Tips on helping breastfed baby sleep longer

My daughter who is now 11mths old is still waking up 2-6 times during the night. She eats well during the day (4 solid meals and breastfeeds before sleep time and a breastfeed...

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Starting solids!

My LO just turned 6 months on monday passed, and I have EBF her since birth. I know now I am supposed to start introducing cereals and etc to her diet now, but I am not sure how...

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HELP! Overly dependent baby or is this normal?

Hello everyone... I have a beautiful 9 week old little girl named Pandora who is healthy as can be and a total joy when shes in my arms... this is the key phrase: in MY arms......

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Getting Along With The Ex

I read things all the time on these things where divorced parents absolutely hate eachother! Obviously we all divorced/separated for a reason, but wow. I was a teenage mom....

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mothering mistakes and the human spirit

This is long, but a good read. Thought I'd post it in light of the ceserean debate...but this can apply to just about any aspect of motherhood....

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Bipolar moms in my area?

I am the mother of a 2, 4 and 6 yr old. I am Bipolar 1 and would love to find some friends to feel normal with. Our lives as mothers are more challenging and more riddled with...


inverted nipples???

When I "practice" breastfeeding like they showed me in class and I hold my breast I notice my nipple goes back into the areola a bit but it does not look like the drawings in my...

Started by Melissa on 03/02/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Pediatrician, Reno NV

I am currently looking for a new pediatrician. I have a 2 month old and am trying to breast feed. My daughter's current pediatrician is very nice but she is not overly...



My son is 20 months old and our Pedia advised us to cut out breastfeeding to 2x a day only because it's not healthy anymore, he refers to it as "addiction to sucking". But...

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8 month old wont sleep

I have made a big mistake as far as breastfeeding goes....... My daughter is just turned 8 months old.....Since she was born I have let her fall alseep while breastfeeding...


staring solids

how did every one start solids and continue to breast feed, my older son was formula fed (i was on meds) and i am not sure how to start start solids with the baby, any advice is...

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Nursing Moms

Hello to all nursing working mothers... Who keeps the best secret, on how to have a breastfed baby, sleep through the night? Need some advise... Please do bombard me! My son...

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Weaning..can some body help..

Hey there.. im a breastfeeding mum and my daughter has just turned 1 on the 30th June, i have been wanting to wean for awhile now and i dont think my daughter is that intrested...

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My daughter is 7 months old, and has been exclusively breastfed. I began slowly adding a little bit of solids this past month, usually a 1 oz serving of fruits or vegetables...

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Help gain weight

Okay, so my daughter (now 8 mo) has always been small, 7 lbs 3 oz at birth, lost a little too much in the first 3 days due to breastfeeding issues (she went down to 6 lbs 1 oz),...

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August updates

I wondered if there were any updates or funny happenings for anyone. I've been away for a while...busy with work and baby. Speaking of...she's 9months old!!! Crawling like a...


Pumping Exclusively/ Palatal Obturators

Hey Everyone, I am new to this "community" and am so happy to have found mamas with little ones that i can relate with. My little one Owen was born (June 23rd 2010) with a wide...


formula v. bf in the long run

i weaned my baby at 12 months and it was really easy as she didn't really need it any longer and when i didn't offer she didn't ask for it. nutrition wise i make sure her diet...


Going back to school

I'm a full time student and I have done this semester online because of my daughters birth. Next semester I will be going full time on campus. My husband doesn't seem to think...

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