at a time then back to sleep for another 5. Now as of a week ago they won't sleep longer then 2 or 3 hours at a time, I...

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Out of the mouths of babes

My son was being picked on at the child care provided by my church for the choir members... well needless to say he toled the teacher but the child would not stop, so his...

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Autism + Severe Anxiety

My 6 year old has moderate (verbal) autism he also has issues with severe anxiety, ocd, motor tics .. does anyone else have a child that is controlled by his/her anxiety unless...


intense 3 year old boy

I watch a child who is intense .... brilliant, kind, but intense ... he becomes intense whenever he is confronted and cannot handle conversations that involve his mistakes or...


Special needs 19 yrs old

Hi I have a daughter who has a severe seizure disorder... but undercontrol by meds...she has a touch of cpand also diagnonsied with A partial agenisis to the corpus Collusum...


8 month old is refusing bottle

My 8 month old daughter is refusing to take a bottle or sippy cup during the day. I usually can get her to take one 8 oz. bottle first thing in the morning, and then close to...