My eight year old doesn't want to go to school

My 8 year old girl does not want to go to school and I think I know why but not sure. She has always been like this. She is turning eight next month. She is an only child and...

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How do you possibly trust an addict ? Everytime my daughter steps out of the house my heart is in my throat. The progression of this has now become legal issues. She's been...

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Toddler with a temper

My toddler has the most horrible temper. physical disipline does nothing for him. verbal..ha! he could care less. he is a screamer and a fit thrower. i have learned to pick and...

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Need help with mother-in-law!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to nicely tell my mother-in-law to knock it off? I know my sister-in-law is having problems with her as well...she is always sticking...

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How much should he be drinking...

Hi im new here and I have a question. I am breastfeeding my 6 week old. He is up to 4 oz. sometimes I pump to make sure how much he is getting or to let his dad feed him. He...


Becoming empowered

I need to learn how to become so much more empowered then I am. It's very difficult to think of me first and what makes me happy. I just turned 50 and my children are grown....


my son who has adhd at School

I have a son who has an adhd. Recently he just a fight with his classmates. The parent of this child saw what happen and scolded my son according to the teacher. I know my child...


Terrible twos

Is it normal for a two year old boy to get upset and hit, scratch and bite his mom? I am sure I had something to do witht hat but I can't get him to stop. Time outs work once in...


Mother in Law is a drunk!!!!

Here is a fun one to figure out for everyone. My mother in law is a drunk! My son was a preemie born at 3 lbs 14oz and the very first time she held him she was drunk. He is now...

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teenage boys

hi everybody!! My son is13 years old, and sometimes he can really badmouth me, and gets really angry with me. how do I handle this? he gets me so mad, I say things that hurt...

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January 2009 baby

My daughter is almost 10 months still dont sleep through the night, and she just seems uncomfortable, and she has had the same routine since she was born.


Toddler Beds

My son is 2 and sleeps in his crib. He never trys to get out of it. We have tried to put him to bed without us cuddling with him but it is almost like he does not want to be...

Started by Alycia on 11/23/2009 in Toddler Moms

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dissapline please help

my husband and i have a 2yr old and we dont agree on how to dissapline her. she spits so ive been taping her mouth when she does and its working. when he saw me do it he flipped...

Started by Janet on 11/27/2009 in School-Age Kids

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