A big bed with bed rails for a baby???

My baby has never been the type of baby to let me put her in a crib. The second I pull her away from my body she wakes up. We have been co-sleeping since she was born and I feel...

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Debate this

In a new statement the AAP is coming out to say that getting your infant his/her routine vaccinations reduces the risk of SIDS by 50%. Here is part of the Article The policy...

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Sleep problems

Hi Everyone! I have just joined this group and have read a few post, and I have noticed that a lot of you moms have been having the same problems I have! My daughter is almost...

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Nursing while pregnant

I have a quick question. My husband and I would like to try for baby #4--I know, crazy! When I was pregnant with #2 my son weaned himself pretty quickly. When I was pregnant...


Still nursing at sleeptimes

OK, maybe I'm just taking the easy way out (for now), but my little guy still goes to sleep best if I nurse him to sleep. He'll go down for a nap for everyone else with a...

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Why do I feel like a bad mom?

About a month ago, I got sick and had to take antibodics. I did not even think to tell my doctor that I was nursing. Well my milk supply went down really low to less then two...

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my daughter has been sleeping thru the night from about 8 weeks, she is breastfed, she is now about 8 months ols has recently started waking up i the middle of the night an wont...

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Hi everyone, im new here but not such a new mum, i have 5 kids 3 boys 2 girls age ranging from 21 yrs to 6 mnths, im looking for friends and to give an receive any advice,...

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clogged milk ducts

OMG!!! This is my 3rd child. I didn't nurse my first and then I only nursed my 2nd for a couple months because of clogged milk ducts. I am now nursing my 3rd and she is 14...


i need a rant

so i was over my dads with my 3 mo daughter and i was feeding her when my cousin and her boyfriend came in. After a few mins her bf started touching my daughter's head...


7yo sucking her thumb

hi i got another question. My 7yo daughter began sucking her thumb when her baby bro was born. He's 18mo now and we have since had another child. Shes 3 months. Anyway my 7yo is...


co sleeping

When i was pregnant i had a friend who had a new baby and she let him sleep with her while her husband slept on the couch and i would critize her.. little did i know come july i...

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Post Partum (sp) depression trouble

Ok...I had my lil one 12-10-09. I was put on Celexa for some mood swing issues and anger. I have no resentment for my child its just everyone else well mainly the father of my...


Wait gain

I don't want anyone to feel insecure with this post. This is just an informative and updating type thing. No one is judging anyone via weight. So please feel comfortable...

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Worse than terrible 2's!!!

My Daughter is 20 months old.. She is actually very big for her age. her and my 3 yr old wear the same size clothes.. Anyway, she throws these tantrums if she doesnt get what...

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