refuses Bottle

Hi.My name mairead.. this is all new to me,, my daughter will be 5 months next week she my first ment go back to work soon but she wont take bottle for me? im very anxious about...


Peanut or peanut free

Regarding the nut allergy issue thing I have been getting a lot of different advice about if I should allow my son's to eat peanut products. I am getting advice from different...


can you tell me if im pregnant?

hi everyone im lynette my concern is that im still breastfeeding my 2 months old baby girl and i gave birth to her on oct.31, 2012. i got my first day of period back on nov. 30,...


im sick....help me please

I have a cold and sore throatand my fiance really wants me to take some medicine but i dont know what medicine to take because im breastfeeding...can anyone tell me what to take?

Started by Shawnteria on 01/25/2013 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 01/25/2013 by Shawnteria


BF and have Swollen Nipples?

Ive been BF for 14 months now and all of a sudden i have Swollen Nipples they Really Hurt when i feed my baby :/ if anyone can tell me why Please! Lol Thanks :)


So how is everyone doing with their baby?

So how is everyone doing with their baby? I had a little girl on 1/22/13, she is 2 weeks old today. She's a good baby. Only problem is she is not gaining weight fast enough for...