My son had his 2nd birthday Sunday. I'm ready to wean him and have no idea how to start. Any suggestions?


just so everyone knows...

the below comment was posted by "sean" in the young mums 20-30 group read started by "rhonda" , this person slipped up and posted on the wrong account , has now deleted the...



I have a 22 month old and I am having difficulty with her wanting to eat; I am told she will eat when she get hungry enough. Should I worry??


Night Terrors or Teething?

Okay I have twins but my daughter is totally different with teething and movement then my son. Here is the problem I am having. My daughter with the exception of maybe 2 or 3...


SIck of saying "it's complicated"

So... trying to get out more and connect and *gulp* yes, actually DATE... but not having the greatest luck with Match.com (my city doesn't have any hangouts for queer folks :P)...

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six and a half month old sleeping

My daughter is about six and a half months old...and just recently about the last 6 weeks or so she has started getting up about every 3 hours at night. She used to sleep...

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Up every 3 hours at night again. Help

My son has slept through the night since he was 4 months old. In the last 6 weeks, he has gradually started waking up more and more throughout the night. He's now at the point...


Food Issues

Ok, I've asked a few times on different groups here and I still worry. We aren't going to be able to afford a doctor's visit for at least 3 weeks more (My twin boys were...

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Need your Opinion

Well, my great grandfather died on Easter Sunday. We are all heartbroken here, since my family is very small to begin with. Somehow, my ex found out that I lost my grandfather...



I wasn't going to but I've given in... I've given my DS2 a dummy! He won't sleep without sucking so he has obviously associated feeding with sleeping. I have tried to teach him...


Overweight Breastfed 15 mo old

My daughter is 15 months old. She currently weighs 28lbs, and is almost 32 inches. I like to think its beause her dads side of the family is all 6ft+ but my Pediatrician is...


When it comes to the daddy.....

I have had a rough month of adjusting to/figuring out my baby's routine.....his quirks, what he likes, what he doesn't (as far as positions to be held in/soothed in) and so...