Reality Show Careers

I was talking to a friend today about how many careers people are gaining out of reality TV shows. Like... for example - American/Canadian/Australian Idol shows - there are...

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Letting Her Father Go

I just recently had my daughter and I am having a hard time adjusting to the idea of being a single parent. Her father and I have had what I call a light switch(off again on...

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My son going off to college how do you cope

I lost my husband in the line of duty back in December of 1998 my son is all I have left and he is going off to college. I know that it will be a big adjustment for both of us....


Breast feeding while on meds

I had been taking 40mg of celexa during my pregnancy. Now my baby is here and I was finally able to see my therapist last week for the first time since I had the baby. I asked...


Step Families

I have a 4 yr old son froma previous relationship and my partner has a 8 yr old daughter froma previous relationship, we are due to have our first child together. My Step...


Has anyone tried a toddler bed yet?

My son loves his crib. In the mornings he stays in his crib to play with his stuffed animals and listens to his water soother, but he has never attempted escape. Anyone know...

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I'm a single mom with a 17 yr old boy....at a lost cause he is now into the drugs scene and doesn't seem to care much about what I have to say. Thinks he can come and go as he...

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potty training

i have a 2 an half wee girl and i got a baby on the way .my wee girl keeps taking her nappy off to go on the potty but she wont actuly do the toilet any ideas what i could do...

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How to get a picky eater to eat?

My son won't hardly eat anything solid. Even if he likes something and eats it the day before,there is no guarantee that he will eat it the next day. Plus, when he does eat...


Feeding my 8 month old - what do you do?

My little guy is 8 mo and is BF and gets solids and some finger foods. Sometimes I worry that I am feeding him too much, or maybe even not enough. This is our typical...

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