motherhood is easy !

Here is the unedited version Jacinta’s article published in Sunday Life, Sun-Herald. There is one thing nobody warned me about when I became a mother: what a breeze it...

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Is it ok for the husband to do NOTHING

My husband works all day and gets home and wants dinner but he refuses to watch our 1 year old because he is TOOOO tired and he says its a womens job is that right???

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I don't know what to do anymore.....

I feel like I am about loosing it.... I have a wonderful husband, no he doesn't help out around the house or with the kids as much as I would like, but he is a good man. He...

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Angry Outbursts

My son is 16 months old on the 18th of this month and he recently started screaming angrily when he doesnt get his way. Small things like toys that dont do what he thinks they...


Co sleeping/ family bed

I tend to feel like I am most similar with moms that co sleep in every aspect except that my son sleeps in his own crib in his own room. He slept next to my bed for 9 months...

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anyone else out there ever feel like this?

I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby and it's a boy. Recently within the past week or so I have felt really down about things. I'm really scared to have this baby....

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development in preemies

Hi everyone my daughter Daisy-Jade was born 6 weeks early and is now 10 months old shes my 3rd child and both the other 2 were full term. My son Tyke was walking by 9 and a half...

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My twins are about 7 weeks and one has tummy problems. The other is starting to get colic.. I dont know what to do. or what i can give them to help with the discomforts.........

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Odd problem...

Has anyone had this problem? I breastfed my son until he was 23 months, it's now been a year later and ever since then he's still been obsessed with my boobs. If I come out of...

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At what age can Babies start teething

my daughter is 9 weeks old and for the past few days she has been wingy and constantly sucking on her hand. i was just wondering if its possible for her to start teething at...

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so im a couple weeks away from delivery and was looking at nursing bras..i havent started leaking yet but i know im going to need a couple for when the babies here.. im just a...

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New Here

Hello all. My name is Jill. I have 12 beautiful children. My May '08 baby is my 10th child. Her name is Peyton. She has recently learned to walk and is into everything and has...

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