BF and teething pain, any tips?

I'm guessing me and my baby boy are going to have just muscle through this, but does anyone have any tips? Early this morning I could tell it started getting uncomfortable, and...

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My name is Dallas and I'm a first time mom. I am 24...I had my baby girl at 36 weeks, her name is Lexi Rayne. We had a big ordeal in the hospital, we where there for 8 days....


Bottomless Pit

My son is now a month old and eats all the time. I am breast feeding and have been supplimenting because he is draining the life out of me. Now I cant lay him down without him...



My 7 month old is now eating solid food. I was wondering how much at each feeding is enough? (I know I know, the Dr. says when he turns his head away, but I don't want to...

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Forcing the child to grow up too fast???

I have been told a few times that I am forcing my child to grow up too fast. This has come from different people all older, i.e. my inlaws and my grandparents being the most...


I need suggestions on WEANING!

I have a nearly one year old who won't drink a bottle at sleep times. She will only takes small sips of Homo milk during the day from her sippy cup and transition bottle. She is...

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My baby won't drink from a bottle???

Hi Everyone My little girl is 6 1/2mths old and I've been wanting to start to wean her from nursing but she won't have any part of a bottle! I tried for probably 2 weeks...

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help feeding

brooks 4 months old and has been feeding well untill now she has started refusing the brest and crys untill we give in and give her a bottle been trying to exspress but not...


crying is interupting nursing

my 6 month old son has begun interrupting his feedings with short crying bouts. up until about a week or so ago he was a simple nurser - no complaints, no problems. but now, at...

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