Refusing to go to bed!!!!!

My 2 yr old just recently decided not to take a nap anymore and doen't not want to go to bed.We had him in a crib and he would just scream until we took him out.I would let him...


Raising a child with ADHD

Is there others out there who are doing the same we are raising a grandson who is ADHD and at times it is so great at other times we are fit to be tied. Frankie is none the...

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my daughter has two molers coming through and is GRUMPY HELP??? what can i do to make her feel better i have tryed rusked bonjela and teething rings outa the freezer


Biting while nursing

My 11 month old bites when nursing. I have tried making him stop nursing when he bites because I read it in a book on babies and what to expect,no effect though. I'm very...


What to do when your body changes.

I gave birth to my daughter on October 23rd. 6 weeks after her birth, I had my first period (I had stopped bleeding for about a week previous) and just finished my second last...



Hey! I'm christian mom of one little who is 2 months. My family really needs some prayers! My husband has been out of work going on 2 months. I can't wait to talk with other...

Started by Jennifer on 01/24/2009 in Christian Mommies

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Anybody like me?

Hey Ya'll im kinda freaking out. I have a 2 yr old son, a 6 month old daughter and i am about 7 wks pregnant. This last pregnancy was very unexpected. We were using birth...



My husband recently started working out of town during the week and i miss him so much when he is gone. I miss the middle of the night help, i miss watching him play with our...



My son is 2.5months and has his first cold, I took him to the ER last night to get him checked out because he had a fever of 100 and he has an ear infection too. They listen to...


Is it wrong???

Ok my mother in law is not the greatest mother out there she is a drug addict and an alcoholic! When I met my now husband he was smoking pot and drinking everyday. I convinced...


Traumatized by NICU?

Hello everyone, I'm a first time Mom with a premature daughter. She was born at 33w6d weighing 3lbs 10oz. I had the perfect pregnancy up until 30 weeks gestation. I went in for...

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