Craving Carbs

Hi! I am nursing a 3 1/2 month old and am worried about my extra baby weight not coming off. I am not thinking of dieting (I know you don't do that while nursing). But I am...

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Hi everyone, a quick question, My daughter Melanie was born at 31 weeks, she is 3 months old right now but she cant stop crying, does anyone have any idea how to help.I've...

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How Do I Ground My 13 Month Old?

This is not the question you think it is…lol. Two ½ yrs ago we replaced/upgraded our heat pump. The first winter we discovered that the upgraded system+our specific...


How to make my son want to eat rice?

Every 3-4 months my son will have problems with his digestion. He likes to eat fish crackers, biscuit n bread. Other than that he will only drink his milk, which he drinks about...


Silent acid reflux...

My son was diagnosed at 4 weeks with silent acid reflux and was put on baby zantac 3x a days. It seemed to help at first and now he is 12 weeks and it is not helping him at...


Tips on flying with a toddler

My husban and I are planning a 3 hour flight out of the states in July and I am a little concern about my 2 year old flying. Does any one have any tips??

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Relationship expectations

I was just thinking about how people go into relationships with certain expectations and how often those expectations go unfulfilled. I was also thinking about how oftentimes it...

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ear pulling

my son is almost 6 months and i think he is teething. At times he gets very irritable, very clingy and cries whenver he puts teethers or dummies into his mouth.. i assumed this...


Breastfeeding and pain

Hi ladies, I was wondering what`s your opinion. I dont really think it is a problem. but makes me a litlle worried. My baby (almost 7 months) is biting while nursing (and she...


Child's comforter

So my 3 year old has been extremely attached to my hair since she was just a few months old. I had my hair thinned and got glued it together at the top and put a ribbon around...

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Hey everyone

I've posted here before about me being a young mommy and asking not to be judged well, I have an update on my blessing for God. Eli, my son, was born 5 weeks early. Now at 6...

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Bed Time

Erin is 5 months, from 2 months she was sleeping 10-11hours @ night, for the past month it's been really hard to get her to sleep......what is everyone else doing??? should i...


12 months and still not slepping

My son is almost 12 months old and he still wakes up atleast four times at night. We give him cereal in his bottle before he goes to bed and have set up a bed time routine and...


Can't keep his attention

My (almost) 5 month old keeps looking away when I breastfeed him. The only time he's dedicated to just eating is at night when he can't see anything. I don't know how to keep...

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Advice needed...

Hi there, I'm new to this site. Don't have any friends. Can you please help me? My son is almost 5 months old. I want to start him on solids at 6 months, but it recently got...

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