Warning kiddie ballpits

Somebody sent me this scary email. It sort of makes sense really. When I was at Doctors today I actually looked into the bottom of a big lego box and saw all sorts of dirt and...


i need good advise ppppllleeeaaaassseeee

so... where do i start. my boyfriend and i have been together 2 long years our daughter is almost 4 months old. i have a 9 yr old and he has a 12, 11, and a 10 yr old all girls....

Started by Jennifer on 08/23/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Help is better to be civil or not with the ex.

Ok so my husband and I are currently going through a divorce, we've been seperated for 3 months now, we have an 11 month old and I am 5 months pregnant. In the time that we have...

Started by Rachel on 08/28/2009 in Single Moms

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11 month old still wakes at night!

HI I have an 11 month old baby who has not yet started lseeping throught the night. I wouldnt normally complain as i know all children are different and have different needs,...

Started by Crystal on 09/05/2009 in Babies And Infants

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A monster in babies clothing

My older kids were never like this so i feel at a loss as what to do with Evie. She is a monster lol I say that with love. She doesn't listen at all! She hears you and she knows...


needs advice on a few things hehe

hi im beckie and my son will be 15 months on sept 26.. well i was wondering if you guys can help me on a couple of thigns? .. the first problem is sipp cups iv tryed every...

Started by Beckie on 09/17/2009 in Moms Under 30

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2 Problems I need help with.

My son was born on Oct 2 2008. He has always been a pretty good sleeper but always has a runny nose because he refuses to stay covered up while he is sleeping. If I try to cover...


When to start?

When should I start trying to potty train my son? He is 16 months old. He tells us whenever he needs his diaper changed. If he wets his diaper and can get to it, he'll take...

Started by Crystal on 09/17/2009 in Toddlers

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Skin Between Your Child's Teeth

Has anyone been told their child needs to have their Frenum (the skin between their teeth) clipped?? My son went to the dr today and we were told he was going to need to have...

Started by Kara on 09/22/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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10 month old twins

I am not sure if there are any other moms out there with 10 month old twins but I have been having difficulty putting them down for their nap. They usually go to sleep with a...


getting back to being myself

while i wanted kids i thought i would be a good deal older when i had my first child. now i'm 25 with a 3 month old and i feel like i should be more mature and responsible when...

Started by Xandria on 10/20/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Girls will be girls?

My 10 year old daughter doesn't get along with just one girl in her class. She's in a new school, and this particular girl just doesn't like Morgan and Morgan ends up crying on...

Started by Andrea on 10/22/2009 in School-Age Kids

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