Hello :)

Hello Everyone, my name is Michelle and I'm a stay-at-home Mom. I have 2 children Jake is 7 and Ella is 3. My husband is a Police Detective and we've been married 10 years. We...


2Q: Aggression and Pushing skills/education?

First, is it ok for my kids to be so aggressive? Is it normal? They are constantly wrestling/ruff housing or arguing. There are three of them, twin girls almost three,and our...

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In need of indoor activitie ideas

I live in Eastern Washington (not dc) and its still COLD here. I also have a newborn in the mix, so I can't really take the kids outside. I'm looking for indoor activitie ideas....


3 year old and boys

Hi i have a 3 year old girl who would rather play with her brothers friends then with little girls any ideas how to discourage her from this the boys are much older then her....

Started by Jennifer on 05/17/2011 in Toddler Moms

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signs of depression or not???

hi im 23 years old with my 1st baby due on 6th april, im starting to be concern about myself and my baby, iv never suffered from depression so i dont know the signs but all my...

Started by Shanna on 02/24/2011 in Due April 2011

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my 5 y/o got kicked out of school!!!

My son has had the worst week of his life, I'm pretty sure. We started him on Concerta last week. It's supposed to be the lowest stimulant out there (that's what the doctor...


Wish I could switch back

I work full-time now 9am-5pm mon.-fri....have to leave home at 8:30am and don't get home till5:30pm. When I first started there I was part-time 9am-3pmmon.-thurs.... getting...

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My infant is 21 wks and ive been on mat leave for 25 wks and got a call from my horrid now ex boss letting me go on the phone!!!!! They pkged me off which is greaf but now i am...

Started by Dawn on 08/08/2010 in Working Moms

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My 12 y/o lies, steals, and more

My daughter has always been independent and resisted ever having her hand held metaphorically speaking or being told what to do however now days it seems she is literally unable...


I need help!!!

My son is 2 1/2. His dad left for deployment when he was 5 months old. Came home in time for his 1st birthday. After that everything was normal for a while, then when my...