WOW couple different topics.

Why do people think it is wrong to have a c-section or vaginal births or formula over breastmilk. I am a mom who has had twins via c-section and a singleton via c-section. I...


9 1/2 month old picky eater

My baby girl has always been a fairly healthy eater. she enjoyed breast feeding,, trasitioned easily to formula, loved cereal and baby food when I was giving it to her. About 2...



What is the best way to wean your baby off milk? she all ready has solid food aswell as he bottle, but would like to cut down on her bottles, she only has 3 a day, but would...


problems with formula

my son is 8 weeks old. due to a medical condition i am unable to breast feed as i did with my first son. we have been using formula from day one. at first he would vomit (a lot)...



I was only able to Bf my daughter till 6 weeks..and although thats better than not at all I would like to BF this baby I am carrying longer...I do have a big hurdle to cross...I...

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nasty cold

my 11 month old has a nasty cold and i think he may even be starting to get cough as well does anyone know what can get rid of his cold, at the moment i am just giving him...

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Am I doing something wrong?

My 7 month old got an ear infection followed immediately by a stomach bug (she just started daycare a month ago) and ever since she's been nursing every 1-2 hours, even through...

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Cant seem to control the weight??

i have gained 10 lbs every month for the last 4 months and i am having a hard time controling my weight. i eat pretty healthy besides the occasional splurging, but hell im...

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I'm having my second child in November:) of this year. My daughter wouldn't latch on to breastfeed at all! What are some tips and tricks for breastfeeding to happen because I...

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feeling fat...

my son is almost 6 weeks old and im still not back to my prebaby weight...i believe ive lost half or maybe just under half...every time i look into the mirror i just s more how...


Stopping Breastfeeding

Hi Moms, My name is Lisa and I live on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I am 36 years old and my son, Caleb, is 15mths old on 10th November. I am a SAHM who works 2 hours...