someone help me!

i have a 6 year old boy that has autism and adhd he has had it sence he was a year and a half i thought he would out grow it but has gotten worse with age. he back talks me...


Defiant 8 year old boy!!

My son is 8 years old!! I am at a loss as to what to do now!! It is because of me that I discovered my son was solely responsible for a series of thefts going on at his school!!...


Needing advice about my teenage son

Ok this is kinda out of the norm so I apologize, but I didn't want to tell any local friends. I have a son that is 15, and he has a best friend that he has grown up with in...

Started by Jessica on 07/15/2013 in Moms Of Teenagers

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ASD/SPD meltdowns and rages

Our 4 year old (5 in August) has had an increase in her meltdowns lately. They are becoming increasingly violent, mostly against me, but starting to go after her 18 month old...


2nd grader getting suspended...BM doesn't care.

My SS was sent home today and now has a "suspension" on his school record forever. For fighting. Yes fighting on the playground. Punching and shoving. The BM wants to talk to me...

Started by Shell on 10/02/2013 in Step Moms

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My son doesn't listen to me at all

I am a single Mom. My son and I live with my Mother. My son talks back and doesn't listen to me or my Mother. A lot of times it is worse when all 3 of us are together. If one...


Hi !! My Name Is Grace

MY 6 years old son got suspended from school what should I do? This was due to his behavior; he wanted to go home and had a tantrum. He started to throw toys and anything else...


hello im new to this

im a young mother age 23 i dont need judgemental people please. I have a 6 years old son who i have problems with almost every single day to do his homework, but he just dont...


Constantly crying

My 6yr old is constantly complaining and crying that she's hurt. Physically mostly and emotionally. She doesn't get along with others. She's a tattle tale. She can't talk she...


Angry Husband

My husband and I have two kids - a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. My husband has always been very distant and even mean to our daughter (yelling at her or disciplining...