Why wont they SHARE??

My two boys are 20 months old, and 4 years old. They fight over everything. EVERYTHING! I cant take it anymore. The fighting and screaming. I tried taking toys that they fight...


breastfeeding & eat solids

I did not breastfeed my other sons for this long. My son is now 6 months & still breadfeeding. Im interested on how often you breastfeed your little ones & have solids. Do I...



I am going to see her Dr. soon. I am concered about my daughters talking. She bables like crazy still and does know words but they seem to be the big ones. She rarly says...

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Any stay @ home moms/daycare providers?

I stay @ home with my 4 month old and want to start watching a couple of kids at the house to get some income and for my son to have other children to socialize with. I worked...

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Preschooler sleeping

Emma is not sleeping all night. She never did that regularily, but I feel like she doesn't need to be up 2 or 3 times a night, every night (besides for peeing). I am wondering...


What milestones has our little ones hit?

My little man turned 9 months on the 5th, 5 days later he discovered that he can roll around the house to get where he wants to be :) There goes the easy part of 2 kids LOL!...

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introducing myself

Hi, I'm Sam- i havetwo children Joshua who is a christmas day baby 2008 and Alex who will be two on 15 th july - just ahving a rough time at the moment as alex has a problem...

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Drinking dad

my thirteen year old told me last night that he hates his drinking dad. My husband does have a drinking problem and recently we had a big argument and the kids including my teen...

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My 9 (nearly 10) yr old daughter is the tallest in her class at 5ft, my husband and I and our parents are all on the short side, I thought height was genetic

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my two daughter had a fight today one of them is 20 and the other is 12. The 12 year old has be saying nasty comments to the 20 year old for the past week. the 20 year doesn't...



She is a 2nd grader that loves school and doing her homework. Her problem is tests. She freezes. I was the same way but I get a stomach ache before each test and have to use the...


teenage vasectomy

My son is 17. He does not want kids. He says if he is ever in a position to provide a home for someone who needs one, he would like to do that as the world is overpopulated as...