My beautiful 3 year old son began smacking about 6-7 months ago, directly after he has smacked (me, family member or other child!) he tells me "I smacked you on the leg mum,...


my son.

why does my son act out gets mad throw his self down bang his head on walls.floors.


My 3 year old hurts herself

Hi. I have a 3 year old daughter who always wants to hurt herself. I have come to the conclusion that she does this because she gets so frustrated with herself or us that this...

Started by Caitlyn on 08/05/2015 in Toddlers

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Breast feeding

My son Preston likes to punch himself repeatedly in the head while nursing . It's a constant thing now which started about a week ago . Is this normal ? Will this behavior stop...


4 year old undiagnosed Aspie.

I have a 4 year old girl who is driving me nuts. I have known something is not quiet right with her for years and have tried to get her tested but she just doesnt seem to meet...


why wont my son listen?

is it really that he just wants the negative attention? hes 3 months shy of 3 and he constantly hits, kicks and screams... we recently aquired a kitten and he terroriszes her,...

Started by Corlene on 01/02/2013 in Toddler Moms

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Switched from Adderall to Strattera

I have an 8 yr old boy who has been diagnosed w/ADHD since he was 5. He was on 5mg of Adderall for about 2 yrs. The adderall was working great for him up until this year which...


FIVE - Proverbs 4

This week we are studying Proverbs 4. As with previous chapter, there is a lot of good, solid wisdom here—a lot to cover—so let’s get going… 1Hear, ye children, the...



THE BIRDS OUR TEACHER BY JOHN S There is a website that we can use to help us with this book www.Christianbook.com/coffeehouse I am looking forward to reading this book with...