trouble with honesty in my 7 yr old

Any suggestions on how to deal with a 7yr old with honesty issues? Lately it seems like he even lies about the simple things. I could be looking right at him telling him to...


sublings competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi i got two daughters hajirah n manahil both r lovely but hajirah is 3 years n manahil us 1 year 4months old but manahil is always copying hajirah n fighting for everything...


How do i discipline mytwo year old?

My son just turned two a month ago and he is living up to the "terrible twos" yelling at him, spanking his butt, putting him in time out, takeing his toys away, none of that...

Started by Nicole on 04/07/2010 in Single Moms

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New to the group

Hello, My name is Rose and I have one beautiful, Terrible (j/k) 2 year old Named Avery ;o) How do I deal with the Terrible twos - I'm out of ways to express discipline that he...


baby boys

are girls and boys different in whinyness lol. im hoping our boy wont be sooo dang whiney ..hehe. let me know what your views are on this subject. THanks Blessings


Jessica Rowden

I like scrapbookin its a fun activity to do when you got nothing else to do.my kids like doing craft activities it gives them something to do with mom also, Don't you think...


My stepson just wont LISTEN!!

He seems to stare with a blank eye when I question him or put him on the spot about something he has done. He is completely defiant, and will listen to no one :( Today he...


cousins 2 yrs apart

I'm a grandmother that has 2 grandsons 2 years apart. The younger one is always trying to impress the older cousin and the older cousin teases and is not impressed by what the...


terrible two's

I need help!!! I feel that I try hard to discipline my 2 boys and follow through with consequences. However, my 2 yr old does not respond well to anything. We've tried...

Started by Angie on 07/10/2010 in Toddlers

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tantrums !!!

My daughter Brianna is now 16 months old and lately has started to throw her little fits when things don't go her way! sometimes when im cooking she starts crying because she...

Started by Rosa on 07/23/2010 in Toddlers

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hitting to get attention

my 16 month old has started hitting his older sister for attention. if she is within his reach and she isnt interacting with him he hits her. at first i would tell her "play...

Started by Sarah on 07/25/2010 in Toddler Moms

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