myspace and my daughter

OK I have been very leary of letting my 11 year old daughter do a myspace page. I finally set her one up and have been showing her how to use it. I haven't shown her how to...

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Believer/Non-believer issues.......

I have been a Christian since Oct. of 2008. My husband on the other hand, hasn't. We have 4 daughters under age 8...and my issue is that I don't believe in Halloween, b/c I feel...

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How do you cram in everything?

I have a 4yr old daughter (Emma) and a 6month (Samantha). I am home for the year on maternity leave. I have a very small house 1000 square feet, 2 storey and most of it is...

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3yr old misbehavior

I need to find out how to discipline my 3 year old Son we have a fish tank and he is always trying to take the fish or frogs out and he will wake up before me and gets them out...


School sickness

Hey everyone I am brand new to the circle of mom's and this is my very first thread! My son started Kindergarden this year and has been SO SICK! It seems like almost every...

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Not sure what to do with my son. he is almost 3 years old and won't stop hitting his sister he won't listen to anything i say to him very upseting and frustating any advice??


What are your main scrapbook goals?

So what are your goals in scrapbooking: To chronicle your family's lives? To have a "place" for your pictures? To display them and have them presentable to show off? To tell...

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My son is still getting a bottle to put him to sleep at night. I need to break him of it; any suggestions?


Baby Recipes

Does anyone make their own baby food. If so, do you have any recipies you could share? I love making new and interesting combinations for my little man.


The hardest job I have ever had!!

This by far is the toughest thing I've ever done. Does anyone feel like going back into the work force would be a vaca? For those that have been doing it for a while, what do...

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starting solids

So my daughter is a breastfed only baby and is 6 months old we have been trying cereal now twice a day for almost 2 weeks, I have tried different spoons, but she still locks her...

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