my son with adhd

my son is on meds for adhd and it helps a little bit but when hes dont have it hes totally different what can i do dooes anybody know


Mother In Laws!

Ok ladies I looove my mother in law, but she is a grade a certifiable nut lol. I love all the threads on here about crazy mother in laws, but its been awhile. So come on ladies...


Eating schedule

hi there im just wondering what are your childs eating schedules when they have main coarses and snacks and bottles/water ect ect my daughter is 17months old and our eating...

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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! My name is Niccole & I'm new to the group here. I'm living in Asheville, NC & have three children. Andrew is my 7 year old, who has been diagnosed with...


Miss my son, Its been 30 days.

My son lived with me for 15 years with not much input from his father. He turned 15 and his father started on him to come live with him. We went to court and the judge let him...


my son is Psychotic, Bipolar and ADHD and

is only 13 going on 14 how do I help him before its too late? I mean his dad has literally given up on him and I know without a male role model I can't do it all. Any suggestion...

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my son's father.. advice?

me and my sons father broke up for a few months.. i took him back after finding out he slept with my BESTfriend, in our room. so we move in together.. 2 months later. this past...


Quick Easy and Nutritious Freezer Meals

Hi All, I am getting ready to have a new baby, and would love some recipes that I can pre-make over the next couple of months/weeks and freeze for when the baby get here. They...

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I'm being the mum who starts the "how was everyones labour" conversation because I always find it so interesting:) I went into labour at 530pm on the 18th and had my daughter...


what do i do to help her???

my daughter has night terrors EVERY night. what can i do to help her get thru these? or something i dont know what to do. she is 7 and just started having them a couple months...


toddler bedtime wars

Can someone tell me the name of a book that can help getting my almost 3-year old to go to bed? We have a routine that worked until about two weeks ago, and we are trying to...


shall I put my 18month in a bed?????

I'm thinking about putting my 18month in a bed but I am worried he will get up in the night and wake his brother up as they share a room. My eldest is 7 and proberly wouldn't...

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