Help with my grand daughter

I have custody of my granddaughter and she is having a tough time in school right now this week her behavior has been way off she is acting up in class and her teacher said she...


biting and hitting, please help!

my son is 13 months, and he's been biting and hitting and throwing temper tantrums. is this normal at this age? if i yell at him, he instantly tries biting me, or he throws...

Started by Shannon on 10/01/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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My husband is for and I am opposed

My husband has done 0 research and insists that our son recieves all of the vaccines. He is 5 months old and after recieving the rotivirus which prevents some stomch bug viruses...

Started by Amy on 10/09/2009 in Vaccine Choice

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My son is 6 and was tested this summer for Asperger's. We were told that he fits the criteria but they said that they were not going to diagnosis because he scored a 3 digit...



I gained almost 70 pounds with my child, and he is almost a year, Im sick of being this weight and unhealthy. I have started to walk everyday and im doing pilates, but i cant...



My son has begun lying on a daily basis. I'm not just talking about a few lies here and there like we know all kids will do, but really lying about what he's eaten, school work,...

Started by April on 10/26/2009 in Christian Moms

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The Baby Blues

I have been having severe mood swings. One minute I am happy and laughing with my son and the next I am so angry and frustrated I can't stand it. I have been trying to find a...


My little man may have autism

I had to have my three year old, Kyle, evaluated for Headstart and they think that he has autism. I always knew that it was a possibility but I kept pushing it aside thinking...


at my witts end

My son is almost 4 yrs old. His father and i have been separated for 2yrs now. His father has visitations with him from 1 to 5pm every Thursday and every other Saturday. The...

Started by Bettie on 12/03/2009 in Single Moms

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Breastfeeding after a year

My son will shortly be one year old and we are still breastfeeding. I was just wondering what to expect as far as how often should he be nursing...do I need to make sure he BF...



Ok this could get a little long so please bear with me . My daughter who is now seven is showing some signs of depprison i think. She just doesent seem happy anymore and when i...



Does anyone out there have any experience with a child who has ADHD/Bipolar/and ODD? We are having some real problems and need advice. My 9 year old son has been diagnosed...