travelling with baby

about to take our first plane trip to visit my hubby''s fam in sacramento. 1.5 hour flight. any advice on travelling with the little one? what to bring, what to leave at home, etc.

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I have a 15 month old and he drinks alot of milk( in his bottle) thorughout the night. He hasnt had a pacifier since he was 3 months old. I was thinking should I give it back to...


bed time

my 1 year old goes to bed really late sometimes 1-2 in the morning and he wakes up everynight and does not want to go back to sleep for 1-2 hours. its so exhausting. any...


Nap time

I was just wondering what your baby's nap schedule was. My son sleeps 10 hours a night and has 3 naps during the day at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. He goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up...

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2 problems with my 4 month old son

Hi, my son is 4 months old and is in his own room and cot because he out grew his mosses basket the problem i have at the moment is, he is very good and goes down on his own...


What are the signs of teething????

My baby will be turning 4 months in one week. He was such a good sleeper until last week. All the sudden he keeps waking every 1.5 to 2 hours!!!! Very tough on me. He is also...



My son is 6months old and hes started to scream his head off everytime hes going down at night! So I have to pick him up and rock him to sleep every night!!! GRRRR so stressful!...

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Has anyone tried relactation?

I stopped breast feeding after about 4 months or so because I wasn't very diligent, but I want to re-lactate. Its been about 2 months since she has breast fed, but I would love...

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boobie baby

ok, so i didnt breastfeed my daughter at all, due to medical reasons (i needed to get back on medicine that i couldnt take while pregnant and the sooner the better) and she is...

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Hi moms, I need help. I stopped breastfeeding about 8months ago and I am quite appalled by the new shape of my boobs:( the fullness is gone, all it is now is this flag empty...


Nursing After Mastitis?

When my daughter weaned at 10.5 months I got a horrible case of mastitis in my right breast. I was in the hospital for 4 days and ended up with strep and staph infection in my...

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Stopped sleeping!

We were very blessed, Rita started sleeping through the night at about two months, suddenly, two days before being six months old, she has decided to wake up every two hours on...

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Hi everyone Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Danni and I had my beautiful baby girl on the 5th of September. I look forward to sharing information...


How to nicely say WE'RE NOT READY TO WEAN!

I began breastfeeding my son with the limit of six weeks. It was very difficult for us because he had trouble latching. After the six weeks went by I felt like a pro. If I were...

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Need your Opinion

Well, my great grandfather died on Easter Sunday. We are all heartbroken here, since my family is very small to begin with. Somehow, my ex found out that I lost my grandfather...