Supervised visitation??

I am currently getting a divorce from my daughters dad. He has a bipolar disorder and refuses to take medication for his condition. I believe that my daughter(age 3)should have...


Six Ways to Build Your Teen

In many ways, American teens have never had it tougher. Perhaps a surprising statement, given the United States' obvious affluence compared to the rest of the world. If you're a...

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My daughter has such an attitude.....why?

Okay so my daughter is 3, super smart and beautiful and funny. But I am starting to think she is too smart, smarter than me. So I was just wondering when she is talking back as...



Need recommendations for getting my 20 month old son to stop spitting. He also gags himself all the time, is it an attention scheme? He has only gagged himself once to the point...


potty training

I have a daughter who turned 2 almost 2 weeks ago. She was doing great using her big girl panties and not having any accidents. she would even go #2 on the potty too! now she...


Need some advice plz!

Hey I have a son who is almost 7, and he just recently started wetting the bed, coming up to me and telling me when he's done something that he wasn't supposed to do(ex; hit,...


Please can anyone help.

Hi everyone, my 15 year old son has just been diagnosed in the last week as having A.S.D. This was a relief as it made sense of his behaviours and not totally unexpected as i...


oh my god. im ready to got nuts!!!!!!

well my soon to be 10yo boy has the biggest attitude problem ever! he always thinks he no's everything and is all ways right. he will just argue black n blue that he is right,...


Difficult 5 year old

Hello everyone. I was wondering how you all would handle this situation. Our 5 year old son is very difficult. He gets very obsessive about certain things and when we tell...


Problems with biting

My 23-month-old daughter has been biting other kids and adults constantly. Does anyone else have this problem with their child or have any suggestions on how to make her stop...

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