my daughter is 11 weeks old and i am wondering about naps. how will i ever transition to get her to take longer naps. we are on a 3 hour schedule right now and i am going...

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Sleep Schedule for 3 wk. old

My daughter's sleep schedule is off a little bit. Her long sleeping sessions are in the evening. How have some other moms helped to start shifting the sleeping patterns of the...


HELP My son won't sleep!

My son will be 5 months old on the 15th. He has been sleeping through the night since about 2 1/2-3 months old. We've kept him on the same routine since he was born. But for the...


pottey tipe

mums u have to start pottey training from 5 months old its very simple put ur infant on the pottey give him the milk bottel & he ll start


Not wanting milk at ALL

My daughter who used to be a good eater is now refusing to take any milk--not off me, not in a bottle, not is a sippy cup. Her nose is a bit stuffy, but she is still drinking...


picky eater?

she wont eat! morning i give her a bottle i waith about 15 minutes and then ill try feeding her pureed fruit or veggies and baby oatmeal she wont eat! shell rather play maybe i...


potting training?

we started potty training our 3 yr old a couple of months ago..He was doing really well. Telling us everytime he had to go to the potty...then about a week ago he started going...


Won't nap/sleep/cry it out!! Need advice!

My son is now 10 months old. He had been sleeping 6 hours through the night since he was 10 weeks old, and then got up to sleeping from 9pm-7am since around 6 months and on. He...


I need help!!

OK we've been letting Isaac sleep in bed with us...Everyone has warned us its a no no but its so easy for all of us (me to feed him, him to eat and my husband to sleep...)...

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My son will NOT sleep through the night.

My 8 month old will not sleep through the night. Before he was only waking up twice and now he is waking up 3 times. I have tried feeding him food and his formula, but no matter...