A mommy thats Just Really down.....

so does anyone eles feel blah all the time? here is why i do(just need to vent a bit) So i am 20 i have an almost 11mth old little boy. I recently had a miscarriage and we are...


Should I forgive her?

My mother and I havnt spoken since my sons funeral 4 and a half months ago. My son came early and was stillborn, while I was in hospital she started stirring with my mother in...

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What happenned to my little boy!?

I don't quite know how to title this post but hopefully my explanation will make sense. My little boy is now 2yrs 8months old. For roughly the first 2yrs 3months he was such a...

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My 16 year old son is out of control

My 16 year old son is out of control since last year. He has ODD. Smokes pot, drinks, has dropped his grades, changed 4 schools and now i have him on a program paying for him to...

Started by Roohi on 07/13/2012 in Moms Of Teenagers

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so frustrated!!

my hubby is driving me insane lately. i dont know if its partly these crazy pregger hormones but sheesh. we have a 19 month old dd and her brother is due march 16. my hubby gets...

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hyperness in the waitingroom

Tonight I had to take my son to the after hours clinic to see the doctor because I thought he had pink eye. While we were waiting, I was reading and of course watching him...



Okay, so here's my problem. My 10 month old son just started Daycare almost 2 weeks ago and I'm already running into a few issues with one of the care givers. A little...


Toilet Training/Weaning Bottle - HELP!!

Hi all i need any and all suggestions.....my girls are 35 months old. one is developmentally delayed by about a year and a half. my 1st issue is that the typical one Olivia...

Started by Kristy on 09/09/2009 in Twins

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Tuesday May 5, I worked out, did you?

hi, I need help with motivation, I can work out but have trouble with the daily thing. I thought we could talk about our workouts daily to motivate us to get our butts in gear....


I am so happy for the new addition

So I have number 4 and maybe 4 and 5 on the way. My man and I am so happy. My family is freaking out abit.They have been telling me for the last year or so that that i should...


your opinion on santa,easter bunny

hello and help me ok i'm very truth and my 8 1/2 daughter heard from a friend santa isnt real now i fixed that,but now the easter bunny started she told her dad and me and her...

Started by Pam on 02/17/2010 in School-Age Kids

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Hello Everyone, Thank you for visiting my site! I am married to an amazing man and we have 3 wonderful children that are the greatest blessings. We attend church regularly and...

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unsure what to do

Hi all, My First Post and joining this group.My ex and i got married in 89 and divorced in 2002 and a year later we got back together.We were together for 8 more years but never...