chromsome 18

i am a new mother to my beautiful daughter .. she is 3 mothers and since she was born she has always been having trouble gaining weight . We were admitted to the hospital due to...


Best attachment tip?

What do you think is your favorite attachment parenting method? Babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding? Tell us what you think.


How much formula? How much food?

I'm giving my daughter (10 months) 24 oz. of formula everyday.... 6 oz. at 7am, 11am, 3pm, then 7pm. Should I start decreasing it? or get rid of the 7pm bottle? She drinks...


Chronic lung disease & eating issues

Any others with CLD babies who WILL NOT EAT......my baby hates eating, it is a long, long....process just to get him to take a bottle. He only eates about 5 bottles 120 ml. of...


which book?

just got to thinking about this. which book are we supposed to be by the booking it? seems more and more like i guess i don't do things like the "norm". is it by the what to...


Moms I need help!!! Sleep problems.

I feel like I am about pushed over the edge. I have a 3 year old and twin girls born last April 8th, one of my twins has stoped taking her nap.This started last week and I first...

Started by Debbie on 03/31/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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crying in her sleep

hi my daughter abigail is 9 months old. i have been very lucky as she has slept though the night since she was 2 weeks old. she sleeps fine during the day for her nap and at...

Started by Lara on 01/18/2009 in April 2008 Babies

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Newborns with constipation

Hello my daughter is 5 weeks old now.She is bottle feed on Good Start the orange can.But I'm not sure if it's working well wit her digestive tract. Whenever she has a bowel...


losing milk at 7 1/2 months.

good morning everyone. I jsut joined this site, and like it a lot. I have a milk supply problem, though, and so far haven't been able to find a solution. I've been...


Teething at a young age

My daughter is 2 1/2 months and I and even my pediatrician think that she's teething already. she's been sucking/chewing on her hands and arms....any suggestions on how to help...

Started by Jodie on 06/10/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Can anyone give me suggestions on what to do for teething. My son is 4 months and he is getting a tooth. I've heard of the basics like teething rings, putting rum/whiskey on...


Sleeping through the night help

Braxton is a year old and still wakes up around 5-5:30am to nurse and then goes right back to sleep until 6:30-7am. Is this normal and should I try to stop feeding him and make...

Started by Arianne on 08/12/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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