need some advice.....

so iv been broken up with my sons father for about 7months for those seven months hes been living in a whole other state with his new gilfriend who is like 15yrs older then him...

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Some easy to follow tips?

Ok, so in my many years of having to lose weight here and there (the most always being after having a baby) these are the few rules that I follow religiously that really seem...

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Lesson 9 is here!!!!!

When you first become a parent, you’re often bombarded with quotes on motherhood and child-rearing and some of them are very helpful, but more often than not they are so...

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Baby Book

Has anyone else had trouble keeping up with the baby book? My cousin is 7 months pregnant and that got me thinking about all my baby stuff and I found my son's baby book. I've...


Son saying naughty words :/

Ok well we are a military family and spend a lot of time surrounded by people cursing everywhere we go. My 2yr old son picked up the "sh" word and now he says it for everything....

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Any tips to bed wean?

My 20 month old has slept in our bed since birth. We are thinking of trying for a new baby and have read that he should be in his own bed prior to me getting preggers so that...


age of diagnosis

hi i was wonderinf if anyone can help me? we think my 6yr old son has adhd we seen a peadiatrition a few weeks ago who confermed he has all the symtoms and ticks all the boxes...


Boy scouts are they good for boys.

My son asked about joining for a while now. My Dad tells stories from back in the early 60's when he was in. My Brother was in the 80's and seemed to be the only times he...


Article I Fond About Games

I found this on my yahoo home page: It's hard to think of an activity more wholesome and family-friendly than an evening spent playing board games. But just as film has its...

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How to handle the Grandparents in law

Basically my partner's grandparents stopped coming round after we fell out with his sh*t stirring Aunty (who lived 3 doors away at the time) about 3 months ago. We've not seen...


The Almighty Pacifier!!

I am interested in hearing about some creative and successful ways mommys have weaned their 2 year olds from the paci! My daughter just turned 2 on Tuesday so I prefer to hear...

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~CoM Convention Update~

I spoke with the CoM VP of Marketing!! YIPPEE! We had a wonderful conversation about different aspects of the potential convention. The both of us were full of enthusiasm, and...

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