2.5 month old sleep schedule

My 2.5 month old, almost 3 month on sunday, has a weird sleep schedule I think? She goes has bath and feeding starting at 7:45 then down by 8:30pm and asleep by 9. Lately, she's...


Starting cereal?

My little boy is just over 5 months old and had reflux. At the pediatrician yesterday he said we should start solids to help with the spitting up. I have my fingers crossed, we...

Started by Kathy on 01/15/2009 in August 2008 Babies

Last update on 01/18/2009 by Angela


going back to work

Hi! I'm new to the group and just wanted to know if any breastfeeding moms have gone back to work yet? I go back next month and am not sure what I should do to prepare for...


5mo old wreaking havoc on my nipples!

I've been breastfeeding exclusively since my daughter was born but the last month has been a struggle. She is easily distracted - and takes my nipple with her when she turns her...

Started by Marisa on 03/10/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Weening my 16 month old?

My daughter is 16 months old and does not like any milk except for mine. I almost had her off the breast a month or two ago and now she is after it all day again. She will...


should i pump?

ok, my daughter is 10.5 months old and her father and i just separated for good. i'm going to have to get a job, at least part-time, because i can't rely on him. i have been...

Started by Angela on 04/12/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Breastmilk and Formula

I am returning to work on June 30 and my son is just 2 months old. I have always had a hard time keeping up with his demands and am worried that when I return to work I won't be...

Started by Carly on 06/09/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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baby weight not coming off

I am scared to diet and/or burn too many calories for fear of decreasing my milk supply. My babe is 6 months and I am still at the same weight I was at 2 weeks post partum....


Nursing and Pacifing during the night?

My 7 month old breastfeeding daughter still continues to wakes up 3- 5 times a night. She still sleeps with me and her daddy, which for now we prefer, but as soon as i remove...

Started by Carissa on 11/30/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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sleeping patterns.

After my son had his two month needles, his sleeping patterns just went wack. He was sleeping 3-4 hourly then waking for a feed, before the needles, and then from the day after...


low supply low spirits

so through out my whole pregnancy I was adamant on breastfeeding my child. I read up on all the books I could get my hands on and would even stand firm against all the horror...

Started by Elizabeth on 02/08/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Weaning from breast to bottle

I planned on only breast feeding my son for 6 months, i tried to give him bottle before hand but he always refused even when i pumped for him, once he turned 6 months i started...