Is tea ok for a 3 month old ?

I heart its real good for gas, my lil girl has a lot of gas and has trouble sleeping during the day, she sleeps all night though i just wish shed take more naps so i can do...

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Worried about mensturation

I am 23 years old and gave birth to baby girl in dec 2012.. It's bend 4 months m exclusively breastfeeding and got her started on solids just twice a day but along with my...


Teeth and Breastfeeding

my 12 month old son has 7 teeth and still likes a comfort feed each morning when he first wakes. the rest of the day he has a bottle. I have another child due august and was...

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picky eater

My 14 month old daugter will not eat fruits and veggies. She will put them in her mouth and then spit them out. I am able to get her to eat fruits by mixing it in with her...


Lil girl is growing up so fast

my bubba girl is growing up so fast....i love her to bits, im just missing my baby..... I was wondering catherynne is now 10 mts old, and she still has no teeth..is that normal??

Started by Stephanie on 02/05/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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what do 11 months old eat?

my son is 11 months now and still only like jar baby food. i can get him to eat some grown up things like mac & cheese, but for the most part anything i try to feed him makes...

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http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/109903/similac_formula_recall_7_things?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=fanpage Follow this link to see if YOUR baby has been...

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How much formula?

My daughter is almost 8 months now and eats sooo much lol. I know i should be giving her formula until shes 1 but how much? I give her the three meals of baby food when she's...


Problems with constipation

my daughter is 1,5 month old. she is eating both breast milk and formula. She wets her diapers regulary with every feeding. However, she poops every 3-4 days. is it normal?



HI I would just like to hear about if the cry it out method worked for you if so how long did it take etc I dont want to know all the reasons not to do it as i have already done...


How much cereal?

I started cereal Monday in addition to her normal breastfeeding. I followed the directions on the box and did 5 tbsp breastmilk and 1 tbsp cereal. The next evening I did 4...

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Lily Padz

Has anyone used them? Did you like them? I tend to be a leaker, will they still work for me?


3 month old teething

My daughter is 3 months old and has been teething for about 3 to 4 weeks now she is so cranky ive tried giving her alittle tylenol or motrin and the baby orajel and letting her...

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