Malaysian mum with ADHD child?

Hi there, I am an American living in Malaysia, I wanted to post about a service I've witnessed for children with special needs, including ADHD. My friends have a son who has...


My 12 year old gets so upset!!

My 12 year old gets so upset she asks her 8 year old sister to kill her, I'm terrified for my girls we need HELP!!

Started by Lorene on 06/13/2013 in Kids Over 10

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5 year old and adderall

Hi My husband had been diagnosed with add. He says he's always had it and it was not diagnosed as a child. He is determined our 5 year old son has it. I am more than willing to...


2 month old weighs over 10 pounds

My 2 month old, 4 weeks adjusted, weighs over 10 pounds and wants to eat all the time. My first son was very sick and didnt weigh this much until he was 4 months old. Is this a...



We have a four yr old who is out of control and we have tried everything and nothing seems to work! He throughs fits and crystal til he gets his way. We are living with my...

Started by Mariah on 07/28/2013 in Moms Under 30

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my son was molested

my 4yr old disclosed that hed been molested by my husbands ADOPTED 14 yr old son..my stepson. my son told me a few mo after my ss had already been placed in a facility for...


I think my MIL molests kids

My MIL was widowed at 30. I got to know much later a after my marriage that my FIL committed suicide. She breast fed her elder son (my BIL) till he was 11 yrs old. She used to...


Sleep deprived 3yd old

Sleep deprived 3yr old. She's not taking naps anymore and refuses to go to sleep at night. Literally pulling my hair out. Give up on day time naps, but that's proving to bring...

Started by Wanita on 12/29/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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