10 months, always sleepy!!

my 10 month old son takes 2-3 naps a day, both averaging on 2 hrs. after he wakes up in the morning, hes up for 2 hours and ready to go back to bed. he gets so grumpy, it seems...


Adjusting to the changes

My sister and her husband are both in the military which are being deployed over seas in seperate places. I have taken on the resposibility of taking care of there 3 year old...


Feeling guilty

My son is almost 14 months and my husband and I want to concieve number 2. In order to get my cycles going again I dropped Tighes feeds to 3 times a day. After a couple of...


Its a fracture :**(

I sprained my ankle Saturday and its been swelling like 3 times the normal size.... black and blue on both sides and still very painful!! I've been elevating it, icing...


First fall from the crib

The night before last my son decided he wanted out of his crib at about 2:30am, and he took a head dive into the hardwood floor. It SCARED the life out of me! Thankfully my mom...


starting to homeschool my 4 yr old

I need advice on the curriculum to use for a 4yr old ready to learn to read. Our church uses Life-paks but they do not have a k4 option. Many have suggested Abeka to teach...


Thumb suckers unite

I've got my hands full with my 10 yr old and I just finished potty training my 3 yr old ,so I don't feel it is an emergency for Ethan to stop sucking his thumb at this very...


my 7 month old and feeding!

My 7 month old is a big sturdy boy. Formula just isnt filling him up? I was jjust wondering when is too early for more adult foods such as mashed potatoes etc. Baby formula help...


Birthday Parties!

I'm not sure if anyone else had the same problem as me.. I had to find a creative place to have it since I have a big family and a tiny house. I was going to have it at a...



New thing. Major tantrums. I try to let her know it is not ok and then leave the room. Out in public I use reason but sometimes it takes a bit longer...any other suggestions?

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nightmares in young children

good day facebook, i am a mother of a 7 1/2 yr old who still suffers from nightmares, i have done everything as far as eliminating the scary things, but it seems as though it...

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thinking of switching day care

Last spring the Director and Assistant Director quit the same day w/o notice from my daughter's day care. Ever since then there's been a lot of employee turnover and children...

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