My eight year old is a beautiful disaster.

My eight year old is a beautiful disaster. Smart, witty, funny and more than often very dramatic! We can’t go through a single day without some sort of “issue”. It gets...

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When should my son give up his dummy/soother?

My son is 32 months old and has a dummy just before he goes to bed and naptime. He doesn't have a favourite teddy bear but likes at least 3 dummies when he goes to bed. He swops...

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Am I difficult or abnormal?

I am one of the unfortunate women who has never had an orgasm through penetration.I only have them during oral sex.I actually never even had this until I met my husband(although...


Interracial Marriages: why is it an issue?

Good evening fellow mommies! I have heard, read and discussed with other women about interracial marriages. And I must admit, after all the sacrifices that people like...

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Need adivice on a 6 month old baby

hi, i have a 6 month old baby and i really need some advice on sleeping habits> i feel ashamed to say this but i am losing my patince with my baby and i find that i yell at her...

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My teenage daughter

I am the mother of 6 children, ranging in ages from 22 years down to 2 1/2. All but one of them is male, which starts my problem. My daughter is 16 and has recently decided it...


Taking Meds with pregnancy

Ok so when I was pregnant, my doctor said I could not take any medicines at all except tums for heartburn. No dental work, only a cleaning, no x-ray's, limited caffeine,...

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Sleep training please help!

My son just turned 1 and has slept with me since he was a little baby I didn't have a problem with it till my husband started working day shift and now he sleeps with us at...

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