brittle bone disease

My daughter may possible have brittle bone disease. I was diagnosed a week ago and my daughter may have it too. Does anybody know anything aout this disease? I am trying to get...


Have your kids ever broken a bone???

So far we have not. Knock on wood. However my son is one big scab. Sorry that sounds gross. But his is so rough and rides his bike and scooter (thank God with a helmet) all the...

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my son has

my son has some problems. he is soo sweet one minute and very mean and nasty the next. sometimes he gets mean to where he hits me. says he hates people. I don't know what to do....


dog farts

i know a few people work with animals here, so i have a question for ya!! my dog has been really gassy for a couple of weeks now. is that a bad sign? he acts fine, he just...

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Special Needs Adoptions

I have 5 kids; 4 bio and 1 adopted from Korea. He has a severe heart defect and is developmentally delayed. Anyone else with special needs kids?


doctors breaking babys collarbone?

my sister in law heard that doctors in victoria are now being taught how to break the babys collarbone during birth if it is a big baby to make it easier to be delivered i was...

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World's smallest mom gives birth (again)

http://www.myfoxphilly.com/dpp/news/dpgo-worlds-smallest-woman-has-baby-boy-lwf-200912091260398105915 (MYFOX NATIONAL) - The world's smallest woman has given birth to her...

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Is saying someone is "too thin" rude?

Is it just as rude as calling someone fat? http://thestir.cafemom.com/beauty_style/114293/too_thin_just_as_rude I'm sorry but that model is grotesque looking.

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cerebral palsy

I have a daughter 30 years old with spactic quad cerebral palsy. I took care of her alone, with family accepting her and helping as much as they could. her dad could not accept...


When to get a wheelchair?

My daughter has a huge list of health problems. The ones I'm considering for this post include hypotonia, difficulty walking (any distances, but increasingly difficult the...


Dairy causes osteoporosis.

"I know what you are thinking, dairy prevents osteoporosis. It keeps my bones strong right? Wrong. The more dairy you consume the weaker your bones become, let me explain how....

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