latching problems

my son is teething and he will latch on properly then let go. after a wile it starts to hurt and I dont think he's eating enough he does this with a bottle to when I pump so I...


Breastfeeding and Pumping? Any tips?

When you breastfed your babies and pumped how did you do it.. I tried with my son Jacob, now 21 months, and didnt go to well now I have exclusively breast fed my daughter...

Started by Michelle on 08/05/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Hi moms, I need help. I stopped breastfeeding about 8months ago and I am quite appalled by the new shape of my boobs:( the fullness is gone, all it is now is this flag empty...


Stopped sleeping!

We were very blessed, Rita started sleeping through the night at about two months, suddenly, two days before being six months old, she has decided to wake up every two hours on...

Started by Rita's New on 10/11/2013 in Moms Under 30

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boob obsessed baby help!!

My daughter is 11months and my goal was to breastfeed for a year she has never had formula and she refused bottles she will Not drink breastmilk out of anything but her boobie...


feeding Formula

my daughter she is 2 months old i'm breast feeding her, i've just tryed her with formula but then it does'nt take her well she just vomits after feeding her.


Need to know if this is normal

Hi, I'm only 17 and 18 weeks pregnant. I want to breast feed my baby and I'm not sure if I will be lactating by the time the little one arrives. I've gotten slight pain in both...


should I worry about low supply?

My son is 9 months old and has never received a drop of formula (I'm quite proud of this). He is taking in organic baby foods and cereals in addition to breast-feeding and...


Weaning the babe

My little one, Julian, turns one tomorrow. I couldn't be more excited! He's hit so many milestones already, walking, talking a bit, 4 teeth! And he loves to nurse at night....


How often should a 3 month old nurse?

My daughter is 3 months old now. Lately she's been breastfeeding every 3-4 hours, closer to 4 hours. I offer it to her after 3 hours since last feeding and sometimes she will...

Started by Odjargal on 11/12/2013 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Help! My baby won't eat or drink!

My almost 13 month old daughter will only eat meat and cheese pretty much. I have to really try and be very sneaky and put a lot of energy into getting her to eat yogurt,...

Started by Piper on 11/20/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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Scope for reflux?

My son has been dealing with reflux symptoms for his entire first year of life. He's been on Priolosec for about 5 weeks. After the first week it seemed to have helped, and...


Bad expierience in hospital

I had a terrible time in hospital after having my 2nd child all the midwives were very nice except one I had been there for 2 days and realy wanted to go home to my eldest child...


Still not eating solids...

Emily is still refusing solid foods. She won't eat more than one spoonful of anything that I've tried (rice/oatmeal cereal, fruits and veggies). When I sit her in her...


My 3 year old is a picky eater!

My son is beyond "picky"...he will not eat messy foods, like: chili, spahgetti ( I have to cook noodles seperate from sauce just to get him to eat the noodles). He sometimes...