breastfeeding and sippy cups...

I am exclusively breast feeding my now 12 week old son. I know 3 months is a bit young for a sippy cup, but I have read that you should start early... what is early?! I have...

Started by Sarh on 09/05/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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C Section Recovery

Im scheduled to have a csection for my twins soon and while i can find lots of information on the actual surgery, theres not much on the recovery in the hospital and once you...


nursing at night

I nurse my daughter about 5 times at night. I know shes old enough to sleep threw the night, but she wakes up and will cry if she doesnt get it. Does anyone know any method...


Weaning - what did you do??

I am a breastfeeding mom. my son is 9 months old and we have just started supplementing him with 1 bottle of formula a day (well - half breastmilk and half formula so far)....

Started by Sheilla on 05/22/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Help he is always fussy

My son was born Oct 2nd 2009 He is so needy and always fussy if he isn't eating or sleeping he is crying. The dr just said oh he will get over it! It's just a growth spurt! yea...


sleeping issues

my 6 month old daughter will not sleep in her crib. i try to rock her to sleep, then she falls asleep but the second i put her in her crib, she wakes up and wont fall back...



We just went into the pulmonology specialist today and we did a VSS (video swallow study) They said she is aspirating the liquid into her lungs. They told me I can no longer...

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Started introducing Milk...

I have started introducing whole milk to my 10 month old but he will not drink it! I tried mixing whole milk with formula but still nothing. He will actually throw his bottle/...

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Working Breastfeeding Moms.

Is anyone working and pumping at work? If so, how much are you getting when you pump? I work full-time and I have recently stopped getting as much as I used to when I pump, and...

Started by Jesey on 01/08/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Starting solid foods

My daughter is 6 months old, and I am just now trying to start feeding her solid foods. This is my first child, and this feeding food thing is a lot harder than I thought. I...


Diarrhea for ten days please help!

My baby girl has had diarrhea for over a week now. She has lost so much weight and has almost gone completely off her food. Does anyone have any advice to help her get through...


Plus Size Bras

I just went to be measured for a better fitting bra on Monday at JCPenny's and have gone up 2 whole sizes from a 40DDD to a 44 DDD/G. They unfortunately only had 2 bras there...

Started by Andrea on 06/02/2010 in Expecting

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Sore boobies

What do i do? Can someone help me please. My daughter is ten months she has 6 teeth and she is still on the booby. I cant get her to stop bitting. The other day she bit me so...


antidepressants during pregnancy

im neally 24 weeks pregnant... and coz i had PND really bad with my last child they want me to start taking prozac now... i dont want to do anything thats going to harm my baby...


Saving money!

If you want to save some money, and create a stronger bond with your baby, then I suggest something very simple: breast feeding! Not only is it healthier for your child but...

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WOW couple different topics.

Why do people think it is wrong to have a c-section or vaginal births or formula over breastmilk. I am a mom who has had twins via c-section and a singleton via c-section. I...


9 1/2 month old picky eater

My baby girl has always been a fairly healthy eater. she enjoyed breast feeding,, trasitioned easily to formula, loved cereal and baby food when I was giving it to her. About 2...