at my witts end

My son is almost 4 yrs old. His father and i have been separated for 2yrs now. His father has visitations with him from 1 to 5pm every Thursday and every other Saturday. The...

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Breastfeeding after a year

My son will shortly be one year old and we are still breastfeeding. I was just wondering what to expect as far as how often should he be nursing...do I need to make sure he BF...



Ok this could get a little long so please bear with me . My daughter who is now seven is showing some signs of depprison i think. She just doesent seem happy anymore and when i...

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Does anyone out there have any experience with a child who has ADHD/Bipolar/and ODD? We are having some real problems and need advice. My 9 year old son has been diagnosed...


Need new ideas for 12yo son

My son is fully a 'tween.' He is having behavior problems at school, and grades aren't so great, either. He is very intelligent, so this frustrates me. This is his first year in...

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New to this

I am new to this whole Autism thing...My daughter became autistic due to a brain lesion...She has only a mild form, but I don't get it and I do not want her growing up not...


Kids fighting each other

My daughter keeps fighting her older brother. They love each other but they fight over toys. They had alot of toys but yet they fight. When they get spankins they pat each other...

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Kindergartener oppositional with homework!!!!

This began in VPK and I really thought it was caused by the intensity of her Pre-K school (lots of homework) but it continues now even with a reasonable amount. My daughter...

Started by Gayna on 01/20/2010 in School-Age Kids

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What should I do ladies?

My daughter will be 4 yrs old March 29th, and is very smart for her age. Well mannered and all that good stuff, but we're noticing that she only wets on herself when I'm out of...



What do you do when your 16 year old son steps to you? I know what my Mom would have done to me if I had tried half the stuff my 16 yr old is trying with me, I would be dead! We...

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girls making a big mess

hi all any help on this matter will be grateful my daughters 3 and 4 yrs mess up in the early hours of the morning when me and my partner are asleep I mean loads and all food...

Started by Kelly on 01/31/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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My husband have a son that we cant see due to the mother being very bitter. he pays support but still get shot down when WE try to see the child. She'd rather have money than...

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Husbands/SO's glued to screens!

I'm jus' venting here but I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to deal with a husband or significant other that spends all his free time playing video games and/or watching tv...

Started by Cleopatra on 02/03/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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why are so many moms for the cry it out method? it just seems to me that a majority of moms use this method, i guess whatever works for them. but would they still use this...

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