Pumping breastmilk

Background: My daughter is turning 5 months old in a week. When I go to work, I pump 3 times a day (mon - fri) and get about 17 oz a day. I take those and give her 5 oz bottles...

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how much is too much spit up? my 6 wk old seems to spit up almost everything she eats. she eats about 8 times a day and has gained 4lbs at least. but she spits up alot. she...

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I need help my daughter will not eat!

My daughter is 13 months old and she will not eat anything but chicken nuggets and French fries. She has a lactose intolerance. I've tried fruit and veggies but she won't even...

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nursing moms

I am a nursing mother of a 6 month old. I am getting to the point to where I think it may be time for me to stop nursing.....What do you feel is the best way to stop and handle...


Any good first time travel advice?

We are going to NYC via plane and taking 4 month old son with us. Do you guys have any traveling tips/advice to share? Anything will be helpful, thanks!!


my daughter is 10 weeks old

i have been bf after i burp her she throws it all back up, at this point she eats like every hour and a half some times every 2 hours she is now on 1ml of zantac 2 times a day...


Cows milk?!?!?!?!?

When is it okay to start giving you baby regular cows milk? My son is breastfed my milk production is starting to slow down alot and i dont know what to do about it i would...

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I need some encouragement

I've been breastfeeding Norah for 4 months now. I've been working for 2. For the past 2 months i've been pumping religiously 3 (sometimes 4) times a day. She's eating about 20...

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Always Stopped up

I starting weining by daughter from the breast at 6 months, by 7 months she was all on formula. Ever since then she has a hard time passing poops. She has never gone more than 2...



In the last week I have been weaning my 2 1/2 month old off breastmilk to Enfamil ProSobee Soy formula (she was allergic to the regular formula) and now she is completely taking...


Replacing Breastmilk

It is time for me to stop breastfeeding but when I have tired giving my son whole milk it upsets his stomach. My husband doesn't want me to stop nursing totally until I have...

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