How to make family understand

I breast fed my 1st child and am not 19wks pregnant with my 2nd. i have decidewd to bottle feed my 2nd. How do i make my mum n grandmother n sister understand this is my choice....


Mother Nerves

So I just wanted to share about my little girl. She is coming up on 20 months and everything we have had to do with her has been well easy. She started sleeping through the...

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Painful Nursing Habit, 6months+

So I was browsing the photo gallery and I see that no ones baby is grabbing boob, at least not squishing it down and getting a tight little fist flesh. So I'm just wondering if...

Started by Alanna on 12/21/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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how to tell if your pregnant after a loss??

ok so its been a about 3weeks since i miscarried @ 8weeks...i have been bleeding off and on since then a little here and little there...we have had unprotected sex the past 2...

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Could I be pregnant 8 weeks after c-section?!?!

Hi My partner and I had sex 6 weeks after I had my daughter via c-section we used protection but the condom broke. Now two weeks later I had some light spotting that lasted...

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routine for baby

I don't know what age babies normally get on a good solid schedule! My daughter is almost 5 months old with no schedule what so ever!! I'm nervous that she'll continue to get...


Easy Meals and snacks?

Hi, I'm wondering if I'm feeding my Dtr right. We seem to be doing ok but everyday at every meal i stare at her for who knows how long wondering what to give her. She's a...

Started by Amy on 08/28/2009 in July 2008 Babies

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When to give solids before formula?

My son has been on solids since he was 6 months, but always drinks his bottle before I would give him solids. Now he is eight and a half months and I was curious as to when I...


I'm worried

I had a c-section for the 3rd time and its a son, we started formula at the hospital when I had him cos I was weak and the breast milk wasn't flowing. A week later, it started...

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no longer responding to the pump

What do you do when your body no longer responds to the pump. I nurse most days but now i'm back in school for quite a large chunk of the day. I try to use my pump to help...


why does it always hurt????

Hi! Well when Eric was born he had his cord 3 times around his necka and 2 lungfulls of meconium so after he was sucked out and stuff he spent 4 hours in the obsercation room. I...

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Breastfeeding and Birthcontrol

My doctor refuses to prescribe me the patch because it contains estrogen which she claims can reduce milk production. I don't really feel comfortable with the IUD because of my...