Breastfed babies sleeping through

My 10 month old daughter still has 3-4 feeds each night, and while I don't mind feeding her, I'm always made to feel that I shouldn't be feeding her at night anymore. I always...

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J. Rosemond Toilet Train Method work?

John Rosemond 's method, "Naked & 75." Does this work for anyone? Have you tried it on a 18 month old (who doesn't walk yet)? What has been your successes and failures with his...

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Father's Day and Birthdays

Why is it that the mean ex-wives and Bio Mothers, feel the need to completely ignore Father's Day and their children's fathers Birthday? They certainly remind them that its...


1st birthday ideas for a turkey baby...

My daughter's 1st birthday falls on thanksgiving this year but I still want to have a party for her. My apartment isn't big enough to host a party and we have cold winters so I...


fostering to adopt

My husband and I just started our foster parenting classes.. I was kinda looking for some advice, and any tips on how to deal with the older kids I may get. I am hoping for kids...

Started by Stacy on 05/04/2010 in Adoptive Mothers

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You know your a homeschooler when...

I got this in an e-mail today (from sonlight) and thought it was cute and wanted to share. Can you add anything to the list? You know you're a homeschooler when . . . . . ....


Advice to stop hitting

I have a 26 month old son who has taken to hitting alot lately. I understand that it is something that most kids go through, however, he will hit other kids with anything and...


My toddler is an accidental bully

How can I get him to play nicely with my friends' kids and cousins? They are 6-9 months younger than him. He'll be 3 in December, and he's bigger than them and VERY social....

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Teacher With Children's Church Problem

Children's Church Problem. I am the teacher for Children's Church during our Sunday morning services. The age group is K - 5th and the parents decide when they want them to...

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About to become a step-mum to 3 babies?!

Hi there, have just come across this website whilse browsing for tips.. I am 23 years old and my boyfriend is also 23. We have known each other since we were 12, although after...

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Hello I'm New

Hi I just recently found this group. I am a full time sahm who home schools. I have 3 children Nicholas 9, Addison and Ayden are 6 yr old twins. Life with Ayden is very...


Day 1 on gfcf diet

Hi all, just wanted to share that this is day 1 of my Son's gfcf diet (attempt 2) =) The first time round, I hadn't prepared myself mentally enough, I felt guilty and was...


all these stories are like mine... (very long)

I have a SS who's 13 going on 14.. It has been a NIGHTMARE from the beginning and I should have seen it.. the first time i saw his biomom she saw me in the car and yanked my SS...

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