4 year old not talking sentences

I have a 4 year old daughter. Since she was about 18 months she could count to ten, say her shapes, colors and say a few selected words. I read to her often but since then there...


Anyone else's baby sleep pattern changed?

My little girl is 4 months old on Friday... she use to sleep from about 8 till 12 then till 4 then about 6/30 7.... for the past week it has changed drastically last night she...

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am i wrong?

i'm a married SAHM and my husband works full time. when we first had our baby he was a fantastic help and i loved him so much for it! but after about two weeks that died down...

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Question about natural weaning

Hi, my daughter is 17 m. She is still breastfeeding (or shall we say soothing on my breast) on demand. Whenever I'm around she likes to nurse at least once an hour, let's say,...

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car seat

hey has anyone put there 9 month old that weighs more than 20lbs. front way in the carseat. i get different people telling me different things.


The Death Penalty--Question for DP Advocates

As a supporter of the death penalty, do you think an inmate should be able to appeal for decades before the execution is carried out? Should there be a time limit, for...

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your baby can read??

My 10 month old got the Your baby can Read program for Christmas, and has been using it for a couple of weeks now. The program seems to be one that might actually work (just...

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My son has a speech delay, so they say that is all it is. I have been looking into Apraxia. When I see video of other children with Aprexia, I see my son.



my baby boy jesse is nearly 10 months old, he wont eat ANYTHING apart from custard, he doesnt know how to crawl, he hasnt said his 1st word yet, he doesnt do n e thing, dont...

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spoiled children

what do you do when your youngest child has become a BRAT!!! she cries all the time she tells you no, and she is jus dwn right mean! she hadnt evn hit two yet!


Lookinf for mom friends who are married

Hello there I just moved from my hometown of Palm Springs ca to Colton ca and really have no friends here I am an hour away from friends and family but most of my friends out...

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Statistically speaking home births are just as safe as hospital births for low risk women. Actually most studies find BETTER outcomes for babies born at home then babies born in...


What is your response to stupid comments about twins?

I'm so tired of people approaching me and telling me that I've got my hands full when they see my twins...or looking at two babies wearing pink and asking if they are both...

Started by Sheila on 01/25/2010 in Twins

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