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Hello! My daughter is now ten months old and was solely breast fed for the first six months. I am still nursing, but I do not pump regularly. In fact, the last time I pumped...


why is it easier?

Why do so many people say it's easier not to breastfeed do you think? I don't get it. They'd still have to spend the same amount of time feeding, would they not? Plus there's...

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Nursing strike- Please read

Being a first time mom i am learning every day!! Its difficult with all the new developements vs your mother and grandparents giving you all the advice that now seems so wrong!...

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i have been given antibiotics for swollen nipples from pumping. i hate medicine and am scared it will hurt my daughter through breast feeding. please let me know if you know...


Fussy all of a sudden?

My Kara, born October 14, was a perfect little angel for the first ten days. Then in the last 2-3 days, all she does is cry unless she's totally swaddled up and asleep with...


Breastfeeding a turn off

Hi, I had a baby about 8 weeks ago. For the first 2 months I was not interested in sex, which was ok because my partner was working outside the country, but now that he is back...

Started by Joanne on 06/07/2010 in Love And Intimacy

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How do I stop breastfeeding?

My daughter is about to be 17mths and is breastfeeding on demand still which is pretty much all the time. I have to go back to work soon and am just ready to be done...



My daughter will soon be 15 months old and I would like to wean her from night time feedings. She started drinking cows milk at 1 year old and now usually only breastfeeds...

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Involuntary weaning

I have a 6-1/2 month old son who I’ve breastfed since he was born (with the occasional formula supplement). I started him on solids (as recommended by my pediatrician) at 4...

Started by Alison on 12/13/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Leaving Baby for the Weekend

Hello. My son is 10 months old and I have only been away from him for 3 or 4 hours at a time. In a little over a week, my husband and I will be leaving him with my parents for...

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My daughter is a few days short of being 5 months old and still wakes up every 3-4 hours during the night for breastfeeding... Im wondering if this is something we can/should...



Hi Everyone, I'm still nursing my 20-month old, and have no plans to stop. Anyone else out there still nursing? I don't know anyone still nursing their toddler, but it would be...

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Just thought I'd ask this

Ok so my little man was four months on the 16 and I know he is teething. He bites on anything and everything, he drools like a leaky faucet and he has major cranky off days. My...


Fussy eater

My 12 month old son is very fussy at dinner time. He doesn't like bits of pasta/carrots etc in his food. The other night I tried him with 3 different dinners and ended up giving...

Started by Rebecca on 06/09/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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my son was born at 32.4 weeks!

has anyone else had their child this early... if so how did you deal with it? being my first child i was very emotional the whole time he was in hospital and i was at home,...