always hungry

my 3yr old is alays hungry is this normal? plus i dont give my daughter a cooked lunch she snacks throughout the day is this ok?


Just Wondering

I met up with a new moms group the other day at the park and all the moms were so impressed by how well my son can talk and with all the other things he knows and can do. He...

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independent playing

My son is 20 months old.. how can i get him to play more independently? He has a playroom and plenty of toys, but mostly will only play if I am right there with him. I love to...

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Hoping for a little advice!

Ok, my son has started a new phase and I don't know what to do. He hits and says "shut up" to stuff he doesn't like. He only hits when he is upset, which doesn't make it any...

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Once you have a baby, and others are having babys, you can get baby-crazy. I wanted a girl, and had a boy, not saying I'd trade my little bugger. Now everyone is having girls...



Hello i am intrested in hearing from any one with a child with Microphthalmia. Our 7 and a half month old daughter has a small left eye which she is almost blind in. We have a...


Sleep Training my t22month old!!!

I desperately need advise....my daughter is 22 months old and simply won't sleep in her bed. She usually falls asleep with me or my husband in front of the TV, we then put her...


Reality Show Careers

I was talking to a friend today about how many careers people are gaining out of reality TV shows. Like... for example - American/Canadian/Australian Idol shows - there are...

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Letting Her Father Go

I just recently had my daughter and I am having a hard time adjusting to the idea of being a single parent. Her father and I have had what I call a light switch(off again on...

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