Potty training, help!

My 26month old son has been taking himself to the potty when he needs to for a good couple of months now, but only when he has no pants on. If I put pants on he just wets...


Need potty training help!

My 2.7yr old has been training for a week on the big potty facing backwards. He never tells me when he has to go and always says NO when I ask him, but when I force him to go...


Co sleeping !!

Helloooooo (: Well it's 2:11am & I have my baby cuddled up next to me but I feel like my husband is so far away ! I spend my whole day with my baby girl & you'd think...


ANY and all help WELCOME!?

Posted this in a "Specialty" Group but after more than 24 hours+, had not 1 response? Trying to REPOST here .... Hope this is ok? Hello - I'm new here and found the Site...


Widowed in Dec. 08

Hi. I'm new here & thought I would introduce myself. I'm 27 and raising my first baby (a 7 month old little girl) all alone. My husband (together for 8.5 yrs) battled a...

Started by Jessica on 03/21/2009 in Widowed Moms

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international travel with 15 month old

hi everyone, my 15 month old daughter, my mother and I are traveling to mauritius to a conference in september. does anyone have any tips for the plane flight as well as travel...


Wanting to gow up too fast at 7yrs old.

My oldest son is 7 almost 8yrs. old and is driving me nuts. I'm sure his attitude is a stage he's going through. I've heard so many parents complain about their 8yr. olds...


Car Seats/Booster seats

What brand seat do you use? Where in the seat is it positioned? Is your infant still rear-facing?Toddlers forward-facing? Big kids in boosters? When Matthew was an infant,...

Started by Sapphire on 06/18/2009 in Debating Mums!

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Breastmilk Bottlefeeding tips requested

My boy is 6 weeks old tomorrow and I pumped for the first time today with medela pump - 10 minutes on one breast and about 7 on the other and got 4 ounces. It is now in the...