How Many Naps?

How many naps do your babies take? After being awake for about an hour and a half to two hours, my son is sleepy again....which means he's taking 4 naps a day...some for only...


Started solids, now problems pooping

I have a 6 mth old. I have been breastfeeding. Started cereal at 4.5 mths. Added fruit at 5 mths. Started other solids at 6 mths. I am still breastfeeding. Started to pump...

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How often and how much food

I have a 6 1/2 month old and he eats a couple tablespoons of food (so far cereals, apples, or sweet potato) twice a day. I was wondering how often your baby eats solids and how...



Hi! We're off to Mexico in a few weeks and am wondering if anyone has any tips on taking a 9mth to a hot / sunny destination and if I should pack along jarred baby food (I...



My son is 9 months, constipated, and now has dark urine. He is still breastfeeding and I seem to have plenty of milk (still leaks at times). He wont drink water or juice in...


baby's bad dreams?

I always pray for and put my hand on my baby's head every night before I go to sleep. My hubby's did too. But there are nights he cries while sleeping (his eyes are closed). Is...

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Poopy Diapers

Hello everybody :] My son, Lacoda, will be 4 months old on the 28th and I'm starting to get concerned about him... He only has 1 poopy diaper a day if that, sometimes he goes a...

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Am I making enough Milk?

My baby is 3 moths old and When I pump I only get 2-3 oz from my Right boob and a little less then 1 oz on my left? My daughter tugs at my breast and crys somtimes, I do not...

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Qutting breastfeeding.

My daughter is going to turn one in Dec. and I am way passed ready to be done with breastfeeding. I have tried to not give it to her and she does good during the day but night...