Yay or Nay - Banking Cord Blood

Who's for or against banking cord blood here? I'd also like to hear your reasoning behind your 'yay or nay' please!

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Cord blood bank

My hubby and i are discussing saving the ucord for our child. it is somewhat pricey but i would just like to know what others think.

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Cord Blood Banking

I've been think about this for months now... I'm having my first child and i wanted to bank because i thought it was cool and beneficial idea. However, if i'm having a healthy...


Thoughts on cord blood banking?

Just curious who is considering cord blood banking and where do you go for credible information about it?

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cord blood banking

Has anyone ever done the cord blood banking?If so which company and why did you choose that company? A friend of mine is interested but i never used it with my 3 girls.Thanks...

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Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

I'm just wondering where the Catholic church stands on this issue. Any info or help would be greately appreciated.

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cord blood banking?

Did you do it private or public? how much did it cost you? I want more details without all the jumbo terms

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How do you feel about blood cord banking?

I'm a bit torn on the issue, personally. As far as the benefits go, I think it's great. However, I think it goes against some of the things I believe in religiously...plus it is...


Cord Blood Banking ....

I hear so much about this and im wondering how many people have heard of this and if u have actually did it? Everyone has so many diffrent opinions on it and im still left...

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My Cord Blood Bank is possible Bankrupt

I am not able to get medical records, cord blood, phone no longer works, etc. I have contacted FDA and Media for help. Anyone else that has stored Cord Blood please dial the...

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Saving Cord blood

I don't know if this has been a previous topic, but my husband and I are expecting (my first) and we are contemplating saving the baby's cord blood. We aren't really sure what...


Did you save the cord blood?

A new and popular method now. Saving the umbilical cord blood, banking it, freezing it should you need to regenerate tissue in the future. I personally did not save my cord...

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cord blood donation...??

there arent any blood banks or hospitals near me that will take the blood. i dont want it to go to waste because i know there are wonderful benefits for whoever gets to use it....

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