Son with ADHD

Days like today, I really don't know how I am going to handle a son with ADHD without damaging his self-esteem. When he refuses to listen to me I get so angry sometimes. This...

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Are you sure he's 4???

My son cries @ the drop of a hat! He refuses to try anything that involves leaving my side (for example: the $78 swimming lessons). He won't even look @ the instructor,...


battle over consistency

Hi all. My name is Trina. I have a 4.5 yr old ss, Abe, and my fiance and I have a 15 month old, Brady together. I tend to be the parent who "parents'. Neil is more the fun...

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Okay, maybe the subject is slightly dramatic... but that's pretty much my thoughts on my latest, or rather on-going, situation. I am currently working towards my masters...

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Sibling Fights.

Can anyone give me ideas on how to stop the kids from fighting? We send them to their rooms, we confiscate things and make them go without treats eg, dessert maybe. The...



Short version, as my other, longer post with more background vanished ... This is a document given to us by the feeding clinic of our children's hospital since most of the...


School Issues

Friday my 7yr old with PDD NOS was held off of the bus because 2 other (older) kids said he did something inappropriate in the bathroom while they were waiting on the bus. When...



It was never my intention to co-sleep, but I started co-sleeping with my twins after a month of approx 1-2 hours of sleep/night. I was so exhausted, I was willing to try...

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