This isnt really about my kids. I was just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation as me. Ok. I have been with my "boyfriend" for about 11 years and we just had our...


My 3 yr old doesnt sleep ...

I have a 3 yr old that just doesnt sleep... well she does just on a strange schedule. She will stay up as late as I allow her too, usually means bed time is at 8pm . And this...

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Swimming in Pools

we live on an air force base in the housing community and they recently built a realllly nice kids pool with fountains and some mushroom thing.. but thats all beside the point.....


Moving with a two and 1/2 y.o.!

Our family is starting a new nest! I'm 7 months pregnant (due 9/9/09) and we are moving sometime in early August from our townhouse to a single-family home. The tough part is...


sunday bag

what kinds of toys and snacks you you suggest taking in a sunday bab to entertain your children, my little one is 16 months ( too little for the nursery ) i feel like she is...

Started by Cheryl on 07/25/2009 in Mormon Moms

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When your Teen turns 18

Did (or will) your parenting relationship change at all? If say for example your teen wants to get a nose ring would you have the right to say no or just have to accept it? If...


My 3yr old wants siblings

I'm a single parent & no prospects for b/f currently just mainly focused on my daughter & job. She keeps asking for a brother & sister. I can only have small animals that are...


Pregnancy back 2 back..

I am 26 years old and I have 2 children. My son is 2 and my daughter is 9 months... I dont feel i was ready to have another child so soon but i am handling it well with the help...

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My name is Antoinette Nicole Ewing and i'm a very PrOuD mOmMy of a beautiful amazing pretty lil princess named Briejalynn Iyanna Nicole Ewing/ Waldman. Her daddys' name is Jacob...


Broody Again

How soon after having your baby did you feel broody again (if at all). For me it was really soon (days after my little one was born) then it tailed off, and noe it is back with...


My mom had to put her dog to sleep

My kids loved my moms dog, but he was getting a little older, so they had to put him to sleep because he was suffering. How can I explain this to my kids without hurting them....

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Do pictures help or hinder?

My husband has been gone since the middle of April. We saw him a few times before he left for overseas the beginning of June. At first our daughter screamed every night for...