Discipling a strong willed girl

I have a strong willed girl. You tell her no, she does it, and does it again. She doesnt seem to stop with any kind of discipline. She will try and get out the back door open...

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Hello...I'm new!

Wow...I am amazed I found this subject. My son is now 6. He is very stong willed, stubburn and most times hard to get along with. I believe my husband and I babied him...



my 16 yr old is so disrespectful and no matter what i say she doesnt care! swears at me all the time! im a mum on my own so its hard without back up! this happens in front of...

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I'm new

Hi everyone. I just stumbled upon this group. I have a daughter who just turned 2 and it is believed that she has this disorder. We're still in the early phases of looking into...


Help me control the chaos!!!

There are just so many different stages within the age group that I have.....for the most part if I sit down and do an activity, the kids are pretty good....but as soon as I get...


Howdy from TX!

Hey everyone, my name is Jenny, I am 28, and live in the Dallas area. I'm so glad to be apart of this group. I have a 7 yr old son. I am going to school online to get my...

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Daughter is Bullied at Private School

My Daughter Mariah who is almost 9, is bullied by other kids in her class. She doesn't want to tell the teacher because, she says he won't do anyting. Yesterday, in P.E. there...

Started by Jeanell on 02/06/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Meds and ODD

We have tried Concerta for her ADD. It worked for awhile, then just made her more angry and explosive. So we stopped giving it to her. The physciatrist put her on something else...


My 2-yr old is challenging me these days.

He just doesn't seem to listen to anything I am saying (when he is in devil mode that is). Instead, he just smiles/laughs at me when I try to discipline him. I tried the calm...

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How do i get him to eat a wider variety of foods?

My son is 2, just turned 2 in January....and all he seems to really want to eat is grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and drink apple juice or milk. He has stopped eating some of...

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When does the "NO!" phase end???

Josh started using the word "NO!" very recently. He knows what it means and he lets me know that as well. Not only does he say the word, he has now started rolling his eyes at...


Child Whines...it feels constant

Hi! My 18 month old whines at everything. If he sees something in the cabinet that he wants, he starts whining. If he doesn't get to play with something he whines. I know...

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2 year old and store blow outs...

My daughter just turned two in December she hates to be trapped in a cart at the shopping centers... I try to let her walk around but very rarely does she stay right be me.. It...

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Staying Proud & Positive!!

I sometimes feel embarrassed to be a Mom in Recovery, I was wondering if any one had any hints on how to stay proud & positive in such a harsh world, where people judge you for...

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Just turned 2 1/2

My son turned 2 1/2 in February and it is like he hit that age and doesnt want to listen or throws fits. He was such a good boy for the most part before now it is like he doesnt...

Started by Heather on 03/28/2009 in Terrible Two's

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