Does anyone else have trouble burping their little one? My son is a month old and its been an absolute struggle to get him to burp most times after a feeding. We have tried...


3rd child?

Hi there, Mom of two that are 15 months apart. Brady Michael 2 yrs and Ava Grace 9 months. I love that they are starting to communicate...so funny. Would anyone recommend...


The Baby Hustle

My daughter is turning 6mos soon, and all though I love and enjoy each precious moment with her, I just would like to feel like my old self again, you know painted toe nails, a...


How was your supply?

I had a C Section due to the fact that my baby was breech-no lack of trying to deliver naturally tho. Anyway, everyone was amazed that my milk came in when baby was 2 days old,...


Going back to work.

How do you deal with coping about going back to work? I am breastfeeding and love the bond that my sweet girl and I have and am afraid that, that will be lost.

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Colic? Help!

Beckem has colic, but my other boys didn't so I'm not sure what to do. It would be easier if I didn't have a 1 year old running around but they both need so much attention right...


food for 1 yr old

my daughter is 1 yr old but does not eat much. how do i make her eat and what wud be ideal to give her. i hv tried many things but she just eats little of what i give her. how...

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pregnant again?!?!

ok so my daughter is 5months old. i have been on the pill since i stopped breast feeding which was a month after her birth. when i became pregnant with my daughter my hair...


After your pregnance

How long after you gave birth and stopped bleeding did you get your first period? I hadmy son in August and stopped bleed at the end of September. I was nursing til he was 7...


Christopher progress after the surgery

As you all probably know, my son was diagnose with tongue tie. If you never heard of it, its a piece of layer of skin that holds down the tongue, meaning the tongue cannot move...


How do I use gentian violet?

My daughter is 2 months and we have both been treated for thrush. My daughter does not have the patches in her mouth anymore but my nipples still are red and irritated. We were...

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Get out of my SHIRT!

My son...I'm ready to amputate his hands and give them back when he turns 21! We breastfed for a year....and he weaned himself with no issues. (that broke my heart). And...it...


bottle refusal

My son is 8 Months old and refuses to take a bottle. It doesnt matter what we put in it he wont take it. It wouldnt be a problem but he has started biting while breastfeeding...

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Hi My name is Melissa Manke...I have a 1 month old that was born December 4th/2008...for the past 2 and a half weeks he has been really cranky and won't sleep at nights and...