hey everyone

ok just want to let everyone know something on here..... so that way you all are not confused.... yes my daughter is one my site as well as her fathers girlfrinds site.... but...


modeling?! appropriate @ what age?!

Hi, I have a lil princess who is 7 months old and since she was born everyone has said that she should be on commercials, or the gerber baby, etc... At first I didn't really...


Tourettes Advice please!!!!

My son was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome last fall. He has a lot of verbal ticks. It has been a very difficult year. I was wondering what medication or treatments some of...


son attacked by dog--- need advice!

so my 2 1/2 son was recently attacked by a pitbull and had much damage to his left eye he has had 2 surgeries and still needs more. we were walking around our block and the dog...

Started by Cheri on 09/23/2009 in Single Moms

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Baby addicted to binkie

My daugher is  3 and 1/2 months old and sleeps with a binkie during all her naps during the day. I rock her to sleep at night though, and gently remove the binkie before...


saying bad words

I have a 2 1/2 year old who has picked up some words and an attitude along with them. My husband is in the army and is currently deployed to Korea and I have 3 boys so we spend...

Started by Jennifer on 09/28/2009 in Mothers Of Boys

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Ok, so since my daughter turned 1 she literally will not eat a full meal. She may graze a little here all day but whenever I try to sit her down to actually eat she just throws...

Started by Stephanie on 10/05/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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over waight baby boy

hey everyone the other day i took my son who is 6 and a half months to the family nurse lady and she told me he was over weight...and iwould just like some other mums opions...


breastfeed baby!!

i have a 2 year old that is still wanting to be breast feed at nap times and bedtime but i would like to get him right off im a single mom as well so its been really hard im...

Started by Chrystal on 10/18/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Behaviour in preschool is concerning.

My 4 year old son is on his 5 day at pre-school (3rd week - he goes 2 days a week). He has never been to daycare or preschool before, only home with me. He apparently is doing...


How do you cope with nightmares?

Hi my 5 year old is getting up out of bed every night due to nightmares it is to do with school as hes fine on weekend nights.I dont think hes being bullied & says he enjoys...


Gift ideas for 1st Bday?

I am trying to figure out what to get my daughter for her 1st bday. I was thinking about the dvd set Your baby can read but not sure if it really works. I can get the dvds +...