Need potty training advice

My daughter turned 2yrs in July. I think she's ready for potty training...she hates being wet or dirty, she doesnt want to wear diapers anymore, she's always wanting to sit on...

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My little girl was two in august although she knows when she wants a wee or a poo she will not go on the potty and the toilet scares her beacuse it big but whn i say have a wee...

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potty traning

I am having big trouble with potty training, My daughter is fighting it the whole way. I have tried candy, stickers, I have a potty dvd that teaches kids the potty song. I've...

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Please help need ideas!!!

So my son is about to be 3 yrs old in september and we still havent gotten this potty thing down! We start for about a few months and than all of a sudden he refuses to go on...

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Our youngest who is 3 will not go potty at all.....we have tried everything and nothing works...i even took him to our pediatrician and she wasnt concerned she said he will go...

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Frustrated with custody situation

I have a 5 year old son who has been the center of a very ugly custody battle for over 3 years now. The sad part is, its not with his father, but with my own mother. In fact,...

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I have a defiant 14 yr old now. She was such a sweet girl, good in school, obedient etc. Since 8th grade she has been going down the hill when a school friend called her a...

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How long is this feeling going to last?

Although i was married for 7 years, I've always been a single mom. My ex husband spends more time in prison than at home, and thats the basic reason that he is my ex. I've...

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how do i get them involved?

had a big row with my partner the other day about how uninvovled with his family i am. when we 1st moved in together i was 200miles from everyone i knew with my young son and...

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Visitation right or wrong?

So i have a boy and a girl ages 6 yo and 16 months old. My ex split when he found out i was pregnant with the second child. He also split when our son was 1 year old and after...

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Boundaries not respected by SIL

My husband's brother, wife, 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son live next door. I have 11 year old and 13 year boys. My BIL's 5 year old likes to be at my house most of the...

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my 8 month old is a horrible sleeper!help!!!!

hi fellow young mummies! i have 2 beautiful daughters both whom are VERY different from each other.my first daughter was the most perfect baby,i was blessed and soo lucky.but...

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Dealing with race and family

Hey everyone! My names Rachael and I am 5 months pregnant with my first baby boy! My husband and I are just thrilled about our bundle of joy on the way. However, I wish I...