my daughter

My 7 Yr is having a very hard time making friends. It breaks my heart to hear her say everybody hates her.


Mother to be of 4 siblings

Hi, I'm here to learn about your experiences. We are going to adopt 4 children from 8 to 13. Soon we'll have our home study completed and in a few months we will all be...


What do you think about this?

I got this in a email and was wondering what you all thought about this? Send this to everyone you can. The American people need to get angry and let their voices be...


Kill the Witch!

Yay religion! http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/wire/sns-ap-af-nigeria-child-witches,0,3012806,full.story EKET, Nigeria (AP) — The nine-year-old boy lay on a...


A Toilet Training Debate

I have been reading a lot of opinions on when & how to toilet train a child, and I am finding that a lot people are okay with waiting. There seem to be a lot of reasons for...


I am hating myself

I took my three kids to fireworks this evening. I thought I would do something nice and get ice cream and then we would eat and wait for the fireworks to begin. No one ate the...

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Frustrated Mom

HI there I am a mother to 3 wonderful children 2 boys ages 16 and 6 and a beautiful little girl aged 1 yr. I had my 16 yr olds son when I was 16 and was a single parent from...

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I am going through a very rough time and feel i am at the end of my rope. I don't want to give up because of my kids that depend on me. The past 3 years have been hell. My...

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Should I start cereal

So glad I found this board because I could use some advice. My daughter June is four months old and is starting to dip a little on the growth chart. My two-year-old daughter did...



Hello, My name is Marcy and I have two wonderful kids, Sloan is 6 and Jude is 3. Sloan was diagnosed with SPD last summer and has since taken OT and we continue to brush/joint...


Other problem besides ADHD

My 11 daughter has ADHD. She was diagnosed at 5 and began medication and behavioral therapy. Now she has been diagnosed with psychotic disorder and intermittent explosive...


Unlearned skill?

My little boy rolled over pretty early, right at three months. Now he is sitting up on his own, also a little early, and wants to stand (with help of course) any time his feet...

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