Traveling long distance with an infant

I am taking my 4 mnth old on a road trip with my parents to see my sister who lives 11 hrs away. My daughter hates her carseat b/c she gets so hot. It doesn't matter if she has...


The latch

My baby girl is 7 weeks now and we are having problems with latching. At first she was a perfect feeding but now im having problems. She likes to take her self of the nipple and...



I have a two year old son who started sleeping through the night at 5months old and I now have a 3 week old son aswell. I wonder when your child started sleeping through the...

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Explaining BFing to stepsons....?

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and I fully intend on breastfeeding full-time. My husband has 2 sons from a previous relationship (ages 9 and 7) that stay with us every other...

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My toddler will not sleep through the night!

My 18 month little boy will not sleep through the night. He would wake up for a bottle around midnight but the past two weeks I have tried to wean him from that and it is not...

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My son cries at night in his sleep? help?

my son will wake 10 times a night crying in his sleep it seems. his eyes are shut, ive tried to let him settle himself back to bed, but it dosent happen, his cries just get...

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pumping milk?

does anyone else exclusively pump milk? I've been doing it for 4 months now and i wondered how it's working out for someone else? it's pretty demanding but i think i can go for...

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Eating/sleeping at night

My little girl is 14 weeks. She was eating 4 oz every 2 hours during the day, now she is eating 2 oz every 2 hours, and she just eats formula with rice in it. (she needed the...


time to wean the toddler, HELP!!!!

Ok ladies I need help from the experienced! :) My son is 2 and a half, and we have been working on self weaning for about 4 months now and he's doing great! Now all we have left...


Am I having hemorrhoid?

Since my son arrived, he is two and a half months already, I been constipated all the time. Everytme I passed stool, there is always fresh blood in the toilet. Am I having...

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born at 27 1/2 wks.

Any other moms either going through or have gone through their baby having intraventricular hemorrhages?


how much should my 8 month old be eating ??

so my son is eating about 3-4 8 oz bottles a day and breakfast lunch and dinner with some snacks in between and hes a fairly big boy hes already 23 lbs but hes not over weight...

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Mom getting dehydrated...

I am full-time nursing my 5th baby. She is 8 weeks old. And I find that even though I drink lots of water, I still can easily get dehydrated. I carry around my 32 oz Rubbermaid...

Started by Christa on 05/04/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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