overcoming eating adversions

My son is 2 and is still drinkingfrom a bottle, he has spd and is latose intolerant... can anyone share methods that worked to help your child over come the dislike of food? We...


Solids and my 6 month old!!!

I have been giving my daughter solids since 5 months old now (she will be 6 months next week), I introduce a new one every 3 days to rule out any allergies, and I only give her...



Hey ladies just wanted to introduce myself and my son. Im Jimmy, Im 19 and live in Taranaki, New Zealand. I had my son Raymond on the 23 June 2009, Two weeks over due, I...

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Did you know?

Facebook wanted to ban Breastfeeding pics of mom and their babies...! How absurd! http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Documents/pdf/ABM%20Facebook%20PR%201-2009.pdf I read...


too much sleep

My 6 month-old daughter sleeps A LOT!!! Every night she sleeps from 9:30pm till 10-11:00am. She does stir and make a little noise earlier but she goes right back to sleep. Has...

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I either have a clogged milk duct or I'm getting mastitis AGAIN. This fucking sucks. :(


Getting back to sex

My husband and I want to be intimate again but every time we try it hurts so much. Does anyone have any tips on how to get back to normal?

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Formula is BANNED by local government!

I just finished my show on radio and talked about an article I saw that says, formula shouldn't be donated to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines because it is like...



I want to go back to work and want to know which is the best form of childcare? i have a mother-in-law who hasnt had a child in her care in over 25 yrs who would love to babysit...


When start cup? versus sippy cup?

hi ladies, So my daughter Sophie drinks from a bottle (and also is breastfed in the morning and occasionally more often on the weekend), but she is drinking breast mikl (I...


I don't know what to do

I quit my job to stay home to take care of my 5 month old son. It took too much gas to take him to family to be watched while I worked for $60 to $100 a week. My husband brings...

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So Frustrated! Need to vent!

So this morning I went to the hospital to have a CT scan done as ordered by my doctor. They went through the routine questions with me and asked when my last menstraul cycle...

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Not drinking bottle

Hi, Just wondering, my son was 5 weeks premmie and now at nearly 10months, he will only drink 2 bottles at 180ml a day?? He has 3 solid feeds a day but just doesnt want milk....


4 day old not pooping?

So I finally gave birth to my beautiful little boy may 11th ten days overdue, he pooped a LOT all over the nurses as soon as he came out. He peed and pooped well in the hospital...

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BF and teething pain, any tips?

I'm guessing me and my baby boy are going to have just muscle through this, but does anyone have any tips? Early this morning I could tell it started getting uncomfortable, and...

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Has anyone tried relactation?

I stopped breast feeding after about 4 months or so because I wasn't very diligent, but I want to re-lactate. Its been about 2 months since she has breast fed, but I would love...

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