fancy cottage pies

Cook a jacket potato (fairly big one) cut in half and then scoop out the middle. Cook off the mince,add onions, mushrooms and any other veg you like.Add vegetable gravy to the...



hi- i'm Becky, i'm 29 and have 2 kids. Natasha is 6 and little Alfie was born in january- hence joining this group lol. i live in norfolk and i stay home to look after the lil...



jus popoed to say hello. so hello . erm ive 3 kids aged 24 23 13 youngest most hard work bein the girl lol . im rushin about at mo so have to quick . so thats y the quick hello...

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Hello :)

I am 43 years old. My 4 children range from ages 17-12 yrs. old. My oldest will turn 18 in May and graduate from High School June 4th (which is my 44th birthday) Although I am...

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Well i am a single mom of two, i was bless to have just got a job last year that pay decent amount. I notice that i have been getting bonus checks every month here lately its...

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Hello everyone!

I had my 5 th child ..a little boy on dec 1...what a sweetheart everyone of them has such different personalities,no matter how many you have they all seem to surprise one way...



hi every one am a proud nannie to william he is 9 and a great kid, he stays with me on a sunday and i take him to school on monday a get big xxxxx and cuddles and when he goes...


hi all

i'm 48 nearly with two children, 25 year old girl and a boy of 15, went through the teenage years once and finding it difficult the second time....lol big age gap doesnt help,...

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hi ,i toook in my 13 year old brother when my gorgeous single mum died of breast cancer at 52 .my brother is now 21 it has been and still is a big journey .I had 2 little girls...


Who should move?

We have a big house that he can afford by himself and the boys know it as home. I am the one who wants a divorce and I cannot afford the house by myself. What I can afford would...


Am I normal?!!

Does anyone else out there ever feel so bored they could scream? So fed up with trips to the park they could just lay down and refuse to move? Does anyone else have the urge...

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Salmon on the grill

Use only fresh salmon. Place the salmon on a large piece of tinfoil. Curl the edges of the tinfoil up, like a dish. Cut a stick of butter into 1/4 inch slices and place on...


fun in the water

i always take my children to the outdoor splash park which is free there is always a big group of us that go we all take a picnic and the kids have great fun outdoors free all...

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New to Hiking Moms

Hi Ladies, I hiked w/my babies on my back short walks. We started hiking long hikes when my kids were 4,6,& 8, the first big hike was 6 miles down to a waterfall in Petite...

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my 3 year old likes to tell white lies

My doughter has a big emignation and tell stories of fairy tails of princess and frogs . thats not the problem, she tell stories of me or anyone who is around of spanking her....

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potty training my 2 year old

My 4 year od son is autistic, so potty training him has proven to be a challenge. he does things at his own pace (as most kids do) but my 2 year old is afraid of the big potty....

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