Adhd meds covered

Just to let those who do not know.. Concerta is now covered under Ontario Works. I havent be able to go to work due to my sons behavior and daycare issues so this is how I know...



My son is 6 yrs old and has been diagnosed with ADHD and ASD, he is on medication but I am really struggling with aggressive behaviour and bedtimes, any advice?



i have got a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl and their tantrums are really bad they hit me spit at me swear at me, they are uncontrolable. any advice?

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my son who is 9 is not coping very well at main stream school it has been advised that he go 2 a school that specialise in asd childrean does anyone know of a good school as he...



My son has been throwing tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way. He is also very demanding. At dinner he tries to get the adults to leave our food to get him juice, to take...

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Problems with 4yr old

As alot of you know I am a single parent of a beautiful 4 year old girl. She is a social butterfly and loves being around people. Unfortunately, she can have a very bad temper...

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My little boy has started hitting people - me, my husband, other kids. I don't know why because it usually starts with a hug. Anyone have any ideas why and what I can do to make...


my sons

i have a son how is 7 years old how dont like school he always get in trouble all the time he side he doing because his friend doing it he was not like this at all

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Moms as Teachers

My name is Gigi. My kids are grown now, but when they were little I was teaching kindergarten. I'm still teaching the same age children. Consider it a blessing that you are a...

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waht are the signs of jealousy? when my youngest son was born last year my oldest son has changed alot especially with his behaviour in a bad way. could this be jealousy? and...

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Hi all

I am new to this community. I have a 7yo son who first and foremost is georgous and just happens to have autism, adhd and epilepsy. Iwas looking for a place to meet other mums...