Allergies and Solids

Okay so I am not criticizing anyone or their beliefs on BF and solids, I am just after how people feel about introducing solids. Here's my daughters and my story. For the first...

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Ive recently just started my 8 week old son on formula about 2 weeks ago, since then he has had alot of trouble pooing....he strains for so long all day and it interupts his...

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Hi there, My name is Kate, I have a beautiful baby boy, Samuel Aidan who was born on 26th May 2009. He was diagnosed at my 20 weeks scan with a unilateral cleft lip and...


Still not sleeping through the night

Looking for a little advice, My little one has never slept through the night I thought It was something she would have outgrown by now but she still wakes up every 2-3 hours. I...


Boundaries around parenting?

When I'm around certain people I feel like they're trying to parent my kids and I get extremely angry to the point where I can only handle them for so long before I start...

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Help he is always fussy

My son was born Oct 2nd 2009 He is so needy and always fussy if he isn't eating or sleeping he is crying. The dr just said oh he will get over it! It's just a growth spurt! yea...


I need help.

I'm a new Mom to almost 8 month old. She is sound a sleep when I put her to bed and then the second I lay her down she starts to cry. What should I do? If any one has any ideas...


Sleepless in Connecticut

How can I get my 3 &1/2 month old to sleep better at night? He only sleeps 2-3 hours at a time. He wakes somewhat from hunger, but he also just wakes himself with movement. I'm...


Greedy bubba!!

hi everyone! my son Louis is just 4 weeks and is taking 6oz of formula every 3 hours sometimes 4 but sometimes every 2!! my health visitor said that he is just a very hungry...


Please help?

I started working midnights 3 weeks ago and I have been successfully hand expressing on my lunch about 4-5 oz without trouble. Several family members have been gracious enough...

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weaning off breastmilk?

my girl is almost 11 mths and i'm preparing to return to wk so i'm trying to get her off breastmilk. i've already dropped 2 feeds in the day and continue to breastfeed her at...



my bubs is 7mths old and fully breastfeed but his grand parents want to have him for a few hours a week and what i would like to know is how much bf milk would i need to express...

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11 month old self weaning-HELP!

I've been nursing my 11 month old since birth. He's never had formula let alone drank out of a bottle (I know to introduce the bottle next time around ;P). The last couple of...

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Pumping breastmilk

Background: My daughter is turning 5 months old in a week. When I go to work, I pump 3 times a day (mon - fri) and get about 17 oz a day. I take those and give her 5 oz bottles...

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