Hi my names Rosie.

I'm 54 yrs old I have nine children, the youngest is 16 yrs old and has Aspergers with communication and behavioural problems but is very bright! I also have eight grandchildren...

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Hey guys! I'm new to this. I had no idea this was even out there until I got a firend request. Wow. I subscribed to a ton of communities because they all seemed to speak to...

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mock orders for babies??

I'm the co-leader of my FRG here in AL & we thought it would be cute to make up some mock orders for the babies. Problem is, I'm stuck!! Any ideas?


Obstinence and Unexplained Crying

My daughter is the most obtinate child I've ever seen! She will do things that she's told not to do with a sly look on her face while she looks at you just to see what will...


Other kids bullying my son

I was out at a friends for the dinner when her nephew who is 11years played with my son',Paul who is 8 and was nearly strangled by her nephew. This is not the first time he got...

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Mr. Attitude!

My 2 year old always gets mad at me when he gets in trouble. If I smack his butt for doing something wrong or even tell him NO is a firm voice he hits me or picks something up...



My 20 month old is getting increasingly more stroppy. He seems to tantrum about everything my 4 year old daughter wasn't that bad so early any suggestions to stopping it now ?


Hello there

Hi I am Jessica from Wyomign and I have a daughter who will be 2 in December. Crazy times now with the whole "NO" word and refusal behaviors. Gotta love being a mom though!!!!!!!

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Grinding Teeth

My son recently started grinding his front teeth and I don't know what to do to stop that behavior. He has 4 on the top and 3 on the bottom. The sound is enough to make your...


throwing food and spitting

My son Hunter has started to throw and spit out his food. How can I stop this behavior? He is a year and a half. He also is picky about eating meat.