Help please, advise needed

My period is always on time. My first period after I had my daughter was on the 21st then after that it came on the 18th in January and February. It's the 20th here and I still...


Intercourse after period. please comment ! :)

Hello moms! I would like to ask about having sexual intercourse after period. :) I gave birth to my li'l boy last August 29, 2012, exclusively breastfeeding him until now and...

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Sharp pain in left breast

Hello! For the past 2 days I am experiencing sharp shooting pains in my left breast after breastfeeding. The pain is only for a couple of seconds and sometimes will happen if...

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Pumping instead of bfing

My Ds is 10 days old I'm having so much trouble getting him to wake up and nurse. So I have to pump to relive ny self. He does latch but he won't stay on for long until he falls...


?? regarding production of milk

I had my baby on 8/26, I tried to nurse her but she would not latch. I continued to pump at every feeding for two weeks and was not producing enough milk for her to eat. I was...


Bottle Feeding Support

So you see all these moms out there who are upset because they are discriminated against for breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong I know breastfeeing is awesome and I am all for it...


How to keep breasts

What I mean is I have finally weaned my daughter from breastfeeding. She is 16 months old but since doing it I have lost breast tissue. Its like they are deflated. Its sad and...


Not pumping what I'm feeding

I am a stay at home mom with an almost 3 month old. She almost always feeds directly from my breast. When she doesn't feed from me I will pump and give her a bottle. I am now...


Creating good sleepimg habits

My son ( 12 weeks old) wakes up when I try to put him down in his crib at nights. He hates to be swaddled and so I end up co sleeping but he wakes up in the middle the night...


returning to the breast

need advice on trying to return to BF. for medical reasons i had to bottle feed expressed milk which was fine. now my baby girl is better and I would like to nurse again and cut...

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Nightime weaning

I have stopped breastfeeding my one year old daughter durning the day. I am now ready to stop breastfeeding at night. She sleeps next to me and nurses about every 2 hours. It...


PPD? who's had it?

I keep seeing these threads started in other communities, and people jumping in immediately saying you have PPD, go get medicine, so i thought I'd go to the most natural people...


glad to have a place to whine!

I'm not the type that goes around telling everyone my problems....I can look after them myself. But every once in awhile it's nice to just stop and vent! I do get tired of the...

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getting baby to take a bottle...

Hi! I've been breastfeeding exclusively for 4 months and am wanting to get my son to take a bottle once in a while so I can leave him with a sitter if needed. He is completely...

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baby diet

Hey! I'm breast feeding my son and my doctor at the 4 month check said to start rice cereal at 5 months and at 6 "we'd talk about other foods". my father is actually a doctor...

Started by Becka on 11/14/2008 in June 2008 Babies

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