My girlfriends daughter is the anti christ!

Ive recently moved in with my lady of two yrs. Her 12 yr old daughter has given her nothing but trouble even before we started going out. However, I just didn't realize how bad...

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explaining. my child

im not tired. of explaining my child because he is different. and that is my reality . so in some situation. i explain before i get. to a places other times i state my child has...


Father in my childs life yes or no?

I have a two month old and the father and I live together near all of his family. We had been fighting constantly since before he was born and he is someone I cant trust he lies...

Started by Amanda on 04/03/2015 in Single Moms

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Daughter isn't a virgin

My 17 year old daughter just informed me she is not a virgin. She has gone to catholic schooling and church her whole life. I never had the sex talk with her because I figured...

Started by Daniela on 06/21/2015 in Moms Of Teenagers

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I really need some advice

Should I let my 13 & 14 daughter go live with my 22 year old daughter that has a 6 yr old daughter and 1 1/2 yr old daughter and in a couple of days her newborn will be here....


my husband gives me very hard time

I got married 2nd time in 2009.my husband has 2 sons 7 & 5.i was 27 at that time.i am from pakistan.i had to stay with my in laws for 10 months with my in laws in my...


My toddler

Hi, I have a 2 and half year old daughter. my husband left us 8 months ago to be with another woman. I agreed for him to see E 3 times a week including a full Sat or Sunday. He...


My Four Beautiful Children

When my children were little, my twins were 2, I started telling them about good touch and bad touch. I told them if anyone touched them in those places they could tell anyone...


Step Children

So I have been married to my husband for 6 years. He had two boys from his prior marriage and I had two boys from my prior marriage. The problem is his children disrespect me...


My 6 years old son was humiliated

Hi, I have a happy 6 year old son who is very excited to be in the 1st grade. He loves his teacher and loves his school. This is the second week of school. On 9/9/15 I picked...


How to stop the abuse?

My husband speaks to me like I am a child. He demands that I do this and do that. He says I am lazy and uses much nastier names for me. He says that I don't do anything all day...

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Pre Teen Mornings (Girl)

Hi Guys!! Need some help, my 10 year old daughter and mornings are getting out of control. That being said it is not only mornings....if she not being entertained or doesn't...


mother in law (to be) advice. Ugh!

Hi! Long story short my fiancés mom and dad who are both retired are missing out on our first child's life (10 months old) being that our child is her 3rd grandchild she favors...

Started by Jaymie on 03/07/2016 in Stay At Home Moms

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