hello im new to this

im a young mother age 23 i dont need judgemental people please. I have a 6 years old son who i have problems with almost every single day to do his homework, but he just dont...


Constantly crying

My 6yr old is constantly complaining and crying that she's hurt. Physically mostly and emotionally. She doesn't get along with others. She's a tattle tale. She can't talk she...


Angry Husband

My husband and I have two kids - a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. My husband has always been very distant and even mean to our daughter (yelling at her or disciplining...


Girlfriends 11 year old daughter

Hello, Just a thank you in advance for helping us get through this stage of Helens life. A little bit about myself: I was married for 25 years before getting divorced about 3...



Hi ladies, I have a 7 year old step daughter whom I have known since she was One years old. I'm having trouble with her when it comes to sharing and playing nicely with my 18...

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I'm new to this site and this is the first time I'm reaching out for help on such a big scale. I don't even know if this is the right place to put this but here goes... I have...


I really need some help and advice

I really need some help... I've been in a relationship with a widower for almost 3 years. He is not only my boyfriend but also my employer. His wife of 17 years passed away in...


Feeling Totally Alienated

I am having a problem recently with my 8 year old step-daughter and step-son. We are actually very close and I love them as much as if I had had them myself. I feel like their...

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Help! My 3 yr old seems to always be hungry.

My daughter seems to think that she constantly has to be eating and I'm really worried about her becoming over weight. As of right now she isn't at all over weight but being...

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