cosleeping and a bad napper

My son (just over 5 months) and I have been cosleeping since he was born. It was out of convience at first due to breast feeding and now has turned into something I cherish...



I'm 22 years old, about to be 23. I always remember having mild acne and blemishes since I was 16, but recently its gotten HORRIBLE! I've been to the dr, and have been given...

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Is it my fault?

I go to school at night two days a week and my soon to be husband watches our almost 3 month old when I do. Every time im in class I get text messeges telling me that our son...

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Bradley Method

I am pregnant w/ my third baby and looking into the Bradley Method. Has anyone used this and how did it go? Would you do it again? Thanks!


Baby waking up to play at 3 am.... help!

We have a bed time routine for my 7 month old son, and he's in bed by 8. The last few nights, he's been waking up at about 3 am and plays in his crib for a bit, then he starts...

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the Mag?

did anyone else have problems with realizing how serious there lives and babys lives were in danger? i remember the dr coming in to say they were going to do an emergency...


breastfeeding OUCH

OK well at the begging breastfeeding was OK it didn't hurt tell she latched on wrong dang it makes u not want to but, I know its wonderful for her and I want the best for my...

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Hey everybody my 8 month old son constantly vomits all day not just after a feed (he has solids 3 times a day) he is not in any pain so its not gastric reflux I have changed his...


Breastfeeding Tips!

Hi there, I have 2 beautiful little girls.. and a little boy on the way in a little over a week. I've breastfed for very small periods of time for both my girls (under 40 days)...

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I fell helpless.

My son is 5 months old now we found out he had severe reflux when he was about 6 weeks old. He is on Prilosec 6ml 2x a day, thickening his AR formula, and is still badly...


Blood in stool/Mucousy Stools

Hi Everyone! I have been exclusively pumping and giving my daughter breastmilk in a bottle since she was about 6 weeks old. At about 3 months, I noticed her stools became...


severe reflux

Hi all, I have a 3 and a half month old boy who has been a terrible sleeper since he was born, the nurses in the hospital couldn't understand why this newborn refused to sleep!!...


Weening..how, when etc...

My daughter Matilda is almost 8 months old. She is a great eater, and drinks plenty of water. She nurses much less often then those first months, except for comfort during...

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The Baby Whisperer and Sleeping

Has anyone read The Baby Whisperer? I'm reading it - read the first 3 ch and skipped to ch 6 on sleeping. My issue is that my baby sleeps regularly during the day but in late...

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