Summer Vacation

Hey girls, School is finished in our neck of the woods in 2 weeks. Anyone have plans for summer vacation with the kidlets?? Madison is at reading camp for 3 weeks (just...

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activity ideas??

I'm a new SAHM, with our 2nd due n May. I love being at home with our son!! But we are running out of ideas and things to do and play! So what do you guys do?? The more ideas...


question about my daughter

sorry i know this might not be appropriate for the group but just felt more comfortable hear my daughter is sick so not always holding down night feeds or day ones her sleeping...


Think twin is autistic too

I know William is autistic. He is 19 months old. Although he does not see the developmental pediatrician until November, his symptoms are classic and the developmental...



ok so i graduated from high school in 09 and my daughter was about 2 months old. I started taking college classes that summer. I have attended classes every semester since then...

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My son has had seizures since he was about 6 months old... He's been on medication since and I believe it has slowed his developmental process. I'm running out of solutions and...


cufused!!!!...i need advice!!

i feel like i dont have that special bond with my son like i see other moms have!?! and he is 6 months old he was a preemie and hes not crawling yet he's fussy alot butim not...


Has anyone tried...

Has anyone tried this "Your Baby Can Read!" program? I have watched these info commercials late at night and it has children as young as 4 months responding to written words and...


how much formula???

How much formula do you feed your babies now? How many times a day and how much? I sometimes feel like Abbie doesn't get enough formula (she drinks 4 6oz bottles a day but its...

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Husband about to deploy

My husband is about to deploy and this is our first time going through this. I am starting to get very nervous about having him gone and having two kids to take care of by...


bed times

hi my kids are summer 2 and corey 3 they have to share bedroom and night time is horrible they keep getting up out of bed. i go into them they laugh at me i have tried talking...


Daycare worries

I've recently enrolled my son in daycare. For most of his life he's either been home with me, or with a friend of the family or an in home daycare. Since he's been in day care...

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Why does my 2yr old wake up crying hysterically?

My 2yr ol fights n screams waking from sleep. I noticed this when she was a baby.n thought she would grow out of it. Now its worse. Single mom n now I want to scream n cry. Im...

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HELP! Twins and a Toddler - what am I missing?

I don't think I can handle this anymore: 4mo b/g twins.I breastfeed and pump bc I work 30 hrs/wk. one sleeps well, the other wakes every two hours at night to nurse and naps for...

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crib to bed transition question

my son is 16 months old. I am wondering what some typical signs are that a baby/toddler is ready for a bed. He can't climb over the crib yet, but he is very determined (he lifts...

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Nursing strike?!?

My son is refusing to nurse. I mean down right pushing me away. He hasn't nursed in 4 hours and had lunch 2 hours ago (solids, a fruit and a veggie and this is normal). He's...

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Is anybody else FREAKING out?!

I am starting to panic!!! I am not ready to have another baby!!! My 1st is only 17 mths and we never planned on having a 2nd quite so quickly!!! This pregnancy went by sooooo...