Teen-age mothers

I became a teen mom in 1974. The stigma then was very different. I was only able to give birth successfully once and am so glad I chose to be/stay a teen-mom. My age is much...


What is your April baby up to these days?

I'm new here and glad to be part of this group. I was just wondering what your babies are up to. My daughter was born April 5th and I swear, she thinks she's a year old already....

Started by Carrie on 09/09/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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I would not recommend epidurals.

Hi,It upsets me to know how many women swear by epidurals but they are not the answer to the releif of pain,yeah it might take away the intense pain of contractions and giving...


turning the car seat facing front

Hello! I have heard mixed reviews on when to change the car seat to facing front. I have heard that it is safer to keep them facing backwards as long as possible. I also know...


Having problems adjusting to being a SAHM

Hi all, I'm new to being a SAHM and I'm finding that I'm having serious motivational issues, not to mention a little depression. When my daughter was born 6 months ago my...

Started by Erica on 01/15/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Help, 11 month old with ecezma.

My little Zachary was just diagnosed with ecezma. 1 web site says 1 thing and a nother says another thing. 1 says stay away from bathing unless needed and 1 says 10 min bath...


Help/Advice Please???

My name is Andrea a mother of two.(Alexis-10&Andrew-3)We are actually in the process of trying to conceive baby #3.With this in mind toddler diapers need to be done(LOL-But...


Mixed emotions

My one and only baby will be 6 months old in a couple days. My closest friend had a baby just two weeks before me. I have since moved out of state but her and I keep in touch on...


When did you start Cereal?

My baby Girl is 4 Months old now and she is only 11lbs 5 ozs, she in the 10% for her age. She has doubled her birth weight yet. I dont know if I should start cereal with her or...

Started by Marlissa on 03/03/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Help! Unsettled 3 week old ..

Just wanting to ask for some advice on settling my little boy. He sleeps great at night but not during the day..Yeah I hear ya, why is she complaining? Well..I can't get...