America as Global Police?!

I know im all over with my postings…but I am a woman who loves knowledge….I like to read about every and anything that *Sparks* my interest, from the latest shoes that Kim...

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Potty training help PLEASe

Hey ladies, I could use your help. Ive started potty training my daughter. Ive tried the pullup and those doesnt work she just think its a diaper and pee in it. So we are...

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sick 14 month old

Ok I really just need to vent... my little girl is 14 months old and is 17lbs she has been sick all of the winter with colds and then had pheumonia and also had RSV. yesterday i...


What do you think??

My son is 27month and he just tested my T.O.T.E and Autism place but they said they don't think its austim. The place for Autism didn't do much just family history, blood test...


How hard is it to breastfeed whilst working?

I breastfed my first child because i was a SAHM and now I'm having another, but intend to be working. Is breastfeeding and working doable or just really hard and not worth it?

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Useless Facts: Just for fun

In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world's nuclear weapons combined. On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year. On average...


Good enough?

Hi I am a 48yr old mom with a soon to be 6yr old daughter. I feel I am a good mom, but I know I could be better. I give my daughter all the time in the world when I take her out...

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