when is the best age to give babies solids

my daughter is 15 weeks old and not sure when the besttime to give her solid foods she was 5 weeks prem and not sure if that will put her behind in the eating

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Is there anything for Colic?

My bubs was born 7 weeks prem and is now 6 weeks (39 wks gestation) and since getting him home from hospital he has developed bad wind. He strains real hard to try and get the...

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Hyland Teething Tablets recall

Looked on the FDA website last night and found out that the FDA is warning consumers that the use of them may pose poisining risk. I guess they found traces of belladonna.


Formula Problems!!!

My son was formerly on Enfamil Gentlease and we switched him over to Similac Sensitive 3 days ago. Since we made the switch he has been having very frequent stools which are...


Morning Sickness with a toddler.

I am on my 2nd pregnancy and i have a 2 1/2 year old and i'm completely exhausted. I'm not working but my husband is and we never get time together. My son is my world but i...

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Help: Toddler won't drink Pedialyte.

My son will be 3 this month. He woke up Saturday with diarrhea and also was throwing up. Sunday still diarrhea and wouldn't get off the couch. This has been severe. Like...

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1st pregnancy what do i need?

I wanted to know from real moms what you really needed in the first years. I'm about 4 months pregnant and feel like im running out of time to get everything together. So i was...


10 month old not eating at all !!!

Hi everyone, My 10 month old is not eating at all, how much ever I try !!! He takes only 2-3 spoons(baby spoon which I got when he was 4 mnth old) of food for his breakfast,...

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Introducing Baby Food and Cereal

I have a 3 month old infant and was wondering at what age do you start introducing baby cereal and baby food? Ive noticed that he is wanting to be fed more frequently now.

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my daughter is 2 months and 3 weeks old, she already has a mind of her own. she refuses anyone but me, is this normal? she has always been ok with everyone else, only developed...


pumping & getting a supply

I began pumping about 5 days ago because my LO has a bad latch on my right side and has pretty much tore it up. So I pump both and give a bottle which he's fine with. But I...


There's nothing better!!

I so enjoy feeding my little guy! He's 13 months old now and I am dreading the day when I have to stop breastfeeding. It's just too convient for me. Some people say they...

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Lazy Baby Or Problem? HELP!

Hi, I posted a question about a month ago about breastfeeding my baby, and I really apreciated the responses. Today, I'm asking for your advice because my son will be 2 months...

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Eating at night time

My baby is 5 days old and I give her formula. She eats around 50 ml at once and then she sleeps for like 4 hours, but during the night she wakes up every 2 hours and she eats...

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