Wanting to gow up too fast at 7yrs old.

My oldest son is 7 almost 8yrs. old and is driving me nuts. I'm sure his attitude is a stage he's going through. I've heard so many parents complain about their 8yr. olds...


Car Seats/Booster seats

What brand seat do you use? Where in the seat is it positioned? Is your infant still rear-facing?Toddlers forward-facing? Big kids in boosters? When Matthew was an infant,...

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Breastmilk Bottlefeeding tips requested

My boy is 6 weeks old tomorrow and I pumped for the first time today with medela pump - 10 minutes on one breast and about 7 on the other and got 4 ounces. It is now in the...



Hi Ladies...just curious about your gluten-free story. I have been living mine for 5 years and my 5 year old son was just diagnosed in November. What are the ages of your...


Internships for College Students

In response to a recent post about internships: I'm a mom of two college students, but I also run a non-profit that provides paid/unpaid internships to students. We work with...


quick, freezer recipes

I am a mother of a 3 yo and a 17 month old. My husband and I are going to begin teaching our youth group in 2 weeks, plus I am starting to coach HS tennis in a month- this all...

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Hi from San Diego

Hello everyone! I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I'm glad to have a support group like this. Being in the military isn't new for me. My Grandfather was in...


Hi, I'm new here!

Hello everyone. My name is Samantha and I have 2 kids. My daugher Annika was just born 2 months ago on Dec. 5th. 2008 and has been diagnosed as having both ASD (atrial septal...