POTTY ISSUES!!! HELP!!! 2 problems!!!

I have a 2yr9mo old daughter. She is basically potty trained during the day, but she does use pull-ups at nap and overnight. Problem1: I need to know what to do to stop her...

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scared !

I had a very difficult pregnancy. I had highblood pressure ,glucose and had to have a c-section after 24 hours of induction with out the slightes change.I was also told by my...


Picky eater.

My son was never picky when he was a baby, but ever since he's been a toddler he's extremely selective about what he eats. We tell him he has to eat what we're eating but he's...



Hi, my daughter is a year and 5 moths. I've taught her how to eat when she was just a few months younger. Now when it's time to eat she refuses that I feed her, and if I let her...

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not you run of the mill mum...help?

hey everyone, im not your average mum. im 21 and i have 3 children in my care. 1 of my own, and my 2 year old brother and 12 year old sister. they were both in foster care as...


New to Richmond

I'm looking for some other Mums to hang out with. My partner and I relocated here around Dec./09 and we don't have any new friends. It's not that big of surprise, as we had our...


Any advice on Potty Training?!

Mylie is 13 months. She is able to walk to and from the bathroom, as well as around the house. I've always said that once she can walk to the bathroom, i was going to potty...


When is it ok to start potty training?

I have a 15 month son and he is very smart.....When i get out a diaper and wipes he lays down or pull on his diaper. I think its time but others so wait....What do you guys think?


Problems with brushing teeth?

My little boy, Dylan is going to turn one in 2wks. Right now, Dylan has 6 teeth and as they started to appear, i used a gum massager to soothe his gums and get him used to...

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Preventing finger/thumb sucking?

My husband and I are trying desperately to prevent our daughter from sucking her thumb and/or fingers. We've done enough research on it to where we know that we don't want her...