Out of control!

I have a stepson who is 11 yrs old. We are having a HUGE problem with the lying ,stealing, and cheating on homework, forging signatures and hurting other children's...


"Practice Saved Sex" Did u know....

that many of the commonly used birth control methods are potential abortifacients? That the IUD is 100% abortifacient? That the pill is silently effecting the health of many...

Started by Windy on 07/17/2009 in Christian Mommies

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Mums with Epilepsy

At 7yo I was dignosed with Golbal Epilepsy that was located at the base of the neck around the nervous system and spinal cord. I asked doctors if it could be removed and they...



Hi all. I haven't been around for awhile. Life has been insanity. Literally. Wondering how you guys cope if you're a stay at home mom with the exhaustion that comes from...


3 Months milestones

It would be great if anyone could share with me what milestones their August child achieved this month :-). My baby (Aug 31st) had a new cry, a giggle & can now hold her neck up...

Started by Nahla on 12/08/2009 in August 2009 Babies

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Birth Control pill good / bad

So I have been wondering alot of pro life sites as of late gathering info. I pose this question I do agree that the BC pill is bad if in fact it does abort fertilized eggs and...

Started by Misty on 12/08/2009 in Pro-Life Mothers

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Lets praise our soldiers!!!

I think everyone should say at least 1 thing that they are proud of their men for. My husband is in the Navy for 8 years now and is planning on re-enlisting and doing...


Need some advice please

I have depression and my 13 year old son has ADHD. It makes things extremely difficult. Not to mention puberty now. He was diagnosed when he was 6. I lost my job so my insurance...