Mac N Cheese?

My 14 mo old Daughter will only eat Mac n Cheese and original Goldfish. is this okay or should i offer other things and just let her get hungry until she eats other things I...


Sleeping issues

Just wondering if anyone is experiencing sleeping problems at night time. We are having trouble Taine getting to sleep in his own crib the last few weeks, most nights have...



does anyone have itchy, dry boobs? mine drive me crazy! as long as they are moisturized and in my bra they dont bother me. but when i let them loose at night they itch so bad. i...


Weaning a 18 mnth determined girl

vanessa is not eating supper cause she drinks 3 - 6 times a night from me. I have gotten her to take a dummy during the night, but I feel obligated to feed her cause I know she...


Is a late start possible?

I'm pregnant with my second. I did really well breastfeeding my first for 14 months, but our recent ultrasound showed a whole in our unborn son's heart along with an improperly...

Started by Bobbie on 10/18/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Traveling long distance with an infant

I am taking my 4 mnth old on a road trip with my parents to see my sister who lives 11 hrs away. My daughter hates her carseat b/c she gets so hot. It doesn't matter if she has...


The latch

My baby girl is 7 weeks now and we are having problems with latching. At first she was a perfect feeding but now im having problems. She likes to take her self of the nipple and...



I have a two year old son who started sleeping through the night at 5months old and I now have a 3 week old son aswell. I wonder when your child started sleeping through the...

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Explaining BFing to stepsons....?

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and I fully intend on breastfeeding full-time. My husband has 2 sons from a previous relationship (ages 9 and 7) that stay with us every other...

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My toddler will not sleep through the night!

My 18 month little boy will not sleep through the night. He would wake up for a bottle around midnight but the past two weeks I have tried to wean him from that and it is not...

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